Is alcohol-free sangria worth it?

Yes, it is the answer. People often ask if making alcohol free sangria is worth it, holidaymakers, and the answer is a big yes.

The reason is that with the advent of alcohol-free wine and spirits, you can quickly create an alcohol-free sangria that is worth it.

And no, it’s never going to be the same as it’s not alcohol.

But in reality, it’s a bit like having a mocktail. What have you got to lose if you are not drinking alcohol?

People often say that to me about beer that is not alcohol.

And I say you would be correct; it’s not.

The good news is, why Sangria?

I have seen the best cocktail makers chuck almost anything in, and it comes out tasting good.

Now your talking!

How difficult can it be?

And I would not say this likely, but I reckon even I could make it.

Plus, there is a pre-bought option if all else fails.

Good news, after all.

But as the best alcohol-free anything, does it mimics alcohol or at least the taste, let’s start with the alcohol version.

It will at least give us a steer in the right direction.

Get your fruit ready!

How is Sangria Made?

Now without upsetting my dear Spanish friends, it is pretty easy to make.

It comes across as this mystic art, but it’s not.

I say Spain because that is where it originates from, although it also has solid Portuguese origins.

How Do You Make Alcohol Free Sangria?

Sangria is officially an alcoholic drink from Spain, and once we get that fact out of the way, we can start to have some fun with it.

However, it has a range of mix options, and it’s not always about dark red wine either!

I have seen plenty of different colours in Spanish Bars that you would call red or white sangria over the years.

The colour of the sangria depends on the wine, and that makes perfect sense.

So the question, red or white wine into the mix.

The colour of sangria depends on the wine.

In terms of colour and taste, Red sangria made with red wine, and white sangria made with white wine.

Angel, a barman from Gran Canaria, part of the Canary Islands, told me you could add almost anything to sangria.

And seeing some of the sights around the pool after holidaymakers had drunk it, I don’t think he was lying either.

Another thing Angel would add to the mix include:

  • Fruit juice mainly but not exclusively orange juice
  • Syrup or pure white sugar
  • Sparkling water
  • Fruit and the list is endless, so oranges, pineapple, mangos, peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, plums, grapes ( I have seen them all go it)
  • Spirits such as schnapps  or Torres Spanish brandy

Can I use any wine for Sangria?

Yes, that is the answer as long as you like the wine.

After all, it is going to define the taste overall.

However, with alcohol-free sangria, it gets interesting as alcohol-free drinkers are a bit limited as there is less choice out there for non-alcoholic wine.

So my recommendation is to choose an excellent Spanish one like Torres, and best keep to red.

You can read my review of Torres Alcohol-Free Wine here.

Although to be fair, they make a great white version as well.

So your alcoholic wine for the mix is sorted.

Once you have your wine sorted, add some alcohol-free rum, or you could even make a sparkling version with alcohol-free sparkling wine.

If you fancy a white version, how about Torres Alcohol-Free wine, sparkling wine topped up with melon juice, ice and natural melons.

That is the perfect summer white Sangria, although anything is possible.

What is the Alcohol Content of Sangria?

The alcohol content depends on how the sangria is made.

I have seen all sorts of spirits chucked into a Sangria.

If you are worried about your alcohol intake, check out your limits at the drinkware website.

Officially it’s a bit like the ABV of gin.

ABV stands for alcohol by volume, and it’s a good indication of how much alcohol is in your drink.

The European Union has a directive that drinks labelled as sangria cannot be anything less than 12% vol or abv.

So I should not even really be calling it alcohol-free sangria? Probably not!

It is a bit of a minefield.

What do you need to make alcohol free Sangria?

You will see lots of cocktail menus that say measure this and measure that.

In reality, in Spain, I have never seen Sangria made that way at all!

It’s a big bowl, ideally a punch bowl type, and then what goes in can be a concoction of all sorts of things.

According to Angel in my holiday Spanish hotel, he says people can overthink making Sangria, and like Spain, it can be spontaneous, and I rather like that.

Alcohol Free Sangria

As long as you have your alcohol free wine, you can play around with some alcohol free spirit or add some speaking zero wine or carbonated water.

You could do worse than adding some great Gordon’s alcohol-free Gin which I have reviewed.

However, fruit, a serving glass that looks the part and plenty of ice is needed.

Although I have also seen it served in paper cups around as a pool or bbq area, and quite frankly, no one cares.

Can you buy Alcohol-Free Sangria?

Yes, you can buy the brand, but they are few are far between.

I think Sangria is relatively easy to make if you take the relaxed approach.

If you were to buy it, my preferred choice would be.

Mocktails Uniquely Crafted Sevilla Red Sangria, 6.8oz, Pack of 4

Sangria is effectively called a mocktail, and you can read about a mocktail drink here.

This option is Alcohol-free and ready-made.

You could add it into your mix if you wanted, but I could see the costs mounting up.

For me, this is something you would take to the BBQ on a hot summer day or around to a summer pool party.

The good news is you can drink it out of the bottle.

Calories wise is pretty decent at 80 Calories per bottle, but it is GMO, Gluten, and Allergen free as many people on the blog ask about those options.

Now with mocktails or any premade drinks, I am always wary of sugar.

The good news is that there is No High Fructose Corn Syrup or Preservatives.

It’s also vegan, so there are a few ticks there.

You can purchase via my affiliate link below:

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not affect what you pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.




The taste was good, but I don’t think you can beat having a real good go at making alcohol free sangria yourself.

Would you consider Alcohol Free Sangria?

You can call it a mocktail or alternative sangria.

The drink can be a lot of fun, and the best part is you can be creative in making it.

It can be an event for the whole family and could even lend itself to fantastic food options, particularly at picnics.

It may be Spanish in origin, but it’s travelled the world over, and it’s probably one of the significant advantages of now having alcohol free wines that you can use in the mix.

Check out my choice for alcohol-free wines online.

Are you a big Sangria drinker? Would you consider Alcohol Free Sangria?

Just leave your comment below, and I always get back to you.


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  1. Thanks for bringing us this great information on alcohol free sangria.

    The sun is shining with me at the minute and I am sitting in the back garden, so your post probably appeals even more than usual.

    It sounds like a great alternative for my friends who are not big drinkers and who prefer to drive here and therefore they both couldn’t take a drink of alcohol even if they wanted to.  So this way everyone enjoys the same drink.

    Brilliant idea.  

    • Thanks, Geoff; I think it’s a great idea, I agree, especially with the non-alcoholic wine available now. All we need is a bit of sun in the UK right now, and I am sorted. 

      I really appreciate you adding a great comment to alcohol-free sangria. All the very best, Phil

  2. Greetings! Well, I do think alcohol-free sangria is worth it too, and I must say I agree with you a hundred percent that with alcohol-free sangria, it gets interesting as alcohol-free drinkers are a bit limited as there is less choice out there for non-alcoholic wine. I have noted Torres as your recommendation, I will read the review from the link you provided.

    • Hey Kokontala, thanks so much for commenting on alcohol-free sangria. It is really appreciated; I am pleased you like the idea. Torres is excellent! All the best, Phil


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