How to use Inspiration to reduce alcohol consumption

Inspiration is crucial to reduce alcohol consumption.

Why? Well, it is kind of at the core of our behaviour.

I mean, apart from the obvious thing that we should reduce our alcohol consumption.

But here is the thing. Inspiration is key to kicking ass out of bed in the morning.

It is also key to reducing alcohol consumption.

You have told me via the blog on numerous occasions that the inspiration kick is critical.

And I get that.

It could be the thing that leads to drinking the same amount of wine, switching to an alcohol-free version or just reducing the overall amount you drink.

It can soon stack up.

After all, in the UK, it is recommended that people drink more than 14 units per week.

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A unit of alcohol is a big glass of wine, right?

Now one unit of alcohol is, of course, just a standard glass of wine.

Not a large glass but that French style tiny weeny small glass that no one drinks anymore.

It’s a fact that drinking is now part of everyday life.

I mean, it’s crazy you are judged more for drinking, right?

Drinking too much is something that often happens without any inspiration at all.

But, to reduce your alcohol consumption, you do need a big kick of Inspiration.

Does Inspiration and alcohol reduction just happen?

Haha, so if only you shout out!

So really, it’s a Yes and No.

How come? Well, our brains are clever but also very simple actually.

You might decide to cut back, or it might be a crisis that leads you there.

You might just be fed up with that hangover. But, I mean, why would you not want to get rid of that, right?


Hangover Inspiration

It could be you are going to dry, and you need Inspiration to stay alive. Yes, some people do!

Or it could be to get fitter and run that Marathon.

Inspiration is often either carrot or stick.

Towards or Away.

But I will be honest with you; people are generally more motivated by my pain.

Science and marketing prove it.

Even though it is denied by many and maybe even you?

But of course, Inspiration to give up alcohol or reduce it happens very often without any effort at all.

Just like magic!

And this rings true of many of the dictionary definitions we see of Inspiration.

They talk about the brain being suddenly inspired. But, unfortunately, it often seems like the best ideas come from nowhere.

Or is it our subconscious brain sending secret messages to say cut back, or are you heading from trouble.

Remember, we are always moving toward pleasing or away from pain.

Maybe that is why alcohol causes such a dilemma when quitting or reducing our alcohol intake.

It is like a carefully balanced scale.

If it is dipped one way too much in terms of pleasure, we can be in trouble, right?

Benefits of Inspiration and Alcohol

Why does Inspiration matter when it comes to cutting back your alcohol consumption?

When it comes to alcohol, the key is changing our behaviour.

Science and behavioural Research shows that when you have increased higher amounts of Inspiration, your goals, including cutting back alcohol happen quicker and become a reality.

Inspiration begins to challenge our assumptions around alcohol awareness.

Remember, any change starts with an awareness of where we are. So often, gurus underplay this aspect.

But to make the change, there has to be a pain.

Even running a marathon can be the pain you will feel if you don’t achieve it.

Although you may feel it is motivated toward a pleasurable goal, you don’t want Sheila or Dave to beat you at winning a race.

When we are inspired, we challenge ourselves by thinking that the amount we drink is irrelevant, but actually, it’s key to changing our lives in so many ways.

Inspiration is key to cutting back on alcohol consumption.

Once you Increase your engagement with how much you drink, like a visit to the Doctor to scare the wits out of you, things begin to change.

Inspiration transforms that tick box mentality, including going to a bar and moves you to things you want to do. Ask anyone who has been to a dry or in an alcohol-free country.

The brain soon changes and develops from the alcohol-based “opportunity” to fulfilment.

And that is a big step.

Once those neurons in the brain start to change, there is no stopping them.

Your life has more purpose without alcohol, and your behaviour changes to match.

Of course, it is never that simple, but you have to start somewhere, right?


Reducing Alcohol Consumption


I mean, once alcohol goes out the window or you have cut back on your alcohol consumption, you might even be excited about a Monday morning.

OK, maybe not, but guess what? You might start doing something about it with a clearer head.

After all, alcohol, despite its so-called virtues, is a depressant.

Here are 10 ways to feel more inserted when it comes to reducing alcohol consumption.

So let’s get down to business.

10 ideas for inspired action to cut back on your alcohol consumption.

Will they stop you per se? Maybe now, but here it will make you more inspired.

If you feel alcohol is a real problem for you, see a medical expert like now; please do not wait!

Build your self-esteem to reduce alcohol consumption

Crikey, it is not that self-esteem word again.

Yes, we hate to admit we might be drinking alcohol because of feeling a bit crap about ourselves, but it’s real, and most people feel it at some point.

Alcohol and Self-Esteem

A furious day at work and don’t feel like you have done an excellent job. Low self-esteem kick-in and

Researchers have also examined personality traits associated with InspirationInspiration. A healthy self-image is essential. Accept and appreciate yourself for who you are.

Think positive.

Optimism helps too. Look on the bright side and focus on the things you can control. For example, take a break from TV news if it’s making you feel anxious.

Don’t forget to be grateful. It helps with alcohol.

Especially powerful is being thankful.

Remember the good things by keeping a journal. Yes, it can sound very irritating and, be honest, a real pain on the ass, but every coaching expert swears by them.

Show others you appreciate them.

Be spontaneous to avoid alcohol.

Yep weird, but it can be done, right?

Have you ever done something on a whim? You can pack a picnic lunch or build a fort with your kids to shake up your routine.

Go and see a sports match even if you hate football or go to the theatre to watch some Gawd awful sounding show.

You actually might like it, but it breaks a habit.

Be Spontaneous with alcohol

Put your mask on before helping others.

That means at least taking care of yourself. You can be depressed after working all day.

If you feel fitter, you’re more likely to feel like cutting back on alcohol makes sense.

Aim to get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Whenever potential fatigue sets in, take a break to refuel.

Enjoy Alcohol-Free Drinking

Observe other people who are passionate about alcohol-free drinking.

There are a lot of us out there!

The enthusiasm of a person is contagious. So hang out with people who are passionate about what they do but make it sober based.

You will now be surprised how people from all walks of life are doing alcohol-free. But, of course, the sales of it are soaring for starters.

I noticed alcohol-free fizz was flying off the shelves in Spain, and alcohol-free beer was running out in some bars.

Take an online class with a supportive Facebook group.

And I do mean those friendly groups as there are some weird and horrible people out there.

Learn continuously throughout your life.

Learn about a variety of topics by reading books and listening to podcasts.

There are some perfect ones out there, including about being alcohol-free.

Never stop learning. And without sounding preaching, learning about the effects of alcohol can be a real wake up call.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

When you explore unfamiliar territory, you overcome your fears and become more flexible.

Instead of riding your bike, try an exercise class, even if it means wearing Lycra.

Get involved in local charitable organizations.

Become an artist.

OK, maybe not. But you get my point.

Make sure you schedule creative time in your daily schedule. For example, you may want to start a craft project or indulge in your hobby.

Be creative or paint without alcohol

Read articles in magazines for Inspiration.

I honestly don’t care what it is!

Just take action.

I know someone who read the blog about becoming a nude model for a local art group. She has not touched alcohol since.

And yes, I am serious.

Be nice to yourself, so be a tortoise, not a hare.

There is a tendency for dramatic flashes and profound insights to be rare.

Remember that slow, steady progress can also bring success. SO just one less glass of extensive wine per week, which is a lot of those alcohol units you have reduced.

People who go all-in sometimes fall at the first hurdle.

Reduce your alcohol intake by taking action.

Action is very underrated. Seriously and I am not talking perfect action either. Just a stumble in the dark is fine.

If you are waiting for InspirationInspiration, you can sometimes speed things along by taking the first step while you are waiting.

Spend a few minutes painting or gardening if you have low energy.

If you have gathered enough momentum, you may wish to continue. The thing is, the more you move away from alcohol into something more inspiring, you are building a habit.

If gardening bores the pants, do something different, just not a glass of wine while gardening!

Stop competing with yourself and others.

It is possible to find InspirationInspiration from many sources, but you may end up feeling discouraged if you compare yourself to others.

There is some evidence that less competitive individuals experience more extraordinary Inspiration.

Stop Competing With Yourself

I am up for that if you are?

Rather than worrying about impressing others, concentrate on enjoying yourself and learning from your experience.

Open up your life to more possibilities. Inspiration will propel you forward and make the whole process more enjoyable and without an alcoholic drink in your hand.

So to reduce alcohol consumption, increase your Inspiration in a way that is right for you.

Read more about my journey with Stop Drinking Alcohol Now on Amazon by Philip Roberts.

After all, you are unique, right. There has never been a better time to reduce alcohol consumption and be inspired.

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