How to stop alcohol cravings naturally

Its important to recognize that many people like to drink alcohol and there is nothing wrong with that.

However, there is often a strong desire to know how to stop alcohol cravings naturally when we think we might be drinking too much.

After all its easy for alcohol to be come that nagging problem at the back of our mind.

How can I reduce my alcohol but without making it a big issue?

Alcohol comes with its unfair share of negativity and not when you are drinking it either.

As soon as you give up people think you have had a problem of some kind. This is often from people who drink far too much anyway.

Here are some proven ways to reduce alcohol naturally!

Set a time in the near future

Then wait, you have timer on your mobile phone right?

Have you craved something and then 30 minutes later forgotten about it?

This is so obvious its untrue.

Just a bit of time out like a walk or a listen to some of your favorite music and suddenly the urge as gone.

Cravings are known very often to be time sensitive.

You go to the fridge and your desired food is not there so you forget about it as you know you can’t have it.

Its just not an option.

I will tell you a secret I use with all my coaching clients all the time but it surrounds snacking!

Drink some water

You would be surprised how many times you take a glass of water, knock it back and then the craving has gone.

I have seen it work with food but it can also be useful with alcohol as well.

Especially if you spice it up with some flavored water, ice or a slice of lemon or lime.


Water Can Help with Alcohol Cravings

It could actually also be a low calorie soft drink like presse light.

Now you may say “yeah right!”

But the thing is being dehydrated has a weird effect on the body.

It can cause mood swings, hunger pans, shakes.

And let me be honest you will die of water shortage before food shortage any day.

Sorry but it’s true!

Recognize that cravings are time-limited; they do not last forever.

Cravings will typically go away within 15-20 minutes after they appear if a person can resist them. And water can be the magic ingredient.

Manage stress

Stress is a major cause of drinking too much alcohol and seen as a “stress releasing”.

And yes even Doctors say a glass of wine can help as you cook dinner in the evening or watch a film.

But of course they are talking one drink not a bottle!

Very often the issue is wine.

It becomes part of the mix where a small glass ( so those little french wine glasses) are really a thing of the past.

People often say they will have a small glass of wine to “come down” after work.

In reality, they probably use up three of their allowed units.

stress and alcohol

In fact even more units than you at first realize.

Health recommendation in the UK is no more than 14 units per week.

Now everyone I talk to often says they are confused by that.

Always know your limits through the drink aware website

Of course 1 unit is a standard alcoholic drink so a standard glass of wine.

SO if you have 2 large glasses from your home fridge you are already hitting the 4 out of your 14 that week.

If the wine is very strong so what we call a high “ABV” alcohol by volume then it may be more.

Read what is one unit of alcohol

So finding a way to de-stress is key. The more alcohol the more stress as the body dehydrates and you wake up with a bad hangover and so a bad day begins.

And the cycle continues and its only Wednesday!

Stress management techniques, as the experts like to call them are a great way to help you cut back alcohol craving naturally.

There is no way I am going to tell force you to relax as that will never work.

Yes, do breathing exercises, go for a run or do some yoga but I am a realist.

If you hate doing that you ain’t going to it.

Read how leisure activities can help.

But the reality is stress does lead to an increased alcohol intake so whatever you do find a way to divert your attention from drinking.

Hobbies can really help!

In reality social and drinking alcohol in the UK go hand in hand and that is coming back to haunt us all costing the national health service millions.

Hypnosis is a powerful natural tool

I am a big fan of self hypnosis as it can be a great stress reliever but at the same time it can help reprogramme our unconscious mind.

I have worked with one of the UK’s best coaches on addiction and before you go “I am not addicted”, I am talking about reducing drinking here.

Drinking comes with a lot of emotional charge and yet if we said we were thinking about cutting back chocolate no-one would bat an eyelid.

All you need is a quiet spot and some headphones.

Mark explains more below. I am an affiliate partner but you always pay the same

Watch and know your triggers

Triggers are a very effective way to just understand what tricks you into that glass of alcohol or the next one.

If fact alcohol is a trigger. It’s how we get drunk.

Read signs of a drunk person here

The first thing I always suggest is to get a trigger diary.

They are more powerful than you might imagine.

Just writing down how you feel and what trigger alcohol is a very powerful exercise. Some of the best top-level business people use it.

They often call it their morning reflections

All it needs is an A4 bit of paper and draw three lines down the middle.

  • One the left-hand side write down what made you feel like a drink of alcohol
  • In the middle write down the feeling
  • In the right-hand column write down how you felt after.

It’s just a process of being more aware but overtime you will be more action based around your triggers and then you can take some steps to change them.

What are triggers

  • The Fridge
  • Stress
  • Post work drinks
  • Hunger
  • Your boss
  • A good film
  • Bar

In fact anything can be a trigger!

It’s a very personal thing.

Know Your Alcohol Triggers

I know some people who only have beer with curry. Now that is hardly an issue but it is a trigger but a good one as it adds to the enjoyment for them personally,

Once you are aware that your brain is making connections you can begin to think about creating new ones.

For example if I fancy a drink after work I would ensure I walk past the pub and keep going after then after about 30 minutes the trigger has gone.

The brain was making connections at that moment!

Of course if I went to the gym the trigger had gone as my brain had no connection with the gym and drinking alcohol.

In fact, I could not think about anything worse!

That is the power of triggers!

Explore Alcohol Free Drinks

Now before you turn your nose up I totally get it.

But it transformed my life.

And if you have a serious alcohol dependence where alcohol free could be a trigger this may not be for you.

Always check with your medical professional if you are unsure.

However, not everyone is in this category and I was just a social drinker but had to give it up altogether because of health issues.

However, many people give up or cut back because they hate alcohol, have to run a marathon or would like to drive their car with worry.

Of course, you may just be pregnant.

As soon as you say you have given up drinking people just presume you have a problem.

It stresses you out!

But here is the thing: once you have an alcohol free drink in your hand it can take the desire to drink away and the pressure from others!

Can Alcohol Free Drinks Curb Alcohol Cravings

My top tips in the following order are :

Alcohol Free Gin – Seedlip is fantastic but comes at a price.

This is perfect for a Friday night treat with a film. Just keep the bottle in the fridge along with some low cal tonic and it will actually make a great diet drink believe it or not.

Gordon’s has also just brought one out.

Or if you are traveling I really recommend the Duchess Brand!

Free Star Beer and Wine

With its creative modern brand, zero alcohol and a citrus addition it is perfect for something away from the traditional brewery stable.

This is one of the newer beer brands coming in the market and I have blogged a review on Free Star

And I would love to know what you think.

Alcohol free wine has vastly improved and new production processes have made sure they keep the taste and aromas but lose the alcohol.

Read Alcohol Free Wine Online

All these options won’t be alcohol but of course the industry really has to get its act together on taste and growth in the alcohol free market is at 23 per cent per annum.

There is a secret alcohol free revolution going on for many and actually it could be key to how to stop alcohol cravings naturally.

How do you manage your alcohol free cravings?

I would love to know what ideas you have for managing alcohol cravings naturally?

Have you changed your social circle or used hypnosis?

What about alcohol free options?

Please let me know what you think about how to stop alcohol cravings naturally? Leave your message below and I always respond.

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