How to Get a Cheap Cup of Coffee 

(dirty tactics)

So you have given up alcohol, or you are cutting back, and you think coffee. But how do you get a cheap cup of coffee? Shall we be a bit naughty?

And lots of it. I mean the coffee.

You have shunned alcohol-free beers and wine as just, not your thing.

But suddenly, you look at your credit card and realize that the cost of coffee is mounting up.

You reckon you are now spending more money on coffee than you were on alcohol.

I get it; it is quickly done by switching one drug for another.

You do know coffee is a drug people don’t use as a drug.

Yes, it is an acceptable drug over alcohol.

So I am not advocating you drink lots of caffeine and only in moderation. After all, you are sensible right?

Always keep an eye on your unit via the drinkaware website.

So get ready for some silly and not so silly how to get a cheap cup of coffee strategies. You are up for it, right? And I never said they were perfect either.

Get up and walk to the coffee counter.

Did you know that some servers have the authority to give you a free coffee if they think you are a pleasant customer?

So to get a cheap cup of coffee, or should I even say free, turn on the charm but don’t be over-familiar.

No flirting but be nice, and over time a bit of praise can go a long way.

If you make this a core strategy, you might get 1 free cup of coffee per week.

I know people that have done it.

Be Nice In Coffee Shops

It does seem coffee house centric, but it does happen. If it fails to materialize, then move on to the next coffee shop.

The world likes a trier, right?

And if you have used this strategy to get a complimentary glass of wine in the past, you are already an expert in waiting when it comes to cheap coffee.

Ask the counter person for a discount.

Now, this is a long shot but maybe not as mad as it first seems. Robert Cialdini is his now-famous book influence who spoke of using the world because of a photocopy experience.

If you use the word because people are more likely to oblige even if the reason is a bit bizarre.

Therefore, try to think of reasons why you might need a cheap cup of coffee.

Is it worth a go, right?

Buy coffee with someone else’s money.

It is a bit naughty if you are with colleagues, but I have seen many people do it.

I am a bit short on cash. Could you buy me a coffee?


Buy Me A Coffee

Or I have to make a call. Do you want to get the coffee in?

Yes, you slimeball, why not?

Buy coffee with a coupon.

A recent survey showed that most of us don’t claim refunds or even bonus points. Many coffee shops have a card they mark off until you’re entitled to a new one.

But those cards get lost, and I get that.

The thing is, most have moved to bonus cards online or apps, so if they don’t have one, suggest it or move to different coffee shops.

You have cut back on alcohol, so you are a hero, right?

Yes, use what is already yours.

Simple right?

Buy coffee at the gas station or somewhere they want you to buy something more expensive.

Buying one piece of furniture, they believe you are coffee. Buying a home, they buy your a coffee. Buying a car, they get a complimentary coffee.

And at the very least, there is a complimentary coffee station.

So the more shop thinks you will spend, the more they will offer you coffee.

It just comes with the territory, and it is no sweat off their nose. You could spend a whole day shopping and never pay for a coffee again.

And if you think that is unfair. Well, you might buy something in the future it not today, right?

Why pick such an expensive drink? Start being discerning.

I mean, why is it so expensive. Giving up alcohol and going for coffee is intended to save you money, right?

Once you start looking at the fact, you might think you are just a bit conned. Maybe unfair, but is it time to look at a cheaper beverage like tea.

Stop Drinking Alcohol Now Book Philip Roberts

As I discuss in Stop Drinking Alcohol Now, the good news is that you can never put a price on your health.

But there is healthy living, and there is sensible living, right?


Fact check Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s most expensive crops. In 2010, the world produced 27.7 million tons of coffee, worth $12.2 billion.

In 2009, Americans spent $7.5 billion on coffee. Those numbers span out in other countries like the UK, which is obsessed with coffee.

Coffee is grown all over the world. In 2010, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, Colombia, Ethiopia, and Kenya were the top coffee-producing countries.

But it takes a lot of coffee to make coffee.

It takes 12 pounds of coffee to make one pound of coffee. 

And it takes a lot of coffee to make enough coffee to meet world demand.

Coffee Fact Check

Coffee is a fairly labour-intensive crop.

Read: Is Coffee Good For You?

One acre of coffee produces about 1,500 pounds of coffee. But it takes 10,000 pounds of coffee to make one pound of coffee. So one acre of coffee requires 16,000 pounds of labour to produce 1,500 pounds of coffee.

So it takes 1,600 pounds of labour to make one pound of coffee.

Labour is cheap. Coffee is comparatively expensive. So it takes 1,600 pounds of work to make one pound of coffee.

Therefore, coffee is more affordable to make than to buy.

So coffee is more affordable than buying it. But coffee stores are still expensive.

Coffee stores buy beans from farmers, then grind the beans, roast the beans, and then sell the beans. And coffee stores don’t sell coffee by the pound.

You’ve probably noticed that the price of coffee has gone way up. But it hasn’t gone up everywhere. Instead, some places, like Starbucks, have hiked their prices a lot.

Other places, like Dunkin’ Donuts, haven’t. So it will vary from place to place in the states and UK.

And still, other places, like McDonald’s, haven’t even raised them much.

So how to get a cheap cup of coffee?

Where was I?

Be discerning about where you drink coffee and if there is something else you could drink?

Peppermint tea, for example.

OK, maybe not!

Stop Depending on Coffee to Make You Feel Good

OK, I get you have cut back on alcohol but did you do it to save money?

Coffee is a luxury item. Unfortunately, its price is higher than it should be, and people buy more coffee than they need.

But there is a way to get more coffee, and it isn’t more expensive.


Coffee Or Alcohol

If you go to Starbucks, you pay a lot. However, if you buy coffee from the supermarket, you pay much less.

I mean, why pay for the seating!

Coffee is something you buy when you need caffeine. 

You don’t need that much.

You can get about the same amount of caffeine by putting a teaspoon of instant coffee into a cup and boiling water.

Is coffee just a luxury item that you don’t need to spend money on when you are at.

Remember this and your choice will change.

Drink Coffee At Home

Yeah, right, I told you to be radical.

A lot of people drink a lot of coffee. Most people want the cheapest coffee, though: they don’t want to pay any more than they have to.

Coffee is an agricultural product.

As a result, its price fluctuates with supply and demand. The supply fluctuates because overproduction and drought can lead to lower coffee prices; the market fluctuates because there’s a reason people buy coffee and people stop buying it.

The demand fluctuates because some people are willing to pay a lot more for coffee than others.

People who buy coffee to work, for instance, are willing to pay a lot for a cup of coffee that will keep them awake. 

But, on the other hand, some people who buy coffee to drink at home don’t need much caffeine; they just like the taste of coffee. 

So people who buy coffee to drink at home are willing to pay a lot less.

And therefore, you save money, which makes sense, right?

And people who buy coffee to drink at home also often want convenience.

They don’t want to grind their beans or spend time brewing them; they need to pour them, and they want it hot.

So people who buy coffee to drink at home tend to be willing to pay quite a bit of money for the convenience of buying coffee in a paper cup.

In countries where coffee is cheap enough, people buy coffee to drink at home. In countries where coffee is expensive, they drink a lot of it at work.

Just do the maths and think about where you drink it!

Stop Going for a Large Coffee

One of the things that most annoys me about expensive coffee is how it encourages you to make bad choices.

In an expensive coffee shop, you have a choice: either get a coffee that will taste great or get one that will be a little cheaper.

And if you get the second, you probably won’t like the taste. So instead, you get something reasonable.

In a cheap coffee shop, you have a choice: either get a coffee that will taste great or get one that will be a little cheaper. And if you get the second, you probably won’t like the taste. So instead, you get something reasonable.

In both situations, you’re choosing between things you don’t like.

Do You Need A Large Coffee?

But, of course, the kind of thing you are supposed to do is go to the expensive coffee shop and drink the coffee.

And the expensive coffee shop won’t give you a drink unless you make costly choices. And it won’t work at all if you only go once. 

If you’re not willing to pay the price, you don’t have the right to make expensive choices.

The cheap coffee shop is even worse. You have to ask what you want. And if you don’t ask, you get something reasonable. And if you don’t ask, you get something cheap. And if you don’t ask, you get something cheap.

If you want a cup of coffee, and you don’t want to spend much, you have to ask.

The choice is not whether to pay a lot for something or pay a little for something. Instead, the option is between things you don’t like.

So how can we buy cheap coffee? It’s an option, right?

Make it fun and get the tool to make it at home, but it becomes a cheap hobby.

You become a coffee expert.

  • Buy coffee in bulk.
  • Buy ground coffee.
  • Buy coffee beans.
  • Buy a drip coffee maker.
  • Buy an instant coffee maker.
  • Buy a French press.
  • Buy a coffee grinder.

Yes, it will cost more initially, but it will become a leisure activity rather than an addiction over time.

It is a bit like alcohol in some ways.

A coffee habit costs you more than you think. Indeed, you sometimes wake up, and before you realize it, you have spent $20 on coffee. 

But I suppose you might be wrong if you think that spending $20 on coffee is the only cost. 

But spread that cost on good coffee making equipment, and over time the cost per cup goes right down.

Drink only instant coffee

Good old fashioned coffee from the local shop. You might know it as your brand or cheap coffee but let’s be honest.

Yes, it is not the best stuff, but it might do, especially if you are not an expert.

A big jar of corner shop basic coffee worked well could last you a week, if not a few months if you go extra-large.

Remember, coffee is a drug.

Are you swapping one addiction for another, and OK, it is not alcohol, but it could be costing you nearly as much as the drink, right?

“Coffee is not a luxury. It is a drug.” Frank Zappa

What are your strategies for getting a cheap cup of coffee?

Remember, you are probably paying too much, especially if you are swapping alcohol for the coffee bean.

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