How to Avoid Alcohol when everyone else is drunk

Parties are supposed to be fun, right. But how to avoid Alcohol when everyone around you is drunk, or three sheets to the wind come up a lot.

I mean, parties are not meant to be some assault course, are they?

It depends on the theme, I guess. I have been to some weird parties, have you?

Staying sober can present additional challenges. 

Never mind thinking about presents, cabs and outfits.

Crikey the stress.  

You may look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones, but then the subject of being sober at the party comes up.

Assumptions are made, and then it becomes a full interview about why you don’t drink alcohol.

So can you have fun when you are sober becomes the big topic of conversation with that stare that says “show me”

It always starts with the welcome glass of champagne,

I always suggest that if you have alcohol-free guests, provide them with some alcohol-free bubbly.

It just sets a lovely welcome tone for the evening.

Learn how to celebrate being social while staying off the booze.

What is the best way to keep yourself from going to the bar when everyone tells you to?

Of course, use what works for you.

Pick and mix the strategies if you like, and over time you will come to master them as second nature.

That is just how the brain works.

Know what triggers will occur.

Having a lethal weapon as your only strategy against these alcohol prowlers is essential.

So if there is one, this is it, right?

Identify situations where you might feel the need for a drink ahead of time. 

Avoid getting caught by surprise if you want to make good decisions. Instead, expect strong emotions and social pressure.

This goes for drinking and driving, or even if you want to avoid that hangover.

Remember, there are lots of reasons why people don’t want to drink Alcohol.

Be careful with your budget.

And that comes from Alcohol, so think about spending as well.

So it’s a good thing to remember why you gave up the booze.

And one of the reasons is to save money.

No, it is not like alcohol-free beers or wine are any cheaper. On the contrary, they can be more expensive.

I know madness. 

But when we are sober, we spend less. 

We make better decisions. Even when you get home, you don’t end up on amazon doing a Secret Santa for yourself.

We spend more after drinking alcohol

Marathon shopping and credit card bills are not the real reason for financial strain regarding Alcohol.

Alcohol can drive that decision. Even a late-night food binge can create extra spending.

Take advantage of nature before a social gathering.

This may sound bonkers but go with me on it.

Do something outdoors before you get to the venue.

It can help you get a fresh head even if you walk to the venue rather than get a cab. Better still, if you are a driver, park a bit away and walk.

Remember, the mind and body are one system.

So if there is an outdoor park nearby, make the most of it. You will be in a different space to deal with all those drunk around you.

Exercise, and I don’t mean exercising.

Even if it is just 10,000 steps a day.

It does not have to be some high brow gym experience. But, unfortunately, it is not everyone’s thing.

Physical activity is a great way to relax and burn off extra calories. So give yourself an early present of online fitness classes via youtube for free.

Why not?

Does Stress Go with the wine fridge ?

The thing is, we know that when we are stressed, we are more likely to reach for the wine bottle or the whole wine fridge.

Alcohol is seen as a stress reducer, but actually, the total opposite is true. I mean, it dehydrates you, for starters.

A good night’s sleep is your first line of defence

Imagine turning up at a party and everyone has had a drink, and you are knacked

I mean, they were not joking when they said Alcohol was a crutch. Sleeping well makes your mind and body more calm and resilient.

And that means you put up with less nonsense from others about Alcohol and let us be honest, and you make better decisions.

And that includes going to the bar for alcohol.

Be sure to go to bed and not use your TV or other devices for at least 2 hours before sleeping.

Science shows us that mobile and computers light up our brain’s activity like fireworks.

According to the Sleep Centre in the North East of England UK, it is the only real-time our immune system operates at total capacity.

It is why we sleep more when we are ill.

Go with alcohol-free drinks. 

And you can take that literally.

Do not expect your host or the venue to have any alcohol-free drinks.

They just won’t.

Unless they are a trendsetter, in fact, they probably won’t have given it much thought.

Alcohol Free Beer is now a serious option

Order ahead of your Alcohol-free sparkling wine or alcohol-free beer.

The thing is, once you have something vaguely looking like Alcohol in your hand, it does take the extra pressure off.

Be party and socially selective. 

Go to the parties that will support you. Make sense, right? You will know in your heart of hearts which ones you will prefer and which ones you won’t.

Practice a bit of snobbery. And stop wanting to be liked.

How can you avoid alcohol by leaving the party early?

A lighter schedule may help you feel more balanced. Pick the parties and events that are the highest priorities for you. Graciously turn down invitations to gatherings that could be too awkward.

Be Bold about being alcohol-free.

Be a proud alcohol-free drinker no matter how much pressure you get to have one.

When people are knocking back the Alcohol, and you are not, it makes them feel very comfortable.

So you not drinking is all about them.

So be bold. It’s your health and your mindset, not theirs.

So stay hydrated but watch the sugar.

There are plenty of nonalcoholic beverages you can still enjoy but watch the sugar rush.

People often think alcohol-free drinks mean calories free, yep the best diet drink going.

It certainly is not the case.

And while you are losing the Alcohol, that cola will be stacked full of sugar.

But even alcohol-free beer will be far better; they will not be calories free. And I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but many mocktails ( so cocktails with Alcohol) are the worst.

They are just steeped in sugar.

Try alcohol-free gin like Gordon’s 0.0 but with a low-calorie mixer if you are after an excellent alcohol-free diet drink.

It tastes good and is a good option.

Help out, even if it means taxi duty.

Shifting your focus to others to overcome alcohol cravings or self-conscious feelings can help you overcome them.

You can chop vegetables in the kitchen or tend to the music on your host’s behalf.


Could you avoid alcohol by being the DJ?

Ever fancied yourself as a mobile DJ, go on, you will be great, and as you will be sober, you will be making some excellent dance floor choices.

Play the banjo well. Do you play the banjo? Well, learn and learn fast.

If you must leave early, go through the back door. Be a secret squirrel.  

Alcohol is more freely flowing later in the night. If you’re the first there and the first to go, you’ll have a more peaceful time.

All that backchat will be gone. 

What it will do is save you from feeling bad about not drinking Alcohol and having so-called fun.

Don’t fall for anything else. Especially the lying Alcohol.

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You can socialize and avoid Alcohol.

How to avoid Alcohol when everyone else is drunk needs a bit of planning. But I know you, you can do this.

Have a plan and have a strategy. Everyone else will be too sheet to the wind to care later anyway.

Avoiding Alcohol at a party is challenging but doable, and the next day you will thank yourself for it.

How to avoid alcohol when everyone else is drunk. Well, you will need a strategy.

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