How many calories in glass of red wine

You may think that it is a bit odd to ask how many calories in a glass of red wine if you are seeking out alcohol free choices but there is a connection.

I promise!

It’s one of those moments, you want to go on a diet but you also want to keep drinking, sometimes the two are possible and sometimes they are not. However, it has becomes increasingly hard just to have one glass of wine as we know wine glasses just seem to get bigger.

If you are seeking to lose weight with wine you can drink “just one glass”, but then a few glasses of wine are gone out the bottle without realizing.

So what is the range of calories and why is red wine so calorific?

Is it possible that the answer in alcohol free wine that are kind on calories ? I am a bit more confident about reviewing them now given the zero alcohol wine choice has got better!
That’s understatement as well.

The progression and improvement is remarkable as in the Torres range. ( Review)

How about alcohol free gin or is it the darker the wine the more calories and alcohol there is.

My head hurts just thinking about it and I don’t even drink anymore!

How many calories are in a bottle of red wine?

Can you believe there could be up to 228 calories in a 13 per cent abv glass of wine? Of course the more alcohol the more calories and wine is certainly up there with how many it contains but it also depends on the sugar content as well.

Low carb, high carb its a complicated picture in many ways.

Stack up the donuts and mars bars and that’s your glass of red vino.

Remember the more sugar that is converted in the fermentation process the more alcohol there is. Its actually a simple equation in many ways.

Now I come at it from the perspective that wine nearly liking me but calories in themselves can also add to our health woes as well. So you have even been to the gym and done over 200 calories on a treadmill then you get home after a tough week and the bottle opener beckons!

We have all been there haven’t we?

It can also be a big choice to have with a Friday night curry and when you look around my local Indian restaurant its mainly red wine being drunk as it goes well with the flavor and especially the lamb dishes.

Alcohol in moderation of course can be fine for the majority of people. Alas not for me which is why I go for alcohol free which could help you with your calorie intake.

If you are already thinking about the weekly alcohol unit guide have you considered how many pounds it could be piling on?

Yet in many ways red wine is considered low carbohydrate and does not spike the blood sugar but it still has calories. Of course the sugar had been turned into alcohol. Makes sense?

How many calories are in red wine if you took it as an average?

Red wine does contain a large amount of calories when compared to even white wine and spirits. It can even rival beer. Like any food, low fat red wine can have different calories especially depending on the grape and the country it’s produced in.

Read how many calories in a glass of white wine here

For example European wine generally has less alcohol in them by law so it makes sense that the calorie count is less. Brand to brand it will be different so always check the label.

And it should be very clear.

On the back of any wine bottle will be a label and this has a wealth of information on calories to alcohol content including if it is alcohol free. So for me I look for the 0.0 abv sign.

ABV stands for alcohol by volume so the total amount of alcohol in your glass of bottle or glass. Bars are also required to give you this information so don’t let them fob you off.


How many calories in a glass of red wine


A 13% ABV of a size of 175 ml red wine could contain well up to and even more than 160 calories .

So let’s times that out by a bottle in our workings!

Now before you say a bottle? Yes more and more people are drinking a few glasses of red wine which won’t be standard but large.

In fact my liver consultant enlightened me to how big wine glasses are nowadays compared to those standard little french ones that hold one measure.

Now we are looking at not far off 1000 calories per bottle if you have a large glass and then say those immortal words which we do if we are honest

“Oh I may as well finish the bottle” !

If you start to add any crisps and bags of nuts it would be easy to hit nearly 2,000 calories in a very short space of time. And bear in mind our goal in terms of daily calories is 2000-2500 calories so it does not really allow for lunch and dinner unless that is your main meal!

So that is a lot of running in the local park to even get rid of those calories from the wine let alone the snacks. You would probably have to go and do some exercise for at least an hour and 30 minutes before seeing those calories being used up.

Personal trainers who I sometimes feel really sorry for are blamed for the work out regime when they know their clients down a bottle of red wine and a pizza for dinner that same night!

There is some good news though that if you lower the alcohol content in the red wine then you are consuming fewer calories. For example some of my affiliate partners will offer some excellent red wines that have an abv of 0.0 % and a calorie total per serving of less than 40 calories and some as low as 23 calories per glass.

You can read my review of alcohol free wines that are good for the hips here

What if I want to keep drinking the alcohol ?

Well that’s your call and I totally get it. The best advice is of course check your overall calorie intake and bear in mind that red wines generally have more alcohol and therefore more calories. In fact the golden rule which I think is true is that the darker the drink the higher the calories.

Take for example a very dark port and you are looking at for 2 oz glass of port around 103 calories. Here you are hitting the 20% abv figure so that is one of the strongest red wines you could purchase.

Port used to do things to me and not in a good way! I could have one glass and it would go straight to my head even as an after dinner drink! So imagine that with a cream cake beforehand in terms of calories.

So if we think if some of the darker reds in bottles like Zinfandel that is going to set you back 655 calories. Now I am not suggesting that everyone drinks a bottle but let’s be real here, 2 large glasses and you are not far off!

Even some of the lighter red wines like Cabernet or Pinot Noir would still work out at around 615 -620 calories per bottle. If you compare that to a Rose wine you are looking at 80 calories per 100ml while white wine could have up to 83 calories per 100ml.

I should also give a shout out for alcohol free gin or spirit which is a growth market and as long as you use diet mixers it’s a real winner.

I have logged my top 5 alcohol free gin review in case that might be an option here.

So on average the dark more full-bodied red wines have on average higher alcohol content so it kind of makes sense that they contain more calories than wines with a lower abv ( alcohol by volume)

Now if you are on a low carb diet just to confuse things the higher the alcohol content the lower the carb so it can be a complicated picture. Although I would urge caution drinking alcohol with low carb or keto diets as the alcohol will rush into your system and its a personal view from personal experience that this can be very harmful.

Basically that is no breaker between your body and the alcohol.

You can read about can you drink alcohol on a keto diet here

Alcohol free does also contain calories but you don’t have the impact of that alcohol hitting your liver and other organs. If you are still going for alcohol I have personal recommendation from friends about skinny wine and I have put an affiliate link here below.

I get a small commission but it does not affect the price you pay. Bearing in mind I cannot review them personally as I don’t drink alcohol but I have had many positive reviews from people who mix alcohol free with low alcohol wine and have used this service before.

Do let me know any comments and I’ll include them in a future review.

skinny booze red

So there are few options

  • Just stay as you are but be more calorie aware with red wine, watch the abv, so go for lighter red wines
  • Go for more white wines
  • Switch to alcohol free and enjoy lower calories
  • Try alcohol free gin and get the best of both worlds

I would love to know what your answer would have been to how many calories in a glass of red wine? Would you consider changing to alcohol free gin or just a better choice of red wine. Have you ever tried an alcohol free wine and what did you think?

I always respond to your comments and I look forward to hearing from you. Alcohol or not alcohol!

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  1. I love red wine but have never really considered the calories, WOW 1000 calories a bottle. I will definitely be looking at what I buy from now on. I have just started watching my weight but didn’t really factor the red wine into that equation.

    Great article keep the informative posts coming.

    • Thanks so much Dave , it is certainly an interesting stat on some of the darker red wines. I really appreciate your comment and I wish you all the best with your weight watching! All the very best, Phil


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