How many calories in baileys and is it alcohol free?

Baileys is a funny one and remember people have assumed its both low in calories and either low or alcohol free. The answer I am afraid is neither! How many calories in Baileys, well you might be shocked!

Some of the questions on the blog have asked me to review a few baileys alternatives and of course I can’t as they generally have alcohol in it however I can suggest a few alcohol alternatives which surprisingly don’t always come under mocktails.


Mocktails are cocktails that have no alcohol and they can be great in terms of an occasional alternative but they are not that good on the hips as they are high in sugar and in some cases fat.

Alcohol does contain a lot of calories by nature. Very often the more alcohol the more calories. However, people also care about the impact of sugar and in some drinks the combination of the two is not healthy at all.

How many calories in wine?

There are great advantages to cutting out or cutting back on alcohol, especially in terms of stress, money, health and not feeling terrible the next morning.

That dreaded headache and bad stomach.

Baileys is not alcohol free

The good thing about Baileys apart from the taste is that because of its texture and ingredients it can cushion some of the impact of the alcohol that can rush into our system as opposed to if we are just drinking wine or beer on an empty stomach.

However, all that cream can give you an upset stomach!

So how much alcohol and calories in baileys and what are the alcoholic free alternatives?

Although it might need you to be a bit creative. But we are used to that on the blog!

So relax you are on an alcohol free blog at the end of the day!

Its genius really

If you had ever thought of taking something like cream and making it an alcoholic drink then I would call you a genius. However, that said if you are on a diet then cream and lots of it topped up with alcohol is not a good idea.

A special treat, yes, but an everyday occurrence, maybe not!

The thing is its a dessert really and it’s drunk like a soft drink. But imagine drinking it every day.

OK maybe don’t imagine that!

Unbelievably some people do and that ain’t great on any level. I think one of the reasons people treat it as alcohol free is because they see it up there with a coffee type dessert and or a very nice tiramisu


a tiramisu can have alcohol


I get it once the brain thinks it tastes like a dessert away we go. The brain mixes up the notion of an alcohol coffee flavored drink with what we call in the UK a good old-fashioned pudding.


If you are avoiding alcohol be careful and know your desserts

What used to be an after dinner drink especially at Christmas, (I know we used to have it in the house only at Christmas) has become a regular bottle in the fridge week in and week out.

Just because we check lots of ice in it doesn’t change it that much !

Bailey’s is a new brand

It’s actually whiskey based and also very new. It was actually created only in 1973 and became known as the infamous Baileys Irish Cream.

After that lots of brands tried to replicate it and in some cases really well but there has only ever been one Baileys

So forget the hundred-year whiskey history this is definitely a 20th century drink.

Baileys contains whiskey

Now if I had thought of mixing cadburys chocolate power, cream and Jameson whiskey and made a nice bottle and label, I’d be millionaire air by now!

You will find it in most places in the world just like you will an Irish Bar.

It’s still a dessert though!

Is Baileys Calorific?

Absolutely! And A big yes!

If you think about it people drink full fat lattes on the way to work each morning then wonder why they have put on lots of weight. Of course there is no alcohol unless you secretly carry a hip basket with Jamesons Whiskey in but the calories are still very high.

However, with all full fat milk comes awareness eventually which is why we saw the growth of the “diet latte” known to me and you as a skinny latte!

You get where I am going with this!

How Many Calories in a glass of Baileys

Most of a glass of bailey is half cream. You are drinking, cream, alcohol and sugar.

Now if you transfer that into calories and you had a 100 ml position of Baileys that would be over 300 calories even with the ice, not only that you are also shoving alcohol into the system as well.

On the upside your stomach is very well coated with all that cream.

Yes it is a dessert really with about 13 percent of the grams being alcohol, in addition with that addition of whiskey. Plus add to it 20 grams of sugar and you get your full load of not so good stuff with this drink.

Now I am not being Mr miserable here but with these sugar levels if this become a regular occurrence rather than a treat then you are at risk of piling on the pounds but it’s not just about the desert.

Baileys is a Dessert


So let’s do another calorie check on a small 37ml serving of the well-known Irish Cream and we are still looking at 129 calories so high in both calories and saturated fat.

It’s cream, remember.

The ABV Factor In Baileys

Now given I am not allowed to drink abv is a life line to me.

What does it mean when it comes to Bailey’s Irish Cream? Well maybe it is more of a desert but it can be still measured in terms of alcohol.

By the way of you are going alcohol free read about the food that may have alcohol and that you might want to avoid

You can find out the abv of any Irish Cream as it will legally be on the bottle. It stands for alcohol by volume.

It’s simple to really take the whole product and work out how much of it is alcohol. It may appear difficult but it’s a lot easier than you might imagine.

Irish Coffee

I seem to have developed real skill for checking but then my life depends on it.

In the UK and it’s not dissimilar elsewhere in the world but we are talking 1 drink (depending on the alcohol content) can be represented as one unit which is our health guide to our alcohol limits

For more advice on knowing what you are drinking visit the drink aware website

The guide for you and me is no more than 14 units. So let’s compare what that means in reality.

So let’s say over a week you just had 16 very small glasses of 50ml of Irish Cream with an ABV of around 17% ( most cream liqueur is around this)

That is your week’s recommendation so your “don’t go over amount”! I know some people who think you have to hit this goal and that’s not quite the idea.

So fat, calories and alcohol are a combination here and of course it’s fine as a treat but if you are hitting 14 units per week just with Bailey on top of other drinks then you could begin to have an issue.

Baileys and Cream

Remember the recommended amount for a man in terms of calories is 2,500 and women is 2,000 but of course it is what we do with that really matters.

You can read here about how to curb your alcohol triggers?

What are the alternatives?

Well if it’s just about taking the alcohol out then these suggestions will help. Unfortunately there is not a direct alternative that you can just buy.

However, this recipe will serve a purpose and actually tastes really nice especially if you like sweet but without the alcohol .

Now I am not a complicated guy and hopeless in the kitchen so this is designed to be easy.

This is just an idea but play with it and yes it won’t be like a Bailey’s Irish Cream but sometimes need must.

So check to see if you have the following ingredients and most are items you will find lurking in your kitchen cupboard somewhere or you certainly won’t have to go out of your way to find.

Alcohol Free Creme Recipe

Alcohol Free Cream

You will need

  • 150ml of double cream, single cream does not really add depth
  • 50ml evaporated milk just like my Gran used to have and they still have it in all the best Indian Restaurants.
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup and out of a carton is fine
  • 25ml freshly brewed espresso, again out of a jar is fine
  • A Pinch of ground cinnamon – you might have some at the back of your cupboard
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract alcohol free is ideal
  • A pinch of finely grated orange zest, just a cheese grater and an orange and your sorted
  • Ice and lots of it!

Alcohol Free Cream

Take all the above ingredients and put them in a large jug and if you have a mocktail shaker then brilliant, Pile in the ice as it always helps the taste and feel.

I like ice!

Once in the jug stir really well till your hand hurts or until you can feel the cold coming through and put the liquid into nice glasses that you could use for an Irish Cream. Martini Glasses actually look the part.

Strange but true!

What alcohol free spirit could you add with it as a side. Maybe an alcohol free spirit amaretto?

It’s not that sort of recipe where you could pour an alcohol free spirit in but drizzle it over the top and it can be a really nice touch!

Feragaia Non-Alcoholic Spirit 50cl Distilled in Scotland Vegan Gluten Free Allergen Free

It’s a dark spirit that is very warm and adds a bit of spice to the occasion. Alcohol free spirits are a great way to be creative with your creamy alcoholic free cocktail drinks.

This is a perfect alternative if you are going alcohol free and you have decided not to worry about the cream side of things but you will save on the calories and the headaches.

My affiliate link is below and you pay the same. Have a read and see what you think or maybe a Lyre’s Alcohol Free Spirit would do the trick or even Alcohol Free Whiskey



What do you think?

Now it’s a real shame that there is no complete alcohol free alternative to Baileys Irish Cream right now but as the market continues to grow I can see this coming somewhere down the line.

Manufacturer’s love filling the gaps if it means profit.

Try to remember if you are drinking the alcohol version that it is high in calories and one that has such an alcohol count it won’t help health wise if it turns out to be a regular drink.

Although that can be said of all alcoholic drinks, its just that the fat and the calories really add to the complications.

So has the question of How Many Calories In Baileys caused you to rethink it and look for alternatives? It does not stop you enjoying it on special occasions but I would love to hear your views. Just comment below and I always get back to you.



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  1. I like baileys a lot, but a lot of liqueurs tend to have a little bit of alcohol in them. Of course, there are ways to probably stretch or mask it enough, but for alcoholics, the trigger could be in the taste alone. IT’s a hard thing to refrain from, for sure. You’re a good person for writing things like this and looking to help others like you are. 

    • Hi there, thanks so much for your comment, and I share your view of baileys, its a grest treat although my reaction to alcohol means I have to avoid it. I am pleased you valued the article and thanks so much for taking time out to express a view. Its really important, All the very best, Phil

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    • Hi Kristijan thanks so much for comment and I am pleased you found it useful. Its certainly interesting when you start to break down alcohol and ask how many calories in Baileys. All the best, Phil


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