How many calories in a glass of milk

So giving up alcohol and wonder if milk is a good alternative option. Will I pile on the weight and how many calories in a glass of milk?

Well around 70 calories in a glass of skimmed milk but let’s dig deeper

Now I am a bit of a cynic when it comes to milk.

After all, giving up alcohol does not mean you are going to sit knocking back a glass of milk instead of a beer in a pub.

Even if you take a night off from the pub and decide on TV watching a box set, are you really going to swap a glass of wine for a glass of milk?

I doubt it very much.

Read my review of alcohol free wines online

However, having a glass of milk as part of an alcohol free lifestyle can really benefit us after all it is certainly alcohol free but I would question the social aspect of milk.

Would a pub really be geared up for it?

It might end up costing you more than a coffee!

Coffee in a Pub

Can you remember the last time you saw a glass of milk on a menu.

A milky coffee maybe but a glass of milk? Nope.

However, while we overlook the calories in a latte and while a coffee can be great for liver health the issue of course is the calories if you are drinking lots of glasses filled with milk.

Why do calories matter? After all I’m going alcohol free ?

Yes alcohol is a killer but then so is sugar, fat and too many calories.

The good news is a glass of milk could be a worthwhile addition to your diet.

But why worry about a calorie then?

The best diet book I ever read was three pages. It went like this:

  • Calories IN
  • Calories OUT
  • Size of your hips

Now it was taking the mick of course but actually it made a good point and one which my dietitian talked a lot about when I gave up alcohol.


How Many Calories In a glass of Milk?

In fact my consultant said he noticed a lot of people giving up alcohol for many reasons only to pile on the weight.

He has got a very good point which is why we need to think about what we are switching to if we are cutting back on alcohol or cutting it out all together.

It is one of the reasons I am nervous about people just making the straight switch to orange juice.

You can read about are fruit juices good for you here

Calories are how we measure the energy we get from food

It really is that simple.

The labels are confusing but if you look on a carton of milk you will see the term ‘kcal’.

In terms of many calories in a glass of milk we are talking fuel that are made up from carbohydrates, fats and protein.

It’s like putting petrol into our car. It makes the car go and it’s the same for calories it allows food to be turned into energy so we can run our daily lives and actually live!

Kcal is like putting calories in our car

Along with water it keeps us alive and it’s why alcohol is often described as empty calories.

It has no nutritional value and just makes us drunk and fat.

Do all calories have the same effect?

No unfortunately which is why certain alcohol drinks can put more weight on than others but the principle is the same so calories in and calories out.

However, food is often processed in a slightly different way which is why it’s important to look at milk carefully as an alcohol free drink.

If you take carbohydrates, proteins and fats they are not equal in terms of their calorie value. It is when people say “but it’s just alcohol” well yes but alcohol does have calories.

Alcohol Free Drinks have calories

And so do alcohol free drinks!

It’s actually one of the biggest questions I get asked on my blog.

My best choice for a good diet alcohol free drink is zero gin and you can read my review here and why regardless you need a low calorie mixer or your stuffed!

So let’s look at a breakdown then of how many approximately Kcal per 1g as an example.

  • Carbohydrate 4
  • Protein 4
  • Fat 9
  • Alcohol 7

Interesting isn’t it which is why calories are not as easy and we think. Except to eat too many or too little and then it really is an easy equation!

So it comes down to how many nutrients are in your food and that includes milk as we know alcohol is empty calories!

Alcohol has no nutritional value!



Sweets are High Calorie but Low in Nutrition

So take a pile of sweets for example and we know they really are a high calorie food if you can really call sweets that.

With sweets the nutrients are very low not high.

If you have ever put petrol in a diesel power car you will know what I am talking about here!

So is milk different? From sweets – yes very much so!


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How many calories in a glass of milk?

Well the good news is that milk is dense and full of nutrients.

Of course there are different types of milk but let’s take the basic ones. Let’s go for 100g.

  • Skimmed- 34 calories
  • Semi-Skimmed – 46 calories
  • Full Fat – 63 calories

Let’s compare a banana.

I talk about how much alcohol is in a banana here.

But what about calories compared to a glass of milk,

Well if you took a 100g of banana that has 95 calories.

How Many Calories in a Banana

Like a banana of course you are getting more than just the calories in a glass of milk which cannot always be said for alcohol.

So it’s nighttime and you have heard wrongly that a glass of milk helps you sleep.

There is no evidence that a glass of milk does this by the way!

It is more the “feeling” it gives you rather than the content.

It brings back those childhood memories of a warm milk before bedtime.

Let’s take a glass from your fridge or warmed up and we are looking at around 200 ml. You will also be getting the following ingredient or nutrients crucial for our bodies on a daily basis

  • protein
  • carbohydrate
  • fat
  • calcium
  • riboflavin
  • vitamin B5
  • vitamin B12
  • potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • iodine

And actually all types of milk have these in the mix so don’t get too bogged down on that level of detail.

So alcohol drinks can be influenced in calories count by how much alcohol by volume is in the mix.

So its what we know on the blog as ABV.

It’s a crucial stat if you are going alcohol free!

There is a simple comparison to milk and calories but here of course rather than ABV we are talking good old-fashioned fat!

What would each glass of milk have when it comes down to fat?

  • Full Fat Milk 3.5 % fat
  • Semi-skimmed milk 1.5 – 1.8 % fat
  • Skimmed milk – no more than 0.5 % fat

So remove the fat like you could do in the alcohol in alcohol free drinks and the calories go down.

Therefore, as fat is calorie-rich, removing some of the fat content reduces the energy value of the milk.

However, it’s not all bad news and fat does get a bad rap generally and yet it can make us less hungry and stop us wanting to stuff our face full of snacks.

Of course there is protein but there is also calcium which is often overlooked for our health.

Milk and Calcium

Milk has plenty of it.

If you took just our bones and teeth it makes up for 99 % of our calcium.

It also helps with our health, blood circulation, muscle and digestion.

I am not sure that can be said about alcohol!

If I drop alcohol for milk would I lose weight?

Hey slow down as we are back to calories in and calories out again here.

Yes it is back to that good old-fashioned equation!

Just like alcohol, what causes us to put on weight depends on at the end of the day how many calories you are consuming.

You just can’t drink lots and lots of alcohol free beer even though they may have fewer calories and hope to lose weight!

Physics just does not work that way!

How Many Calories in a glass of milk

So a glass of milk as part of your overall calorie intake is fine but drinking lots of it instead of alcohol.

Nope I don’t think so.

Again being overweight is not good but then cutting out alcohol, can also be key!

A glass of milk if you look at nutrients is good and a standard glass of skimmed milk is 70 calories based on 200 ml serving.

AS part of your overall goals of say 2,000 calories per day that’s probably good news.

Just compare the information to how many calories in a glass of wine for example.

If you are concerned about your alcohol by the way you can check out your limit at the drink aware website

Overall a glass of milk is a good story

A glass of milk at 70 calories with all those nutrients is not bad. So if you are to swap it for a few beers then I would say press ahead.

However, if you are in a bar then the challenge becomes even bigger especially if the only option is to have a few lattes and not skinny ones either.

Remember alcohol free drinks are a great option but milk will be a struggle. However, as part of the mix it is good news on the alcohol free and calories front.

For the best diet drink in a pub try seedlip alcohol free gin with a low calorie tonic water and I recommend fever tree.

I have reviewed them both on the blog.

How many calories in a glass of milk well you could be aiming for around 70 calories which does not break the bank in terms of the amount. But a few glasses it is!

Leave your comment below on how many calories in a glass of milk and if you think its a good alcohol free option? I love hearing from you and I always respond.



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  1. Oh wow, such great articles here! Very easy to read, like the approach. Thank you for sharing this! I like the idea of an alcohol-free lifestyle! 

    Yes, I think a glass of milk would be a great replacement for the glass of beer! It is a source of calcium, but all is good in moderation. I just one or two max. I don’t think would be a great idea to have it lots. I personally would prefer a glass of water instead.

    • Hi Violeta, thanks so much for your comment on the articles at the blog it is much appreciated!

      Yes milk can get a bad write up but is has got plenty of nutrients and yes you are so right in moderation it can be a good thing instead of a lunchtime pint of beer.

      And there is nothing wrong with water! We just don’t drink enough of it. 

      I loved reading your comment on how many calories in a glass of milk. 

      Thanks for stopping by! Phil

  2. Hey Phil, I appreciate your resolve to stick with your alcohol free lifestyle. I appreciate your content and if this were an issue for me I think if I found your page (through whatever means) I’d read it through entirely.  

    Since this isn’t an issue for me I’m not as passionate about the topic and the content as you are but in your niche I imagine your style to be exactly what a lot of people will want and need. 

    So basically, since your blog is for people who ARE looking for info about an alcohol free life, I think you’re doing very very well.  Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Steve, thanks so much for your kind comments and checking out my blog regardless. Actually views like your really matter as you come to the whole world of alcohol free from a different place. 

      I actually really enjoyed reading your comment on how many calories in a glass of milk and is it an alternative to alcohol?

      I really appreciate you stopping by even if its just a curious visit! All the very best Phil


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