How is alcohol bad for you

Here are a few reasons on How Is Alcohol is Bad for You.

People who get a wake up call with one, two or either of these reasons.

Of course with a balanced diet and healthy drinking within the limit advised by a medical practitioner you should have no problem at all.

Why then does the World Health Organization or WHO highlight it as one of the major issues of our times?

Rules and taxes come into play around alcohol but we do spend time more on high sugar drinks and hidden sugar in food?

Or is alcohol overplayed as an issue?

Alcohol and Sugar

Regardless of sugar and diet overall some of these reasons are good to focus on in an alcohol dominated world especially when it cost the health service in the UK billions of pounds.

And yet we are bombarded by messages about having a glass get the rest of the bottle free so socially it’s encouraged.

But to be fair there are a lot of health benefits of socializing and mixing with other people so maybe it’s a bit like a good diet. It’s all about balance.

After all our mental health is important right?

Although maybe there is one good reason why and how alcohol is bad for you so let’s look at some that may strike a chord with you.

There may be one that jumps out at you or maybe none.

Or are you just kidding yourself? Maybe its like that visit to the Doctor where we make up our weekly alcohol intake.

“Just one glass of wine this week Doctor!”

Its cost us money

This often comes up with people cutting back on smoking and yet when it comes down to the cost of alcohol people rarely count up the cash as to what they would save if they cut back or cut out.

Bizarrely switching to alcohol free choices like an alcohol free beer brand can make a massive difference but of course the more popular alcohol free drink gets the less that savings will be apparent.

However, here is the thing the less we drink the better we feel and the less we spend on food when we think we are hungry and go online for a home shop after a few too many wines!

Spending and Alcohol

However, with all the people I have coached around alcohol they keep a money diary and wow do they really start to think about it.

Just by cutting back on expensive alcohol in the weekly shop can actually help towards holiday and the added benefits of no hangovers also sweeten the prize.

There is no real cure for a hangover whatever you may read!

Action: Keep a drink diary but with an emphasis on how much you save and spend. So how much you would save versus how much you would spend on alcohol.

Consider switching to alcohol free at least a few nights a week.

It can contribute to weight gain

Alcohol is a funny one as yes in many alcohol drinks the sugar is fermented into alcohol but of course in many alcohol drinks it’s not all of it.

As a result you have a mix of high calorie sugar and then it’s mixed with alcohol which is also high in potential weight gain!

Did you know that alcohol contains 7 calories per gram.

Now compare that to fat which is almost as much you kind of get the picture.

Alcohol and Weight

Now most people think of alcohol as a drink which of course varies and some alcohol like gin is really low in carbs so it is a bit better but then higher in alcohol.

So it’s an awkward trade off

How many people think that alcohol free drinks are sugar free? Most are not because they have the alcohol taken out they will on average have fewer calories.

If you want to go for a great option try Seedlip alcohol gin with a low calorie tonic and it’s a win win.

You can read my review of Seedlip Alcohol Free Gin here.

Action : Always read the label and check on a few key indicators like sugar content and ABV which is alcohol by volume.

Try out alcohol free gin and see if you like it or invest in other alcohol alternatives and you can check out some wines that are good for calories here

Its causes brain fog

Imagine that your brain has hundreds and thousands of neurons that control every move, every breath and contain every memory that you have ever had.

Over time, we know that alcohol can affect our thinking.

We can maybe remember a blackout after drinking too much or we can’t remember where we ended up after a few too many.

Unfortunately it can also end up in tragic circumstances as many student party nights have shown over the years in freshers week. ( BBC News)

Now mostly damage can sort itself but over time it is more difficult to repair the damage.

Action : Read my thought on brain fog and alcohol here

It gives us a hangover

Yes it is those words “I am never drinking again”

“Hangover” – if you have ever seen the film it can be very funny but in reality it means our body is hurting and hurting badly.

The toxins affect our performance and we won’t be performing at our best.

Everyone says as they get older that their hangover gets worse.

Two things the NHS in the UK recommend and I think its solid advice is don’t drink on an empty stomach. It’s like a wall of alcohol rushing into the blood system and your liver can’t cope.

Your liver can only get rid of 1 unit of alcohol per hour and the rest just stays in your bloodstream.

Plus alcohol dehydrates so swap drinks for alcohol free ones and see if you can make that stick particularly early on. After a while no one know what you are drinking anyway.

There is also no quick hangover cure contrary to many online myths where people pay a fortune for them, Don’t do it!

Alcohol Beer Brands

Action Read my review of alcohol free beer brands and see if you can try some of them on a night out. Plus always make sure you eat before drinking any alcohol ( NHS advice UK)


It’s actually poison

I actually hate staying this but I feel a bit justified as I was only a social drinker but after having a bad reaction alcohol nearly killed me!

So yes I can say it.

Alcohol is a Poison

The NHS in the UK points out it is one of the major sources of poisoning in the UK!

Can you believe it.

It is where the term alcohol poisoning comes from.

Yes of course there is natural fermentation that goes on in food but we are talking drink here with large amounts of alcohol in them.

If you take a step back and think about cleaning and disinfectant I do find it odd people wipe their hands with alcohol to kill any bacteria and then chuck loads of the stuff down their neck.

And no I am not judging, I would love a liquid lunch with the best of them. In fact my tipple was wine and a group of us could easily down a few bottles with lunch!

So if alcohol is a toxin that is used to eradicate microorganisms that can harm us why are we so keen to drink it?

It is used to keep food from going off, sterilize skin before needles and unfortunately we know that it can kill us in large quantities as well.

In fact, tests and science have shown that just four times the amount of a drink drive limit in the UK could kill a human in certain circumstances.

Action: Change the frame so that you view alcohol as a poison and see how that changes your relationship with it. When you change the frame you change the reason.

It causes risky behavior

There Is no doubt that alcohol changes people’s behaviour. Since becoming totally sober I tend to notice it more but then again I guess that is to be expected right?

People shout at each more, they tell each other stuff they just should not say.

There is a fight and it is any wonder that the early Stella Beer with its high alcohol level became known as the wife beater. There is now an alcohol free version.

Clearly not Stella Artois fault but even after a few drinks we know that inhibitions go and our speech slurs as the alcohol goes into the brain.

Stella got itself a bad name

The list is endless and aside from the medical issues is it any wonder that alcohol costs our emergency services so much money on dealing with our alcohol mop up.

Ironically I was never really drunk despite my illness. I was more the guy getting everyone else home safely even if it was in a taxi!

From unwanted sex to fights you know the score.

Action: None you get this


Its habit-forming

Before any therapist goes into the big reason why addiction is formed I tend to be a bit of a pragmatic when it comes to habits.

We are always moving towards pleasure and pain. The endorphins we produce when we get a good feeling can drive us towards certain behaviour.

And I get why it happens and there is good science behind it from chocolate to dangerous sport, it’s not just alcohol where habits are formed.

In fact, it started with learning to walk and learning to ride a bike. Habit once ford goes into our subconscious mind.

After all we can’t think of everything we do all the time! It would be impossible.

Like Alcohol Chocolate can become an addiction

Alcohol is no different just like chocolate it can become an addiction and addictions are really just unhelpful habits!

Action: Review the following course which is an affiliate link but you pay the same. Mark Tyrrel is an expert on helping mild addiction through hypnosis. He is one of the leading therapists and coaches in the field.

The program can be used entirely online and as long as you can find a quiet time it can be used on your mobile, desktop or table.

If you try it out I would love to know what you think. You will learn a lot. Click the affiliate link below. Leave a comment.


Alcohol can make us unwell

It can contribute to many diseases according to the NHS in the UK. From the liver to certain cancers and over doing alcohol is not good news.

You can check your limit at drink aware but a good indication is around 14 units a week.

So 1 unit is 1 standard glass of wine which means it does not take a lot to be drinking over the desired amount according to the health experts.

Alcohol can make us ill

The liver even from social drinking is one to watch, The thing is when we go to our Doctor we lie about the figure we drink each week which means actually we are kidding ourselves.

It is not only physical health either but mental health and excessive alcohol can lead to depression.

Action : Be honest with your Doctor when you are saying how you drink but more importantly be honest with yourself

Social Pressure

Social Pressure and Alcohol is a big reason why people drink. It just happens by chance whether you are trying to please the boss after work or your friends after work.

The same rule applies.

As I know from experience it can be difficult to say you don’t drink or are cutting back and therefore we can drink more to prove a point.

This can be a downward spiral depending on who we hang around with. It one of the best bits of advice I was given when going up social drinking is to look closely at our leisure activities.

It can really make a difference!

Social Pressure and Alcohol

As social pressure changes so does our alcohol intake. Having an alcohol alternative like an alcohol free beer which I review here can really take the pressure off.

Action : Explore different pursuits if only for a night and explore some good alcohol free choices.

You may find that saying you’re an alcohol free influencer changes the way people see you and they might even join you.

I know I have personally had this experience including requesting alcohol free options in bars and asking them to buy in one of my favorites!

Thoughts on alcohol, alcohol free and habits

I would love to know your thoughts on how alcohol is bad for you. What are your experiences or do you manage to keep a balance. It is always great to hear what your views are and what you think.

Leave your comment below on how is alcohol bad for you ?


4 thoughts on “How is alcohol bad for you”

  1. I have always argued that I would miss nothing if alcohol were banned. You have listed in this article all the great reasons why it would be good to stay forbidden. Most of all for health reasons.
    But the black market, on the other hand, would flourish, prices would rise further, and people would still have problems.
    So this is not the solution.
    The solution is in making people aware, and you are doing a great job of spreading this important information on your website! I wish you much success in your work and many readers of your articles so that your words will reach as many people as possible!
    I don’t have any problems with alcohol, no one in the family drinks too much, but my grandfather died of cirrhosis of the liver as a result of excessive drinking.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Hey Nina, Thanks so much for a great comment. Its really appreciated. I am not sure I would want to ban alcohol  and think education and knowing our limits is key. 

      So sorry to hear about your Grandfather. Liver disease it not nice at all and can happen for all sort of reasons. 

      You make some excellent observations here. 

      I know I was a social drinker but it still impacted my liver even when those around me drunk more. Its was just wine with a lunch but I am learning to live with my disease and doing well. I think I dodged a bullet as my consultant would say. 

      I really enjoyed reading your comments and its great that you stop by. I wish you all the best and your thoughts on how is alcohol bad for you? Very best wishes, Phil

  2. This is a very good post and full of great information.

    In my culture unfortunately most people don’t go out for a drink, but to get drunk.  They make it the center of all their social activities.  To merely tell them to stop would just get ignored.  But that’s just the same as telling a child no, without explaining the reason.

    I therefore think that your balanced post would help lots of people to stop and actually consider their motives for drinking.

    Thanks therefore for this post.  I hope that many get to read it and are forced to step back and examine their drinking habits.

    • Thanks Geoff, I agree its an interesting culture and what a great comment. I agree totally you can’t just tell people to watch their alcohol consumption as you get a big push back. The oppostional response kicks in!

      I guess its one of the challenges of social drinking and the lack of alcohol free drinking choices. I have giggle at my local pub. 

      They have have an alcohol awareness poster stuck next to a “buy a glass of wine and the bottle free” promotion. I agree with you everything is about balance.

      I loved reading your comment and thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on how is alcohol bad for you! All the best, Phil


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