How do you drink Caleño Light and Zesty?

This was one of the questions that came up in the alcohol-free drink podcast episode 15.

My honest answer is to play around with it and see what works for you.

However, the official advice is the following.

Add plenty of tonic water over ice, garnished with an Inca berry. 

Or you could make a Passionfruit Party. Just take 50ml of Caleño, with 20ml passionfruit syrup, 20ml lemon juice, as well as topped with tonic water.

Nevertheless, we went for the option of tonic water, grapefruit and also lots of ice.

After all, not everybody has these ingredients in the cupboard!

I was keeping it real!

That’s this episode on the Alcohol-Free Consume Alcohol Podcast.

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What would you drink with Caleño Light and Zesty? 

Does it taste like gin?

That was the inquiry on the alcohol-free drinks podcast today.

A review of Caleño Light and Zesty.

Key Facts

  • ABV: 0%.
  • Calories: 39 (per 100 ml).

This has to be among one of the most exciting enhancements to the alcohol-free spirits stable.

It’s not gin taste; to be honest, it’s something different.

What would you drink with Caleño Light and Zesty?

Caleño founder Ellie Webb took ideas from Colombia, a nation close to her so-called new drink. You can tell they are passionate about it.

Unlike a lot of the other drinks in this category, it’s nothing like gin.

Although it has juniper in it, various flavours come through more highly– cardamom, lemon, and Inca berries.

It’s obtained a wonderful fruity flavour and is undoubtedly really revitalizing.

It’s a refined flavour, and also, although the manufacturers recommend serving Caleño with tonic, you may intend to try it with soda, as tonic can, in some cases, overwhelm it.

I discovered this by having a quick taste of it by myself while no -one was looking.

Where can I buy Caleno Light and Zesty?

The packaging recommends this is a high-end beverage, in a similar vein to Seedlip, and you can probably expect to see it in bars that are experts in mixed non-alcoholic drinks.

Although these will be few and far between for a long time to come, I’m afraid.

Although there are plenty of alternatives online to alcohol, the offline world is somewhat different.

It would be terrific to see it in a couple of grocery stores and include it in the choice for customers in this expanding market.

I ordered mine through Amazon, and there is an affiliate link below.

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not affect your pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.



What does the Caleño Light & Zest taste like?

I think it’s like a fruit squash with cocktail ambitions.

I would say it’s more of a mocktail than a gin alternative, personally.

I am not saying it loses it out for that, though.

Caleño Light & Zesty is a distilled spicy infusion of tropical, citrus and seasoning botanicals.

Including pineapple and tropical papaya notes, golden Inca berry is sweet yet appetizing with lemon peel and citrus fruit flavours.

Is Caleño alcohol-free and healthy?

Well, It has no alcohol, so that is a start.

Caleño is a Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit, Infused with Juniper as well as Inca Berry.


Is Caleño alcohol-free and healthy?

So it’s not a little bit alcoholic; it has no alcohol, so of course, it is healthier than down alcohol for whatever reason you choose not to drink alcohol and cut back.

The size of the bottle is 70cl, and you certainly don’t feel short-changed at all.

The thing is its natural mix of so-called zesty botanical which means it is a fun drink and does not use any nasty ingredients. 

How Many Calories in a Caleno Light and Zesty?

39 calories per 100ml but includes caution because take care what mixer you place with it.

The total calorie number is a good one, and also, it’s made with all-natural active ingredients, so the last thing you want to do is stuff tons of sugar into it.

Many people who give up alcohol crave sugar, so you want to keep an eye on that.

People usually do this with alcohol-free gin as part of a calorie-controlled diet.

My favourite is Seedlip.

This is an excellent idea, yet the trouble is they then add a full-calorie mixer like lots of sugar big time.

The team on the alcohol-free drinks podcast would recommend trying Fever-Tree light.

What is the Podcast Team’s View on Caleno?

We have attempted a couple of non-alcoholic gins, and Ian and I felt this was not the same as the other alcoholic free drinks we have consumed.

We would include Tanqueray, Seedlip and Gordons 0.0 in this.

However, this does not mean we don’t like it; it’s just that it has a different feel.

This is another excellent alternative that you can have with a block of ice and a slice that works well, and we preferred it over the Dark and Spicy version, hands down.

It feels like a grown-up non-alcohol mocktail and in a good way.

Plus, if you add a good quality mixer, then you are a winner.

This is going to be a hit with the non-drinkers Xmas especially if you are driving but could also be good at

  • Christening
  • Wedding
  • Birthday
  • BBQ’s
  • Pre-Dinner Drinks

It’s got a gently sweet, matured flavour about it.

Of course, it’s not alcohol, and you should never forget that.

Please don’t skimp on the tonic water and use light tonic if you can and want to avoid the extra sugar rush.

Some extra tips for Caleno Light and Zesty

  • Keep in the fridge or make sure you have plenty of ice.
  • Try another mixer with it and be experimental.
  • Sparkling water would work well in the hot summer
  • Avoid comparing it to a gin alternative. It’s good, but I would not say it’s that.
  • Avoid mixers high in sugar.
  • Great product but more citrus flavour than I was anticipating.
  • It can be a bit sharp, which is the zest.
  • Great for a gift as they have worked hard on the packaging.
  • Plenty of online options
  • Don’t hold your breath in a bar or restaurant attempting to buy.
  • Be prepared for not very nice comments from alcohol drinkers. ( I know what I say to them)

Finally, a message to Caleno Light and Zesty.

We love you. Although I don’t think we would choose it over some of the other so-called alcohol-free gins out there.

The good news is that we would choose it for being Caleno Light and Zesty.

It is a great alternative, and the more we have, the better.

Of course, cutting back on alcohol or giving up altogether get its fair share of judgment even more than being just a social drinker.

Always check your drinking habits via the drinkaware website

But anything we can have in our hand that takes the social pressure off and tastes good, well, that is a good thing in my book.

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Have you tried any other alcohol-free spirits? Or have you tried Caleno Light and Spicy?

Let us know what you think in your comment below.

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