Overall Rank for Heineken Zero Alcohol beer

In my view this has now gone mainstream so if you have a mainstream bar with limited knowledge of buying alcohol free beer they might well go for this one.

Rating 7/10

Heineken zero alcohol beer is in my top five 0.0 choices but I would put other brands over it for their total 0.0 credentials and brewing process. Having said that options for zero alcohlic drinks are good so I’m not knocking it so I am updating my review on this.


Apart from your usual statutory right it comes with the usual Heineken guarantee, so of course as they would say “with the uncompromising Heineken characteristics since 1873: made with natural ingredients and Heineken’s unique A-Yeast. It wasn’t easy, but not impossible. ”

A Yeast is one if the parent yeasts in brewing so very pure and is used to separate the brands including this one. I am not sure the general public knows what that means though  I didn’t!

Product Description

To be fair this bottle lives up to its brand name and you can tell it’s made by the Heineken brand. It’s classed at 0.0 % which legally is great although on the back of the bottle you do have the claim that it is not more than 0.05% which to be fair to them is legal and about the same naturally produced alcohol in a banana. A banana might have more! Frisky malty and tasty so spot on brand wise.
Look out for the blue brand that defines the difference.


0.0% ABV so alcohol by volume which is a key factor and you can click here to find out why this rating is important for an alcohol free beer. So only trace amounts of alcohol and to be fair for most people this is fine.

It seems to be everywhere now which is good and appears to be the default brand for airlines and airport lounges.

The brand is clear and people know what you are asking for. It’s definitely cut though.

Fine for driving etc although they don’t make a thing of this or about mum’s to be.


After a few bottles I personally find it slightly gassy on the stomach and I am wary about the 0.05 per cent claim. I worry pubs, bars and restaurants use this as their default brand rather than a wider choice of zero alcohol beers. Can now also come in draught so be clear what you are getting. I find one or two is enough.


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Heineken Zero Alcohol Beer comes in at around £28 for 24 bottles ( sometimes on offer to £13) online which is a good deal  ( online purchase here ). In a bar you can expect to pay anywhere from £2 up to £6 a bottle which is a very wide margin and its sellers are unsure where to pitch it. In mainstream bars the price is well at the lower end. I’ve actually paid £1.80!

Enjoy With

I would definitely say this is a casual drinking 0.0% abv option for alcohol free beer rather than food.

It could also be your only airline choice as it seems to be their default in my experience so far but I am learning and giving feedback especially as they were supposed to encourage zero alcoholic drinking on board 🙁

It’s also a favorite with airline lounges and again fine with food if you have a nibble pre -take off.

Be warned sales can be low in these places and very often it’s not cold, so insist they chill it for you. Best out of a bottle again chilled.


For most people this could be their default if they are not pure 0.0 but I know Heineken will argue they are legal and to be fair they would be right.

It is a bit gassy for me but given that our choices are limited it may be your default option and if you are a Heineken drinker per se you will like the taste and the feel of the brand.

I have also seen it on draft but because I like to know what I am drinking I never go down this route. Let me know yout thoughts on Heineken Alcohol Free Beer



6 thoughts on “Heineken Zero Alcohol Beer”

  1. Hi Phil,

    I think alcohol free beer is becoming more available as people are starting to find ways to enjoy a drink and still be able to drive home.  There never used to be many to choose from, and they weren’t always that nice.  But companies have definitely improved the flavours, so you can enjoy them and feel like you are having a drink, even though you aren’t.

    I agree, the only problem is that you do feel like you are full of gas once you have had a few, but that happens with normal lager too.  

    thanks for sharing

    • Thanks John, I agree things are really moving on which is good news. Thanks for sharing and taking the time out. Phil

  2. Hello, 

    I found this an interesting read as I don’t know a lot about zero alcohol beer. 

    However I had heard of the brand Heineken and know that it is good quality. 

    Zero alcohol beer could maybe be good in summer as heat and alcohol don’t always mix. 

    Certainly you might feel safer swimming after zero alcohol beers as long as it didn’t make you feel too bloated.

    Best wishes, 


    • Thanks for the comment Cameron, it is interesting that you mention swimming. I had not thought of that but the amount of accidents that occur after taking an innocent dip after drinking alcohol is not a good stat. Thanks for mentioning that. I am sure there is an article on that!  I really appreciate you taking time out to comment on a review for Heineken Zero Alcohol Beer, it is much appreciated, Phil

  3. Hello, Quite interesting article. You have mentioned all the details product details, pricing, Pros & Cons etc. about this product. I don’t know much about zero alcohol beer. According to my knowledge Heineken brand beer comes with alcohol content and it is good quality. But, I suspect about the taste of zero alcohol beer.

    • Hey thanks for the commenting on Heineken Zero Alcohol Beer. You are right the non alcoholic beers do taste very different but they have come along way and the big brands are making great strides in the taste and feel of the drinks in the 0.0 range. I think otherwise it just won’t work. They is certainly good taste wise.  I really appreciate you taking time out to comment.  If you are interested I rate my favourite ones here. All the best, Phil


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