Have you tried seedlip drinks? My mind had no idea what that meant!



So after I left hospital and gained a bit of weight I was determined to get back to life as soon as possible even if it meant a life of diet sodas, water, orange juice or should I just never go in a bar again? It was hard as that is where my friends hung out and yet I knew that one alcoholic drink could kill me. So my mission had started to find more options for my 0.0% ABV (alcohol by volume) lifestyle for those who can’t drink, don’t want to drink or choose not to drink alcohol 00abv.com was born.

This lovely bar and restaurant had no alcohol free beers at 0.0% abv

So let me set the scene, it is a warm day and you have just eaten a lovely and tasty Sunday Lunch which is a very British obsession along with curry and a big breakfast fry up. ( Not all together thank goodness). I knew friends would be turning up soon as they generally did and we would all be inspired to get another round in. As they arrived I looked at the drinks’ menu and once again asked the waitress to double check that the listed beers (well there was one) were not totally alcohol free. “I think so” she replied so I knew it was a no go area. Then a friend said to me “Have you tried seedlip drinks?” My mind wondered and I had no idea. It was if they were talking a different language. Its gin they said but no alcohol. I thought they were just making fun to be honest.

So what are seedlip drinks?

So I began a journey of fact checking and to be fair the waitress was very sure it was alcohol free and very proud to say so. That’s more like it I thought. So I did a quick search and instantly loved their mission which is Seedlip drinks is on a mission to change the world of drinks’ with the highest quality non-alcoholic options. Three unique & complex blends – Spice 94, Garden 108 & Grove 42 – simply served with tonic or mixed to create sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktails.

I thought that was rather exciting and by this point I had the cocktail waiter was involved and he seemed equally enthused. So I could drink gin but totally alcohol free? Well to be fair it is not gin but a close option to the real thing in terms of a cocktail. Again I’m all about options and sticking two fingers up to the social pressure that says “go on have a drink one won’t kill you”. Err actually it will. I now stay it to people and don’t care if they wince when I say it. It seems some people would prefer to see you with an alcoholic drink in your hand rather than dropping dead. Hey it takes all sorts and that is how ingrained alcohol is in an environment of social activity.

Seedlip drinks and the company that makes it is very secretive about the process and I guess why wouldn’t they be but they are clear on the fact it is alcohol free, sugar free and involves herbs, spices, peels and barks and is distilled with what sounds and feels like a lot of care and attention. You can’t say fairer is in and that seedlip drinks!

Seedlip drinks, So is the taste is gin or no gin?

I have to say it was served with a really good tonic ( the serving staff were proud when they brought it to me and they kind of skipped over to me ), some green stuff which I think was for decoration, ice and a slice. It tasted lovely, was it gin well no which is a good thing.Seedlip drinks are not non-alcoholic gins as they do not contain any Juniper but it was fresh and a lovely change. I felt that I had joined the group with a drink in hand and it was not my ninth diet drink. As far as I can tell they make three varieties but this bar served only one. I would not recommend it neat and is definitely one to have with tonic water.


Seedlip drinks – Any downsides

Well as someone who lives in an alcohol dominated world ( and a right-handed one but that’s another blog!) I’m all for choice so a big thumbs up from me and the seedlip drinks mission is really clear which I love. They really have put the customer at the forefront. There are only a few downsides but right to highlight. Most places don’t seem to sell it and many people have never heard of it. I was certainly in that camp and I guess the price point is top end. Interestingly in this bar the cost was 5£ sterling for one cocktail so reasonable. Interestingly that the cost of a bottle of Seedlip drinks can be anything from £26 pounds which is not exactly “duty-free prices no alcohol let’s get you drinking this stuff price”. It is served quite rightly in my view served like a spirit. In fact a bar in my local home town had no idea how to serve it and kind of stared at the bottle for two minutes. Before asking around and finding me. Then I explained how to serve it.

Seedlip drinks the verdict

Firstly don’t feel you have to drink alcohol because people think you should. It’s your choice and their issue so in that environment Seedlip drinks are a welcome addition in a world of limited choice for people who don’t drink, can’t drink and choose not to drink alcohol. They give an alternative to diet drinks’ and seem to be carefully made with love although you have to seek it out as availability is patchy and maybe this is just what they want or a sign of evolution in a non-alcoholic drinks’ world. And finally Seedlip drinks were a welcome addition to my Christmas Day option for a day I never thought I’d see.

4 thoughts on “Have you tried seedlip drinks? My mind had no idea what that meant!”

  1. Hey Phil,

    I love your website and your motivation. I am also a 100% non-alcoholic person and I am been that way all my life. ( Except for some glasses of wine when I was living in France).

    This is the first time I am hearing about this seedlip drinks and it sounds great. As it contains herbs, there maybe some health benefits as well. Anyway, it feels great to see a trend of non-alcoholism emerging.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Hey there! Thankyou and comments like that are really motivating. I appreciate your time to make a comment especically around seedlip drinks. Take care, Phil

  2. What a unique post! I had no idea these kind of drinks even existed! Many thanks for educating many people like myself.

    All the best


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