Gordons Alcohol Free Gin

I was really looking forward to this launch and I have only just got myself a bottle of Gordons alcohol free gin.

I was actually very excited about it.

That’s my life nowadays and I know when I say I am alcohol free people presume I am an alcoholic or it is “the dry January” gone wrong.

You never might not drink alcohol for health reasons, driving or be the first male ever to get pregnant!

Well you never know do you?

Some people just want to cut back on the alcohol.

In fact alcohol free gin can be an excellent option. However, when you cut back on your alcohol the pressure goes up a notch!

In fact, I get more pressure to drink now than I did when I did drink! It’s a funny world.

However, alcohol free gin has been an inspiration for me as I had never really heard of it before. Yes I had tasted alcohol free beer or wine but never gin.

Alcohol Free Gin and Tonic

As it happens the world has moved on and actually so has alcohol free choice generally.

Not as much as I would like though.

So I am big fan of Seedlip and still are but will Gordons Alcohol Free Gin live up to the promise and the hype.

Let’s find out.

Did you compare it to a real gin and tonic ?

Yes I did, but not in real time as I can’t drink alcohol so it was from memory and I should say gin was not my big tipple.

Maybe a few on holiday or special occasions but that was it really so I am not an expert.

However, I like to think that makes me balanced in my views at the very least.

The bottle arrived, very green which surprised me and it very clearly branded Gordon’s Alcohol Free 0.0% Gin.

I did wonder why they did not go for a different color bottle to distinguish the two brands as if you can’t drink alcohol you need to know what you are buying and what you are being served.

Alcohol free beer has successfully done this with its blue 0.0 labeling. Gordons have included the blue in the bottle headline.

Gordons Alcohol Free

So I poured a glass and as instructed added tonic water and ice. There is something about styling the drink and making it look nice in a glass even when it’s alcohol free.

After all, it’s the whole experience.

So I treated it as I would have done if I had had an alcoholic Gordon Gin on holiday.

Always know your limits with drink aware

How did it taste?

Now may sound odd but I had to check the bottle several times to make sure it was alcohol free and this may be a good thing but for me I was not sure.

It seems to be a stronger taste and a stronger aroma in the glass compared to other alcohol free gins.

Or maybe it is because I had not drunk gin for so long. But then I have drunk alcohol free so it must have been the taste and the strength of it.

In fact, I asked my partner to smell it just in case and we both commented that the scent and herb smell was very dominant.

I was not sure about this to be honest. It was sweet herbs scents coming through with particular dominance and speed!

Gordons Alcohol Free Gin

It was certainly a bit sweet and definitely had a sharp taste in the mouth and this made it way through to my senses overall.

Probably less sharp than an alcoholic gin though.

At times, I actually found it slightly over powering and it did feel a little bit sickly. But then again maybe it was so long since I had drunk Gordons.

At this point I was thinking give me Seedlip Alcohol Free Gin anyway. But that’s a personal view of course.

You can read my review of Seedlip Alcohol Free Gin here

As I drank more of it and the coldness of the ice came through it was clearly alcohol free as you did not get the punch effect so you then knew it was not alcoholic.

But it was a very strong taste and not a refreshing long drink in the same way that I had expected it to be. Some of you may love it for this though.

Is it really alcohol free?

Well if you get confused I am not surprised it looks the same. I could have easily picked up a bottle of Gordons full alcohol gin and confused the two to be honest.

However, it does have a blue cap and to be fair the 0.0% credentials is clearly marked. But you would have to double check in a busy bar.

I have often been given an alcohol beer instead of an alcoholic one and told it looks the same and then they expected me to drink it.

What planet are they on!

The manufacturer states that ‘Gordon’s 0.0% is created by distilling the same botanicals used in Gordon’s Special Dry London Gin, capturing the essence of Gordon’s in a delicious alcohol-free alternative’.

However, there is a trace of alcohol like some alcohol free beers and wine and sometimes this is a legal labeling requirement and sometimes it’s down to the production process.

For example Heineken states that their bottled beer is no more than 0.05% alcohol. So it really depends on how it’s made.

Alcohol Free Gin and Tonic

However, before we get too hung up on that I probably had more alcohol in my ripe banana or orange juice this morning.

Fermentation occurs in many foods including bread rolls so I have learned that while I do my best to avoid alcohol there will be a trace in everyday life.

Its a bit like wheat in that sense.

Read what is alcohol free here

So Gordon’s Alcohol Free Gin at 0.0% does have very tiny trace of alcohol .

The figure they quote is no more 0.015% ABV, so even if you had a mad moment and downed the whole bottle it would be less than 0.1 units of alcohol.

I would also suggest you would probably be sick as it has quite a distinctive taste and you would drink more tonic water anyway.

However, it’s your call but no medic has told me to stop drinking orange or banana but I know I can never have a glass of wine again!

Fermentation is a natural occurrence.

You might want to give more consideration to alcohol put in food in restaurants though. That could be an issue!

Read food and alcohol here

Calorie friendly

Yes it is up there on the low calorie front.

It is one of the great things about alcohol free gin if you are using it as part of a calorie watch!

It’s a mix of low carb, no sugar and no alcohol. So what a combination and Gordons Alcohol Free Gin does not disappoint in the respect.

Remember it’s also about the tonic, I keep repeating it as so many people forget that bit.

Alcohol Free Gin and Tonic

I have seen people make gin their drink of choice because they are trying to lose weight only to top it up with loaded tonic water full of sugar.

A 25 ml measure of Gordon’s Special Dry London Gin can contain 52 calories so double that as you would in a measure at home and you’re talking 104 calories.

So let’s say you double up you on a 50ml measure of Gordons Alcohol Free Gin and you are talking about six calories.

Wow that is pretty amazing so its alcohol free and near zero calories so that is impressive.

I am not counting your tonic water here!

However, if you are going alcohol free you may as well treat yourself to a good light tonic water. Fever Tree is my favorite.

You can read my review of Fever Tree Tonic here


  • Its Gordons so great brand
  • Its well know alcohol free gin to add to the overall mix of options
  • It’s already going mainstream which is no bad thing
  • It kind of tastes more like gin than some of the other brands
  • Low calorie
  • 0.0%
  • The flavor cuts through
  • If you like Gordons then its a plus
  • Good with an excellent tonic water and ice


  • The bottle branding could be confused with the alcohol version
  • The flavor was really punchy almost too much
  • I could probably only drink a small glass of it
  • Aromas were very strong
  • Could be a bit sweet and slight slickly
  • “Trace” of alcohol if that is a concern ( bear in my mind this is less than some food though)

You can purchase below using my affiliate link. As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases but this does not affect what you pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.



Overall Gordons Alcohol Free Gin – my honest take

This is a review and personal to me so please give it a go and make your own mind up.

Do let me know what you think.

Firstly it is great Gordons has brought this out. I am nothing but supportive of it as anything that raises the benchmark on alcohol free alternatives is a good thing.

As a community we are often shunned for even asking for an alcoholic free drink in a bar so there is a benefit to the big brands coming into the mix.

Now would I rush to buy it again? Maybe because of the strong flavor it would not be my first choice and I will stick to Seedlip as my preferred option.

Having said that if it was on the menu to start a meal at a restaurant yes I would not hesitate on ordering and if it was on offer I might buy it again.

If restaurants do ever get an alcohol free drink menu that is not just cola’s that is !

However, if you are a big fan of Gordons Gin and looking for an alcohol free version it’s probably right up your street. I congrats them on making it.

The price is good as well.

I would love your comments on Gordons Alcohol Free Gin and will update my review as we go. I always respond to everyone’s messages. Happy alcohol free gin drinking!

6 thoughts on “Gordons Alcohol Free Gin”

  1. Gordons Alcohol Free Gin-Before reading this article I had never heard of Alcohol free gin. My mom loves gin and I know is made from a super-food. There are health benefits from drinking gin in moderation. I believe alcohol free is an additional bonus to a great drink. Thank you for introducing me to this.

    • Hey Diana, You are right there are a lots of bontanicals in gin and well as you say getting an alcohol free option is another bonus. Say hi to your Mom! Sounds like she has a great balance when it comes to gin. 

      I really appreciate you stopping by and reading about Gordons Alcohol Free Gin. I wish you all the best, Phil

  2. Hi Phil,

    This was interesting reading as I’ve been thinking about cutting back on alcohol. I’ve definitely been enjoying my wine and spirits during the lockdown but don’t want this to become a problem. I even started making jokes about my husband and I becoming burgeon alcoholics but there’s nothing funny about that. I had no idea that fruit contains trace amounts of alcohol so I learned something new.

    I imagine it’s been quite the journey for you to find out you had cirrhosis despite being such a moderate drinker. People often jump to conclusions and make unfounded character judgements when they hear someone has medical problem caused by alcohol. It sounds like you’re handling this very well and I applaud you for this.

    I amy give this a try although truthfully it doesn’t sound like I’ll probably like it. 


    • Hey Erica, thanks so much for this and your lovely comment. Yes its been an interesting journey but I am here to tell the tale. 

      You are so right about judgments. If anything its been the hardest thing to deal with! 

      Lockdown has been interesting for many to do with alcohol and I am not a great fan of the term alcoholic.

      As you say it means so many different things. As they say it is all about awareness and balance. 

      If I am honest I am not sure yet about Gordons Alcohol Free Gin. There is still plenty of it left in the fridge but I applaud more options in the alcohol free drinks market.

      I would not over worry about a trace of alcohol in fruit and some foods, it actually part of the natural process but like you say its good to know. I was very interested by it clearly!

      Thanks again for such a brilliant comment and it is very much appreciated by me that you took time out to say it. I wish you all the very best. Phil

  3. This is amazing that you can get alcohol-free gin. I am a little concerned about your comments on the intensity of the taste and a bit sticky but it should make a nice change from not drinking at all. Again I agree with you about being careful with your choice of tonic because that is where you will gain a lot of calories.

    • Hey Lily, yes it was a much stronger gin taste that I expected but I know there are many different tastes when it come to alcohol free gin and tonic.

      You are so right though a good tonic water makes a massive difference. Alcohol free gin is really growing so I expect more choice going forward. Good news! 

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment on Gordons Alcohol Free Gin. All the very best, Phil


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