Gluten free alcohol free beer – Review

Gluten Free Alcohol Free Beer – The connection continues

So one of the most interesting things when I started this blog was the comments were not only around alcohol free drinks but then came alcohol free health care, then gluten free and vegan beer and wine.

Now I’ll be honest, I had never made the connection but after your feedback I certainly have now.

So I have been researching the market as to what product is out there for beers and why does it matter anyway. Well to give you an idea by 2027 the gluten market is estimated to be worth about 44 billion dollars. Now that says to me people want to be part of it!

The trend seems to be expanding so people originally looked for gluten free products in specialist shops and now they expect it to be in everyday food. So there are specialist food shops of course but products will start to roll out to the main convenience stores as those businesses start to jump on the market as well.

You might expect to start seeing a trend similar to alcohol free goods in supermarkets and shopping malls where they have it but don’t quite know where to stock it!

The other big trend which links to gluten free beer is that they will expect labeling to be first class. So did you might have seen my blog on the subject of ABV – alcohol by volume and the importance of it.

People also expect to see calories, gluten and vegan options labeling clearly.

What is gluten FREE?

Some people treat gluten as confusing but is just a substance or chemical makeup. It is found primarily in grain switches and it is why it can be an issue for beers. So as well as wheat, barley, think rye and also a cross mix which is called “triticale”.

The truth is the wheat we eat now is not really natural in form but processed.

People who have contacted me at the blog tell me they went on a gluten-free diet because it helped them manage a disease called “celiac” although there are other medical conditions that can be a result of a gluten intolerance.

Although here is the interesting part, gluten free produce is becoming more popular with people who don’t have an issue with it, they just want to be more healthy. The same is true of people who drink alcohol free drinks, they just want to consume less alcohol for lifestyle reasons.

In terms of where you would find gluten it would be most things you would avoid on a wheat free diet, so bread, pasta, pizza and cereal.

Now gluten itself does not have any essential ingredients so according to many experts cutting it out is no real issue. I guess it is down to how food manufacturers have changed food making over the years.

So I know people who have an extreme allergic reaction which is triggered by gluten so it’s not everyones cup of tea in relation to our body.

The results after eating or drinking it includes swelling so an inflammation in their intestinal tracts and other parts of the body

People on a gluten free diet move toward foods that are gluten free so more natural things like:

  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Beans, seeds, legumes and nuts in their natural, unprocessed forms.
  • Eggs.
  • Lean, non processed meats, fish and poultry.
  • Most low-fat dairy products

When you look at that list it kind of makes sense. Now this is where beer comes in as once people realize their diet is sorted they discover their drinking habits are not. So here is my top gluten free alcohol free beer choice

FREESTAR BEER 9/10 SCORE for being bold about gluten and the flavors.

Now this beer wins awards and is pretty new as it was launched in 2019.

The team at FREESTAR “put flavor first. And second. And third”. This has probably got in a mindset what past brewers did not get, which is for it to work as an alcohol beverage it has to taste good.

Sounds like a no brainer but many just went forth with a “its alcohol free” approach and of course that does not stack up if its tastes awful

They reckon the brewing process was formatted over 20 months which is some commitment to be fair.

Taste Test

The reason for its great reviews I think is the balance in the flavor, So it has four different citrus fruits. As you, will know with citrus it can give a drink a kick which I think is nice in terms of alcohol free beer. Of course with the hops it has a flowery taste as well.

Freestar beer is ranked in the top five 0.0 choices for beer on this blog and it has no alcohol produced in the brewing process which gets a big thumb up from me.


Freestar Beer comes in at around £27.60 as an average for 12 bottles ( online purchase). Please note I get a small fee for being an affiliate and supporting this blog but you pay the same! PURCHASE HERE

I have never seen this in a bar so clearly there is work to be done on the marketing side but I have teamed up with my affiliate partners to make it available for you.

Product Specifications

FREESTAR BEER is a gluten free alcohol free beer.

  • 0.0% ABV.
  • Gluten free
  • Natural
  • Vegan the only one to make this claim in the UK currently according to the brewer and according to the label.
  • 62 calories which we like. Impressive!

I have now started making a point and comment about the calories as many people presume that because it is alcohol free it has no calories. Nope not true. So the labels become even more important.

Enjoy With

This is great for casual drinking at home with a movie and when friends come around. I think the gluten credentials makes it a lifeline if you are searching for an option that is gluten and alcohol free. I know people who enjoy it especially with Mexican food and pasta dishes at home.

It is not the cheapest on the market so you are paying for quality and its credentials. It’s definitely getting noticed and the branding I think is very cool although no mention of gluten free in a bold way and the color can distract you from the alcohol free message.

Having said all that there is no doubt this is a quality beer with gluten free credentials.


Have you tried gluten free alcohol free beer? What were your thoughts? Would you choose a non-alcoholic beer with gluten free credentials. I would love to know about your experiences generally as I know “wheat” does not agree with me. Leave your comment below and I always respond.

4 thoughts on “Gluten free alcohol free beer – Review”

  1. Thank you for sharing here and it is really interesting to see such overview as this that haa been shared here. Really honest to see all these here as they make a lot of sense seeing less and less inclusion of alcohol in beer and also less of glutten or nothing at all. This is good to see and thank you for sharing here with us. 

    • Thanks so much for sharing your view. I agree, gluten and alcohol can have massive effect on our health for many people. This is a great combination and I expect to see more of it. I just wonder how they will market gluten free alcohol free beer. Well I hope they do ! I really appreciate you adding to the blog, all the best, Phil

  2. Hey Phil 

    Thank you for the interesting article . I never thought that in my lifetime beer can be alcohol free. Anyway, I don’t drink beer but I think most who purchase it they are hoping to get alcohol .will love to see how this develops .

    But a gluten free and alcohol free beer is a good concept for the health of many.

    • Hey thanks for your comment Bogadi, I really appreciate it. I think mainly people who purchase alcohol free beer want just that a beer with no alcohol. Sometimes it a social thing. However gluten can be a barrier to that so you are spot on its a great concept and one that is growing. I expect to see more gluten free alcohol free beer come to market soon. All the very best and thanks again for the feedback and adding to the debate. It really matters, Phil


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