Insights to Furstenberg Frei Lager 0.0%

For those of us who want to enjoy a beer but can’t on account of needing to drive and/or wanting to preserve their better judgement, there’s Furstenberg Frei Lager 0.0% Alcohol-Free Beer.

As a choice in the alcohol-free beer category increases, there is more opportunity to be choosey.

Is that something I never expected to say about alcohol-free Beer?


Here are some insights worth knowing before you buy.

Furstenberg Frei Lager 0.0% Alcohol-Free Beer is a German-style light Beer with an alcohol content of 0.0%. It is available in cans and bottles.

And for me, bottles are good. But, there is something about alcohol-free bottles. It can be fine, but there is something that makes it chill better in the glass.

As much as I love alcohol-free Beer, it does taste better cold.

It’s a harmless beer ( well, it is alcohol-free, right)

This alcohol-free BeerBeer doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients like aspartame or sucralose, but instead, it uses natural herbs to give Furstenberg its unique taste.

The ingredients include Sweet Gale, Fennel, Lime Flowers and Liquorice.

Furstenberg Frei Lager 0.0% Alcohol-Free Beer is brewed in Germany according to the Reinheitsgebot purity law, which only permits the use of water, malt, hops, and yeast in beer brewing.

This alcohol-freeBeer contains 64 calories per 100 ml serving size. The drink also contains trace amounts of carbohydrates and proteins.

See some good news, and actually, German Beer leads the way when it comes to alcohol-free

Along with Spain, of course. You can read more about Spanish drinks without alcohol here.

Is it a light alcohol-free beer?

You betcha.

Furstenberg Frei Lager 0.0% Alcohol-Free Beer is a light, refreshing BeerBeer with a unique lemon flavour. It has a very smooth, crisp taste and a light body.

It is free from alcohol and added sugar, contains no fat and has fewer carbohydrates than regular beers.


A light Alcohol-Free Beer


The Beer is made from natural ingredients and tastes great to other non-alcoholic drinks such as sodas, juices and ciders.

Furstenberg Frei Lager 0.0% is a mildly hopped, light-bodied, alcohol-free lager with a clean, refreshing taste. It’s ideal for those who don’t want to sacrifice flavour when choosing an alcohol-free beer.

How is it made?

Furstenberg Frei is the first alcohol-free Beer from Furstenberg. It’s a crisp, refreshing drink with a taste reminiscent of a classic lager beer, but without the alcohol.

Furstenberg Frei has a refreshing taste and is brewed with hops and barley malt.

This non-alcoholic Beer contains carbon dioxide and hops extract, which gives you all the flavour of a regular beer, but without the hangover!

The brewery uses a unique filtration process to create an authentic tasting non-alcoholic beer. In that way, only the alcohol evaporates because it is heavier than water.

The other ingredients remain intact and become part of this unique non-alcoholic experience.

Alcohol-Free Beer


Furstenberg Frei is an alcohol-free beer brewed by the traditional Bavarian brewing method and with conventional ingredients like water, malt and hops.

The alcohol content is 0.0 %.

This bottom-fermented Beer has a fresh and fruity taste with a hint of hops and malt and an aftertaste of delicate hops. It contains no residual sugars and is therefore exceptionally light and thirst-quenching.


carbonated water, hop extract, rice malt extract, dextrose, acidifier: citric acid; aroma: fruit extracts (blackcurrant juice concentrate, elderberry juice concentrate), bitter orange oil; dye: beta carotene Non-alcoholic beverage product. Without added sugar and fat.

Who is drinking Furstenberg Frei Lager 0.0% Alcohol Free Beer.

Beer is a beverage that contains a considerable amount of alcohol, and its popularity is increasing together with the growing demand for a healthy lifestyle.

The lack of alcohol makes Furstenberg Frei a premium beer, which is very popular among young people, women and sportswomen and men.

In fact, there is now a trend that makes alcohol-free Beer a better choice. No more pizza, pasta and alcohol after work.

OK, forget the pizza and pasta bit, right?.

Check out my blog on the best alcohol-free beer to go with pizza.


Pizza and Zero Alcohol Beer

The idea of having a beer without alcohol may seem unusual.

Yet, some consumers are increasingly opting for alcohol-free beers due to the increasing awareness of the adverse effects of alcohol on health.

To satisfy their needs, brewers have developed new technologies to create alternatives to traditional beers.

Alcohol-free BeerBeer is not a new idea.

Breweries have been producing it for nearly 200 years, but only in the last decade has the market taken off with the launch of new brands and advertising campaigns attracting new consumers looking for an alcoholic alternative.

The market for non-alcoholic Beer has grown significantly over the last ten years, with global sales growing at more than 6% per year since 2007.

It is now in double figures and growing.

Overall, the taste has vastly improved.

Alcohol-free Beer has enjoyed success beyond Europe, particularly in Japan and especially in its homeland, Germany. In some regions of the country, more than 40% of all beers sold are alcohol-free.

Of course, not everywhere is like that, but the trend is a clear one,

Although some consumers may still be hesitant to try an alcohol-free beer, the products are seeing increased interest from mainstream audiences and young adults aged 18 to 24 years old.

Kids definitely are off the alcohol dominance seen in past generations.

Brands like this can only help with that as it has excellent taste.

Zero per cent alcohol beer Furstenberg Frei Lager is ideal for people looking for a light refreshment or following a low-alcohol diet.

If you can call it a diet.

Or maybe you have given up alcohol altogether, right?

There are two versions of Furstenberg Frei Lager 0.0% Alcohol-Free Beer – dark and light one.

Both feature a rich taste, which does not differ from that of classic lagers.

The original taste of our Beer has been achieved thanks to unique technology.

As a result, it remains fresh and crisp throughout the year without losing its flavour and body. On the market!

Is Furstenberg 0.0% a soft drink?

Sone non-alcohol-beer could be described this way but not this brand.

Full-on Beer but without the alcohol

Furstenberg 0.0% is an alcohol-free beer brewed according to the German Purity Law and contains only natural ingredients and spring water. It is a refreshing Bavarian lager beer that even the most demanding of beer lovers will appreciate.


Is Alcohol-Free Beer A Soft Drink?

Furstenberg Frei Lager 0.0% is not an alcohol-free soft drink but a full-bodied speciality beer made with the finest malt and pure mountain spring water.

Who is it competing against in the alcohol-free beer market?

THE BIG BEER BRANDS WERE SERVED when I was in the alcohol business ( as I drank it). Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light and so on.

I also loved wine.

But on the beer front, this would be an excellent choice for those types of beer brands.

Furstenberg Frei Lager 0.0% Alcohol-Free Beer is a great tasting, alcohol-free alternative to beers containing alcohol.

However, the taste is very similar to the big brands of Beer, which I had drunk when I used to consume alcohol.

Read why I gave up in Stop Drinking Alcohol Now


Stop Drinking Alcohol Now - Philip Roberts


Beer is usually associated with its alcohol content, but Furstenberg provides an option for those who want to enjoy the taste of BeerBeer without the alcohol. 

This is an excellent alternative for people who want to drink socially without worrying about their blood alcohol content or those trying to reduce their alcohol consumption.

What are my takeaways?

There are moments when you can do nothing better than relaxing in a bar or in your garden with a cold beer, but it is not always easy if you’re on a diet.

Because it is almost impossible to find low-calorie Beer that tastes good.

However, there is now a beer that seems to reconcile all these problems. It’s called Furstenberg Frei, and alcohol-free Beer is available in Germany.

The Furstenberg Frei beer is no ordinary beer.

Beer that doesn’t just taste like a regular beer. So if you love Beer, but also the health benefits of not drinking alcohol, check out this unique Beer.

Furstenberg Frei is an excellent example of the development of alcohol-free BeerBeer. 

The production of Furstenberg Free is not only regulated by German purity laws but is also subject to the highest quality control standard in the brewing industry.

But before an alcohol-free beer becomes a regular in the fridges in the general public in future, there is still some work to do.

Beer has hundreds of taste components with which people are familiar, and it’s challenging to make an alcohol-free beer that doesn’t leave people disappointed.

This is probably why they have struggled to achieve market prominence in recent years.

You can purchase an alcohol-free beer, but it’s essential to realize that our bodies are used to processing the alcohol in BeerBeer.

So if you are expecting alcohol, be prepared to be disappointed.

You’re much better off drinking alcohol-free beer than you are to continue suffering from all the crap that comes from being addicted to alcohol.

If you’re part of the 30% of the population that can’t drink alcohol for one reason or another, then we wholeheartedly recommend you give this Beer a try.

If alcohol-free is a trigger for you to go back to drinking, however, then stay away.

You can check the unit recommended in the UK via the drink aware website.

Overall It has all the appeal of traditional German Beer, but with no alcohol content to speak of.

The Beer’s flavour is actually charming.

It has been designed for those who need a beer but don’t want the alcohol.

OK, so you might be missing out on the alcohol in these beers.

But who cares when they taste this good.

If the question is whether Furstenberg Frei Lager 0.0% tastes good or not, then the answer is yes.

If you want a beer that feels and tastes like real Beer but has no alcohol content, this is the Beer for you. The Beer generally tastes good and is smooth.

We’re sure to see more damage control, with fewer people drinking in public and more people drinking in private.

Furstenberg Frei Lager 0.0% can play a role in that, right?

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