Früh Kölsch Alcohol Free Beer Review

This week on the alcohol-free drinks podcast, our guest is UK broadcaster, George Riley who gave up the booze.

We talk about how going alcohol-free can help weight loss and mental health.

George opens up about his challenges and shares his favourite alcohol-free brands, including low alcohol beers.

It’s a great insight. But, unfortunately, the impact of mental health and alcohol often goes un-talked about.

Luckily George Riley gave a frank overview of how cutting out the booze helped him mentally.

Find the specific episode and our alcohol-free taste test below.



The assumptions people make about giving up alcohol.

Unfortunately, there is still an assumption that if you give up alcohol, you have spent your life on a park bench somewhere.

Of course, people give up alcohol for all sorts of reasons.

The health, of course, but in my view, people do run a mile when you say mental health and alcohol.

Yea, it can be health, mental or otherwise or just the fact you don’t like alcohol. Pregnant or want to drive whenever you want.

The most prominent judges of people who don’t drink are the ones with drinks in their hands!

Are we talking of bias?

Plus, why do bars hide alcohol-free drinks? Phil is writing a blog on

This week why alcohol-free beer tastes better out of a bottle and, of course, chilled.

This week’s taste test is alcohol-free Früh Kölsch 0.0% Alcohol, and there is a mixed response.

There are lots of non-alcoholic beer foam in this drink.

Mental Health And Alcohol

Phil tells Ian off in the Alcohol-Free Headlines about a comment regarding Guinness Alcohol-Free, but it’s coming back after being redrawn previously.

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast from is presented by Phil Roberts, the Non-Drinker and Ian James.

Guest UK Sports Broadcaster George Riley.

Produced by Lymm Radio Podcast Productions

Of course, our favourite part of the alcohol-free podcast is the 0.0abv Taste Test Review.

What does Früh Kölsch 0.0% taste like?

I was not expecting the response I got if I am honest. I got that look.

At least the panel of George and Ian were upfront and told it how it was.

I prefer it that way.

Despite thinking, we know these brands of non-alcoholic beer, all of us had neither heard of it let alone tasted it, so this was going to be an adventure.

What does Früh Kölsch 0.0% taste like?

Früh Kölsch 0.0% alcohol-free beer looks like a lager at first, but then the debate started, so maybe an ale?

We call them all a beer anyway.

It hails from Cologne in Germany, and even though there might be a language barrier on the label itself, you soon realise that this is 0.0 abv beer.

Now Germany does well for alcohol-free beer, and the list includes Bavaria and Warsteiner 0.0%.

It might be the purity of the water or the many breweries in the German drinking industry, but they know how to do it.

My one top recommendation, which we talk about on the alcohol-free drinks podcast, is Bitburger Drive.

ABV stands for alcohol by volume and tells you how much alcohol is in the drink.

Even if you are trying to go for smaller strength alcohol beer, ABV is worth checking out.

The details of the strength of even alcohol-free beer should be on the label.

What is ABV?

Luckily, the labelling on non-alcoholic beer is stringent in the UK, including listing the ingredients.

Be aware, though, that the rules are different in every country.

Now from our research, we know that a beer that is called “A Kölsch” is very alcohol-based.

So like with any of these brands, making it alcohol-free and taste worthy is always going to be a challenge.

The Früh Kölsch brewery, on its website, says it’s got 100 and more year of experience, so they have no excuses.

This is one of the beers where the alcohol is removed after making it, so Früh Kölsch 0.0%.

And therefore keeps its flavour.

I am not the biggest fan of this production process, but I can see the point about keeping the flavour.

Now I keep saying alcohol-free beers are not diet drinks, but it’s worth noting that this does have 60% fewer calories than its alcoholic cousin.

As a rule, less alcohol, fewer calories. The big exception to these rules is, of course, mocktails, but that’s another story!

What was the panel verdict of Früh Kölsch 0.0%?

I enjoyed it, and it’s a great brand, and I can see how some beer drinkers would find it a good option.

I think we found it to be clear in looks but less refreshing as an ale.

But not everyone is going to like every beer just because it is alcohol-free.

The Früh Kölsch 0.0% alcohol-free looks more like a pale colour of a Pilsner, but it certainly creates a white head on it when poured.

I think the thing that put my co-presenter off was the heavy malt aroma, although I enjoyed the flavours of vanilla and hops very much.

Overall it was a good taste, just not to everyone’s taste, but it’s a quality beer that is alcohol-free and very well fermented.

It’s undoubted quality.

Is Früh Kölsch 0.0% Vegan Friendly?

This is a growing trend with alcohol-free beer, and I can see why. After all, if you are watching what you eat, why would you not be watching what you drink?

And if you are vegan, this matters.

It’s become a hot topic on the blog.

The drink is free from any animal products or derivatives.

And to be fair, the bottle has similar assurances as well.

Always check the label, of course.

Can Alcohol-Free Beer help with mental health?

Well, as we hear about on the alcohol-free drinks podcast this week. Yes, one hundred per cent.

The case why is simple. Suppose you have a choice that can take you away from alcohol, then that has to be a good thing.


We know from University research that it matters. And so does every quality alcohol-free brand, whether we love it or not.

I would love to hear your views on this week’s podcast email or leave your comment below.



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