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I am alcohol free due to health so I do worry about the social element from Christmas to birthdays. The social pressure to drink can be enormous and it can often means those occasions can really suck big time.

I have tried FREE STAR BEER before and to be honest I really like it but this time it seems to have improved even more.

I was lucky this Christmas as my partner was unbeknownst ordering a whole stack of alcohol free beer, wines and fizz. What a treat!

This time it also included Free Star Beer in a bottle and cans with its great new branding and wow it does look impressive with its citrus hint jumping out and I have to say I was impressed with the taste.

So what is Free Star Beer ?

Freestar is a very simple alcohol free brand really but it’s clear on its ethos, production and ethics. Yes it’s an alcohol free beer but here the impressive thing it is made by an alcohol free production process.

They have certainly set their stall out to bring a different brand to what is becoming an ever-increasing market to operate in.

Although it is still hard to get an alcohol free beer when you are out with those funny stares from bartenders and if you don’t drink you know what I mean!

One thing I discovered when I started this blog was that people are not just coming to these beers because they are alcohol free, they also come to them for other reasons.

People seeking out natural ingredients and the fact it’s vegan friendly. Of course, it has to taste good as well which Free Star Beer certainly does. You can’t do one without the other it just does not work.

I am not a vegetarian but I know great veggie food when I taste it.

Freestar Beer

Alcohol Free with No added sugar!

So gluten free is the other benefit of course which they are proud of as well as no added sugar.

Why does this matter?

Well I have forgotten now many people have asked me if alcohol free means calorie free and I am afraid it does not but alcohol free beers like Freestar are really aware of this.

Its nice that in terms of a “can” you are talking just 62 calories which is pretty impressive by any beer standards let alone alcohol free beer!

So good news so far.

How is Free Star Beer Made?

As someone who can’t drink because of health reasons this is a gift of a beer as its 0.0 ABV which means alcohol by volume. If you are choosing this drink to keep away from alcohol, then this is a statistic you have to get to know as the market can be very confusing.

0.0% means no alcohol so you know where you stand and with Free Star Alcohol Free it is in the front and back of the bottle just as it should be in my view.

We need to know what we are buying don’t we?

The brewer uses an alcohol free production brewing process which is very impressive especially given the taste.

So they put together a host of ingredients including :

  • Malted Barley
  • Perle Hops
  • Pomelo
  • Water Hops
  • Malt

But then they then keep the yeast away from the brewing process which is what turns the sugar into alcohol. So I guess they are brewing the beer straight up rather than removing the alcohol afterwards.

That is very clever!

One thing they champion and it will hit home if you also care about the environment is that it uses 80% less water and of course up to 70% less waste. If I was producing it that is something I would champion!

As far as I can tell other brewing methods don’t claim to do this but I stand to be corrected.

What do I love about Free Star Beer?

Let’s be honest we can take all the credentials about waste, saving water, vegan and alcohol free but if it tastes horrible like many alcohol free beers used to then it ain’t going to get many sales in hindsight or in the fridge at home.

We might give 10/10 for effort but 0/10 for taste and that never works. It has to be the whole package

Free Star Beer

So yes I love the fact it’s alcohol free so it makes me feel better and safer given my health.

Your reason might be your drinking, pregnant or you just want to be healthier. The main reason I love this beer is the fruity taste mixed with all the great attributes of a great lager beer.

In terms of taste it’s really light and compared to many not very gassy either which is great news for my stomach.

You can check out my favorite other alcohol free beer reviews here.

Yes it is the citrus edge spark that differentiates it in the market but we can’t overlook it winning awards either and I think those things do matter.

I can honestly say I don’t think I have tasted anything else on the market like it.

So the results are in!

Overall Rank FREE STAR BEER – Alcohol Free Beer with a Citrus Edge

Rating 10/10

This is one beer that went to the top of my list in 2020 and I am positive it will still be there in 2021!

I now rate this very highly based on the following criteria and of course its personal, well it is me reviewing it!

  • Cost and Value
  • Great taste with the citrus edge
  • The brand and its ethics which is first class

You can purchase Free Star Beer through my affiliate link below and you pay the same but support my alcohol free blog. So, thank you

Here are some pros of the alcohol free beer.


  • It’s won awards.
  • A great smooth taste and that citrus edge does it for me and in a good way.
  • Totally smooth and it does really refresh you especially out the bottle but to be fair the can works just as well. Just make sure it is very cold and it will add to the experience.
  • The brewers promote summer drinking. It’s so good I could drink it anytime of the year as I am not fuzzy on my seasons, it’s alcohol free and tastes good so I don’t care when I drink it! Citrus is not confined to summer you know!
  • Yes it tastes good but the credentials around the environment, saving waste and water does count for a lot and I applaud them for it.
  • Yes it’s 0.0% ABV alcohol by volume.
  • The brewing process that does not put the alcohol in at all really gives me a sense of security in terms of knowing what I am drinking.
  • The blend is first class and the addition of the natural ingredients really add to the mix.
  • The calories per can aren’t bad either at 62. Impressive per 330ml can.
  • The vegan and vegetarian credentials are really going to cut through in the market and I think it’s absolutely right they push them as part of the Free Star Beer proposition.


  • To be fair as you can probably tell from my pro’s they are hard to find!
  • Maybe citrus is not for everyone
  • There is a core group that just hates’ alcohol free so regardless of the taste this won’t be a good choice for you!
  • Although the option to purchase online is now available including through my blog it’s still difficult to get this brand when you are out.


I love new entrants to the alcohol free market and this is no exception. In terms of food I think it could go with most things but given the citrus kick Mexican and Thai eating would be up there for me.

Tex Mex would also be good option as would burgers and sandwiches. I could also imagine this with a steak and chips and almost all veggie food.

Italian food may be less so but it stands on its own as an alcohol free beer so you could drink at any time with or without food.

Yes, keep it chilled and I would always say “bottles over cans” regardless of the brand. I am a big fan of bottled drinks generally anyway in term of the tasting experience.

Bottles just add to the tasting experience.

However drinking from cans does not distract from the drinking experience of the product. I have drank both options and it was great I think because the taste cuts through. Its hard to hold it back on quality products.

And of course there is always a sexy beer glass which we can use!

So Free Star Beer is an excellent find and I would love to know what you think? Just leave your message or comment below and I always get back to you. If you have not tried Freestar Beer yet let me know what you think about your experience of alcohol free beer in general.

I love getting your views. And maybe Free Star beer is your new favorite?

For more information on drinking alcohol go the drinkaware website


4 thoughts on “FREE STAR BEER -Review”

  1. Hello, I’m so puzzled to come across free star beer because I did not know that there is such a beer without alcohol. In fact I had always thought every beer has got alcohol, even if it’s small alcohol by volume. It’s so unfortunate that this review reveals that its taste is horrible, because I am really curious to taste if it’s different from beer which has alcohol. If the effort rating is a hundred percent but taste rate zero, then there’s something wrong.

    • Hi there, apologies but I think you might of missed the review. I stated the alcohol was zero and the beer got 10/10 for taste. So it got a big yes from me and was a very good choice. I would not rate something as 10/10 if it tasted horrible. It is true that in the past alcohol free beers did not have a good reputation but that has really changed. This is a great example of a brand leading the way. I am sorry if you got confused by it. All the very best and thanks for your comment. Phil

  2. Haha thanks for the article my guy! I actually found this really helpful. I understand what you mean when you talk about social pressure, as I’ve gone through that many times… Between family holidays and parties and everything in between, social pressure sucks. However, this looks like a great product if you want to drink without any repercussions! I might have to try it out for the next family gathering I go to. 

    • Hey thanks so much for the comment, yes you have hit the nail of the head about social pressure! I don’t think I could have summed it so well myself. Its one of the reasons I talk about other activities that don’t involve alcohol! Its really helps however it great to have some alcohol free products along the way as well. I really appreciate your comments, spot on! All the very best, Phil


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