5 reasons to try Free Damm Beer ( and no, it’s not FREE)

The country of Spain is an excellent option for alcohol-free beers, as Free Damm Beer shows you, hopefully.

I mean, you go alcohol-free and walk in a restaurant only to find limited if any alcohol-free choice.

What about a beer with Tapas? I bet you love tapas, right?

I mean, if you are like me and are always on the lookout for Spanish Alcohol-Free Beer, you have come to the right place.

If you are willing to try new beers and test different ones out, that is the best way to be with alcohol-free beers. 

After all, you would not like every alcohol-based beer going, would you?

Why would you want alcohol when you don’t want it?

One of the reasons I set up this blog was that I found it increasingly hard to get the alcohol-free beer without an ominous stare or a shrug after I went no alcohol. 

So before you say have a glass of water instead, zero alcohol beers allow me to choose, and I don’t have an issue with alcohol.

However, as many people will testify, they love alcohol free beer because they drive or don’t want to drink alcohol. 

Many people just don’t drink alcohol. So what’s your reason and be proud of it

Who would have thought Free Damm Beer is yet another alcohol-free beer from Spain that you can be proud to drink.

5- Free Damm pairs well with Spanish tapas

My mate thinks tapas is a bag of chips, but there is more to it than that.

What is Tapas?

Now I have talked a lot about Free Damm Beer being a great accompaniment to tapas, but what is it?

Contrary to what many people think, tapas are not a starter. 

I once heard someone say I’ll have tapas and order a prawn cocktail. 

Now you might get prawns in tapas, but we are probably not on the same page!

Tapas are lots of small plates that ideally you share and can mix everything from peppers, prawns, meatballs, ham, and lovely pieces of bread. 

There usually are plenty of fish and veggie options as well.

Now to make sense of the Free Damm Beer connection, think about this. 

First, tapas or “cover” was traditionally served with a piece of food, a family ham to go with the beer, and then it progressed to be a selection of dishes.

So if you know Spain, think of Andalucia, in the South and “tapa” is translated as “cover”. 

I love walking past the original tapas places in Spain where people sit at the bar and have a little bit of food with their beer

But no alcohol, in Spain no problem. Spain has one of the earliest formal zero beers.

Now, of course, we can do that with Free Damm beer and many of the other great 0.0% abv choices that have come and are coming out of Spain.

I mean, you can be definitive about what tapas is but go with the flow.

I know this will sound obvious, but Free Damm Alcohol -Free Beer would go well with any grazing snack assortment, no stress if meat, veg or fish. 

It is refreshing and compliments the food perfectly. So with any charcuterie board, this would feel like a perfect accompaniment.

4- Free Damm Cans or bottles; it’s your choice

In an adorable small bottle fitted or can? Depending on where you are, you will get lots of different choices.

I felt I was in Spain propping up a tapas bar; however, I expect to see it in cans in most cases.

My preference?

It tastes better from a bottle as it should be, and it’s appropriately chilled. 

I mean, I don’t know about you, but alcohol-free beer does need to be chilled.

In Spain, they also present it with one of those small tap glasses to port into, a nice touch.

3- Estrella Credibility, so it has an excellent brand is behind it.

Free Damm Beer is made with the same production process and ingredients as Estrella Damm, a fantastic beer as you will know if you have drunk it. 

Of course, alcohol-free is different in that they have a very clever distillation process that takes the alcohol out, but thank goodness it keeps the flavour back within the beer.


Free Damm


I would say this is a very clean beer with the right bitterness.

So it’s got a high ranking from me.

Quick Fact Check 

The labelling of alcohol-free beer changes depending on the country you are in.

What you might think is alcohol-free turns out low-alcohol.

Here is what the UK website drink aware says:

  • Alcohol-free beer is no more than 0.05% ABV
  • De-alcoholised beer is no more than 0.5% ABV
  • Low-alcohol beer is no more than 1.2% ABV
  • Alcoholic beer contains more than 1.2% ABV

ABV is alcohol by volume and tells us how much alcohol is in your beer and is well worth continuously checking. 

2- Ingredients are clearly labelled

Water, Barley Malt (8%), Maize, Glucose and Fructose Syrup, Rice, Hops.

Now fructose syrup generally gets a bad rap, and the boot has been stuck into this brand a few times. But the reality is the syrup is evaporated in the brewing process anyway with this.

A few people say it’s Vegan, and then it appears it is not, so I can’t guarantee that. But at least you know what you are getting when you drink it.  

1 – There are many Free Damm Positives 

And I don’t know about you, but I can’t say that for all alcohol-free beers, although Spain does have a high number of them.

  • Alcohol-free 0.0% abv
  • Quality is evident in the brand
  • No compromise on taste, in my opinion
  • Light and refreshing
  • Less gassy than many zero alcohol beers
  • 0.0% ABV value is clearly stated.
  • Great bottle option that looks good
  • Great colour
  • An authentic taste of Barcelona and Spain
  • Perfect with tapas



Here you have a great fan of non-alcoholic beer, and if you thought tapas was Spanish comprehensive, think again. 

It is a very much regional dish, and the clue is where this beer is brewed in Barcelona, making total sense.

I love walking through that city, stopping off and having some treats.

What do you think of Free Damm Alcohol-Free Beer?

Would you consider trying Free Damm Beer? 

If you are looking for an alcohol-free Spanish option, then this is a good one.

In balance, I prefer San Miguel, and you can read my review here.

Are you a fan of alcohol-free beer, and what do you think about all the tremendous alcohol-free brands coming out of Spain? 

I will love to hear your views if you have tried Free Damm Beer

What other non-alcoholic beers have you tried? 

I would love to see and hear what you think, and I always respond as I am always interested in listening to people’s views on how easy it is to get a non-alcohol option when you are out and about. 

What’s it like in the country where you live?

I love getting your comments, so leave them below. Is Free Damm Alcohol-Free Beer for you?



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  1. Excellent review Phil! I really love Spain especially their delicacies and culture. I really am not a drinker myself so a non-alcohol is great to hear. Moreover, a non-alcohol beverage, any age is welcome to have it. I cannot wait to get a sip of it! I never heard about their liquors and Tapas, but a must try indeed upon visiting them!

    • Hey thanks for your comment on Free Damm Beer, it sounds like we share a love of spanish culture! Yes non alcohol beers opens up all sorts of opportunities and Spain is great for that. 

      Its so great brands like this are now being drunk worldover. The whole tapas story is fascinating and how it has changed over the years. I appreciate you taking time out to share a comment. Much appreciated and all the best, Phil


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