Franziskaner Alcohol Free Beer – Review

Franziskaner Alcohol Free Beer – The German alcohol free offering is in good shape

German beers are probably underestimated in the big scheme of things but they should not be; they are full of aroma and really refreshing. I think one of the reasons they have overlooked it is that they are not great at marketing themselves but that seems to have changed.

Franziskaner Alcohol Free beer is in my view one of those overlooked brands. However, I feel a push coming on!

Overall Rank for Franziskaner Alcohol Free Beer 

This is great for aroma and qualified under the low alcohol abv banner although the usual caveat of no more than 0.5% at the back of the bottle keeps it on the side of the law. So less than some bread and oranges juice out there.

This is clarified by <0.5, so I agree with a bit of confusion but passes any law going!

Rating 7/10

I rated it highly for two reasons, firstly I think the taste of German beer while different certainly hits the mark and secondly because this is a bit of a thirst quencher. However, I have marked it down because of its non pure 0.0 abv but that may not matter to you.

Product Description

This product does what it says on the tin, a low alcohol beer if slightly confused on its alcohol content but well with the alcohol free definition that they need to keep to. A good German beer from a brewery with excellent credentials.


  • < than 0.5 per cent alcohol so on par with some natural foods such as orange juice or bread
  • If you have seen Famous Franziskaner Beer in the festivals as it is everywhere then this is the alcohol free or low alcohol version.
  • Great credentials like many German beers and you get that strong aroma.
  • This beer really champions its vitamins and trace elements content.
  • A good thirst quencher
  • Goes back to the Bavarian Reinheitsgebot of 1516, oh I remember it well, ridiculous but many people like this kind of history in beers
  • 25 calories per 100ml
  • Big repeat item purchase so those who drink it love it and order more.


  • The 0.0% verses <0.5 per cent is an issue for me but it is on par with natural fermented foods.
  • Not really found in general bars but in specialist outlets.
  • Only really deliverable online


To purchase online you are looking at around £19.95 for 12 bottles but prices vary. Probably a special product linked to an online purchase and you can buy it here now. Next day delivery in some places.

Enjoy With

This is definitely a drinker’s drink rather than food although it is very popular in Spanish resorts where there are many German holiday makers, I can see why as the feedback you get is a real thirst quencher. Not really tried it with German food to be fair.


This is a popular purchase and putting its 0.0% credentials aside it is an excellent choice for people reducing their alcohol intake. Personally I would go for Bavaria 0.0 but if you are not bothered by the trace of alcohol ( equivalent to many foods) then this is a good German choice. They do make excellent beer.

Let me know your view on German beers below and have this got their alcohol free offering right? Do you have experience of Franziskaner Alcohol Free Beer if you have let me know and I also always respond.

4 thoughts on “Franziskaner Alcohol Free Beer – Review”

  1. What a very informative post. I love German Beer and have tried quite a variety over the years. I have never even considered trying a non-alcohol version. I might just have to give it a go next time it’s my turn for driving when out at a friends barbecue 🙂

    • Thanks Martin good call on the BBQ! I agree German Beer has a specific taste and I think some of the alcohol free brands have managed to keep that including Franziskaner Alcohol Free Beer. I really appreciate you taking time out to comment. Thanks Phil

  2. Hello Phil, I am a lover of beer and I really love to take it but for some time now I have been staying away firm alcohol and although I haven’t been really easy, but I have been good by begging to get a beer that has not alcohol is just great and I am sure there would be a really huge interest for the goods and would certainly bit since the price is cheap 

    • Thanks Justin and thanks for sharing your thoughts around  Franziskaner Alcohol Free Beer. I agree having options is crucial and I hope they don’t up the price too much as the market gets bigger, there is certainly increased demand. I know the price on Bavaria 0.0 is very competitive at the moment. Thanks for taking time out to comment, all the best Phil


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