For drinks without alcohol try these

OK so you end up at a party or pub and you are looking for drinks without alcohol.

You could do worse than try these.

I will admit since giving up alcohol getting plenty of choice is difficult.

From the odd stares and lack of availability it’s a really difficult one. After all I have discovered that alcohol and drinking is often the default position.

It is part of our social makeup, leisure time and even for some a hobby. I know eating out with wine was for me.

As one of the readers to my blog told me the other day when he had to cut back on the booze others gave an instant reply of “my god were you on the park bench with a bottle of vodka?”

It really is often the default assumption.

The reality is rather different!

As he pointed out he was just an average drinker who like many realized for his health he needed to give up. Yet it is easier for others just to push alcohol toward us regardless of our circumstances.

Alcohol Free Drinks


For me it often goes like “go on a few glasses of wine won’t hurt”. While whispering to others that I probably have a problem and yes mainly behind my back.

Ironically its normally them that needs help to get into the taxi at the end of the evening!

Double standards’ comes to mind.

So regardless of if you are drinking at home, a wedding or just at the local pub let’s be armed with some choices that are alcohol free.

Advanced planning really helps.

You could do worse than try these zero alcohol choices.


Water does not have to be boring

Now go on have you ever been daring and gone “OK make it sparkling” when it comes to water. You devil!

Then you have gone on to say “oh and add a slice of lime, why not ! ”

Lime in Water


Actually we could do worse than drink water because we are made up of more than 60 percent of it!

So you could say water is very important. The problem is that people generally go for lots of sugar added to their water when making a purchase.

Adding sugar is never a good idea.

Luckily just like with wine and beer the alcohol free alternative market is now realising this and that taste is so important.

My top bet is to find water with no added sugar but where you can get some variety of flavors. Otherwise, you may as well drink tap water after its been filtered.

Dash Water

Dash Water has got something of a momentum behind it and I wrote about this quite early on in my alcohol free journey.

You can read a review of Dash Water here.

Bear in mind that in the developed world most water is fine to drink but it can taste awful especially if it is so called “hard water”.

Also, if your tap water tastes really bad it’s probably fine just don’t pay through your nose for a water filter. I talk about why here.

Plus spending money on water can be expensive! However, I have seen people avoid tap water even with some fruit slices in because of how hard tasting the water is.

It really does vary from area to area sometimes even a few miles can make a difference.

Alcohol Free Beer has really changed

There was a time in the City of London in the eighties where alcohol free beer was the go to beverage at lunchtime.

After all no one wants to look drunk in front of their clients. It was at the time of films like Wall Street where making money was the be all and end all and long hours meant no alcohol.

Unfortunately this new alcohol free beer was not high on the taste front and it was early in its development.

Alcohol Free Beers


At least that is what they would like you to believe.

Now of course beer has really upped it game for several reasons:

  • Its a decent taste
  • Its now just not low but also zero so abv 0.0%
  • The craft beer industry supports it
  • The big alcohol industry supports it
  • The brewery process has advanced to focus on taste
  • There is profit in it!

The downsides

  • People can think you have gone mad if you ask for one
  • Off line it’s still difficult to get in bars and restaurants.

However, do you notice that most of the downsides have gone, it now tastes great and it has moved on in so many ways.

Even the craft beer industry is setting the standard.

If you are looking for something that is completely zero so 0.0 ABV I would choose the Free Star Alcohol Free Beer as an option.

It got great environmental credentials and it tastes great with the combination of aromas and the citrus that is added into the mix.

It’s probably not an everyday lager. Should you really be drinking alcohol free everyday anyway?

The calories are decent so I’ll let you get away with it! You can read my full review here or my affiliate link is below.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases but this does not affect what you pay.


It really is a great tasting beer and I adore the branding.

Do you fancy sparkling alcohol free wine ?

For me Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine stole a march on the alcohol free wine offering really early on. Online you will find an array of choices but again when you go out you will get some funny stares and struggle with choice.

The examples from myself and others are too many to dismiss as real life experiences !

Now before you say this is just cava, prosecco or champagne but without the alcohol. Well kind of but don’t get hung up on the type of fizz it is.

Alcohol Free Fizz

Once you investigate sparkling wine is often called what it is because of the grape and location of where it is harvested and made.

If you remember people would not drink anything but champagne at one time.

But then it kind of out priced itself when people realized yes it was about the quality but it was also about a small area of France where it was made.

What's a pasty got to do with champagne ?

In the UK it’s a bit like the Cornish Pasty example. Not the same I know but you get the idea!

It can’t be a Cornish Pasty if its not from Cornwall and the same is true of champagne. Its a district of France.

Once people realized that great sparkling wine was being made in Spain, Italy and even England and Wales in the UK the world changed and people’s taste buds got a bit more open-minded!

In fact, it went further than that from sparkling wine or whatever you want call it being the bastion of celebrations and award ceremonies.

It was now perfectly OK to open a bottle on Friday after work or with a good film on Netflix!

My current choice is a sparkling pack from a good drinks which features both Rose and White from Belle and Co.

You can read my review here.

The good news is they are nice and dry and great on the calories front

Ginger Beer the classic

Not much to say about this but that it is a great alcohol free classic if you don’t go for the alcohol ones.

A slice and ice and it becomes such a refreshing drink. The one brand I get a lot of flack about is Old Jamaica but it’s great and comes in cans or bottles and it’s really cheap.

There is even a diet version.

Alcohol Free Ginger Beer

It is often found in some of the big name brand pubs but is often shunned.

But please don’t, this is a quality drink for the cost and I even know people from Jamaica and other Caribbean islands who rave about it.

The one thing that is has going for it is the ginger kick and as we know ginger can be great for the stomach especially if you are feeling a bit unsettled.

The other one to consider which I am very fond of is the Ginger and Chilli Alcohol Beer which I review here.

It has a great taste. Oh and a bit of a kick!

Gin Alcohol Free

For me alcohol free spirit but especially the quality ones have been a game changer for me on an alcohol free journey and maybe for you even if it’s just cutting back.

Good for you!

The thing is people often expect alcohol free to be low quality. Well it’s not the case with this product although it ends up not being that cheap either.

In fact my chosen alcohol free gin is not just sugar free with loads of healthy ingredients, it can actually cost more than a “house gin”.

Alcohol Free Gin

People who drink alcohol often look at me when I order this and say “how much?”. It generally as moths fly out their wallet it has to be said!

Just don’t let a bartender pour it like water. It ain’t and it’s called Seedlip and it really is not notch quality.

Yes there are others out there but I haven’t found another that tastes like it.

I address the price and the quality in my review of Seedlip Alcohol Free Gin here.

I should mention by the way that if the thought of alcohol free could make you drink tons of alcohol please don’t go near it.

It’s not for everyone, but for most people where there isn’t this trigger it’s fine.

Regardless even as a social wine drinker do know your alcohol limit and drink aware is a great website to be able to do this.

Always seek medical help if you are concerned.

Alcohol Free Wine has come of age

Not so long ago I would not have touched alcohol free wine and when people said it was just sweet grape juice I really found it hard to argue back.

For some reason it even lagged behind alcohol free sparkling wine but I am never quite sure why.

Alcohol Free Wine tastes great

The fact is wine can now be made as wine but the alcohol is taken out through a process called dealcoholization which means both the taste and aroma of the wine stays in the product.

I would go to one of my favorite countries for my preferred choice which comes in red, white and rose and also caters for a dry palette.

It’s called Torres Alcohol Free which if you are an alcohol wine drinker I have no doubt you will have heard of it.

I have written about why I think it is good here with the option to buy.

Spain really is an alcohol free friendly country in many ways, more so for beer and wine less so for spirits it has to be said.

However, is has been at the forefront of the alcohol free beer revolution.

So what is your recommendation?

I would love to know what your choice would be for drinks without alcohol. From water to alcohol free gin I am always looking to try new things.

Maybe you are a great homemade drink maker but have found a way to keep most of the sugar out for example.

Or maybe you have an alcoholic free beer that is your passion. Do some countries make it easier than others?

I would love to know your thoughts on for drinks without alcohol try these. Just leave your comment below, I always respond and it helps others who read the blog.



4 thoughts on “For drinks without alcohol”

  1. Thank you for pointing out that just because someone quits or takes a break from alcohol, it doesn’t mean they “have a problem” with alcohol.  There are so many awesome alcohol substitutes that have been used incognito for years, I’m happy to see some come to the forefront.  Ginger beer is one of my favorites, my brothers was Oringina and sparkling water.  You know those big red party cups stacked by the rum punch?  Fill it up with water and no one will ever guess.  As for those alcohol-free wines and beers?  Not a fan although I know many people who are.  I’ve never tried the gin.  Thank you for this great article and fantastic ideas for surviving Dry January!

    • Hey Cynthia wow lots of great tips here, and I love them. I had not thought about those big red cups but you are so right. That’s a brilliant idea!! 

      Many thanks for commenting and adding such value to drinks without alcohol. I realy enjoyed reading that. Brilliant. I wish you all the best, Phil

  2. I think for a lot of people when they go out and socialize, it is not about what they are drinking, but just to have a drink in your hand to look like you are having a good time. Whether that drink is alcoholic or not, nobody is really going to care, except yourself.

    It is great to see that there are so many alternatives available now like beer and wine that is alcohol-free. Ginger beer is another great alternative and it tastes great too, just don’t gulp them down too fast as there is plenty of sugar in those.

    • Hi Michel, thanks for a great comment and its much appreciated. I agree its good news that there are more and more options now coming through. 

      And you are so right about keeping an eye on the sugar. I know many alcohol free wines and beers are keeping a close eye on this. Luckily with the new production processes sugar is becoming less of an issue. 

      I drink the ginger beer light version so it takes out any of the sugar issues and its tastes great. Thanks so much for stopping by. All the best, Phil


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