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Flavia coffee machine – Review

I will be honest I have never been a massive fan of coffee machines but since getting liver disease and realizing the benefits of drinking coffee it dawned on me that there are many merits to getting a coffee machine.

I have been impressed by a flavia coffee machine however!

Its the real deal and no you don’t have to have liver disease to enjoy one!

I am often asked questions by you about coffee in general so I am adding this review into the mix. Yes you can get instant coffee and I often do but having a good coffee machine at a reasonable price is actually well worth it.

As an aside I am actually shocked by the price of an ordinary supermarket jar of coffee so might as well upgrade!

However, here is the thing.

I am not going to break the bank for one and I want one where I can easily order supplies. There is also some value in promoting liver health and of course it looks reasonably trendy in the corner of my work office.

So I have gone and I am using the Flavia Fusion Coffee Machine Caribbean Blue version which I have to say is very impressive!

Here are my thoughts.

Overall Rank for Flavia Fusion Coffee Machine Caribbean Blue

I like this machine as it gives good quality coffee with a great aroma without paying through their nose for it. I know some people think buying very expensive versions is key to good coffee but in reality if you are a good product you will be fine.

If you are looking after your live health or just enjoy a good cup of coffee this is perfectly great as its a top-notch machine as far as coffee machines go.

Flavia Coffee Machines

Rating 10/10

I rate this very highly based on the following criteria :

  • Cost
  • Great taste
  • The brand
  • Quality of the Equipment
  • Sachet ordering
  • No mess
  • Brand awareness
  • Easy to fill with water


  • With this version you can adopt the height so you can get different cups sizes in the machine although I use disposable paper cups that get recycled. Although bear in mind I have this in a small office so its ideal for guests but if you are at home you could you use your regular coffee cup in this coffee machine by Flavia.
  • There is enough water for 30 small cups at a time before refilling, you just take the easy lid off.
  • This doubles up use wise as it makes coffee, tea and also if you are a fan of espresso then you are sorted with this make of coffee maker
  • You can easily order filter packs which you can insert and are very friendly to use, even I could buy them after my first attempt!
  • Overall I don’t know anyone who can’t use it
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty to give you peace of mind
  • Holds 1.5 liters of water
  • The price is great value.


  • This does not deliver just hot water so you would need to have a kettle for that but then you are not paying a price for a commercial use coffee machine either. Its all a balance!
  • You have to re-order supplies so plan ahead!
  • This is not a commercial unit so please don’t use it as one.
  • Just watch your caffeine levels! You don’t want to end up with shakes that are not even caused by alcohol or a hangover.
  • If you enjoy just an instant jar of coffee this is not for you. You can taste the strength and quality.
  • You have to plan to order your new supplies

I was asked to review the commercial version but I can’t as I don’t I’m afraid. Sorry.

There are not many cons to be honest or at least I cannot find them. The positives far outweigh any negatives.

I am especially impressed by the value and ease of use. In my experience many coffee machine of this sort fall well short!

Product details

The Flavia Fusion Coffee Machine is good in that allows various different filter packs to be used with a range of drinks. Of course, you have to use the brand but that is standard practice.

The brand offers a coffee, espresso machine and tea maker all-in-one although bear in mind you just can’t use it for water so I continue to have a kettle nearby which is no sweat really. Everyone needs a kettle 🙂

The range of sachet options is very impressive although I generally keep it to tea and coffee in the main. Their claims of no mess is very true as you can really dispose of the sachet straight away without any hassle whatsoever.

Would you use it for a small office?

Yes I would say to that question, not a big office but certainly a small one which is where I use mine. Bear in mind it’s one drink at a time so you ideally don’t want a queue forming.

It is good for small spaces and to be honest I would say you don’t need to have a big kitchen at all as long as you have a good space for it. The kitchen is use is really just a work space.

  • Height 330 mm,
  • Width 230mm,
  • Depth 355mm.
  • Weight 3.95 kg.

In terms of the drink settings there are several volume settings which come in real handy. These are 90ml, 120ml, 150ml, 180ml, 210ml in size.

The electric consumption at boiling point comes in at 1400 Watts and when in standby as you would expect very low at 1.6 Watts. The actual supply is 240 V/60 Hz.

Read is coffee good for the liver here


Here Is the good thing for your back pocket or purse as you can generally get this for under £100 which personally is an exceptional value especially when you consider the warranty. ( 12 months)

I have included by affiliate link here below and you pay the same but help my alcohol free lifestyle blog.



Reasons to drink coffee

Most medical experts now accept small amounts of coffee are helpful for a healthy liver but coffee is also full of antioxidants so there are good reasons to enjoy a coffee or two.

If you are reducing your alcohol intake any alternatives can be great but avoid stacking it with sugar and fat laden milk especially if watching the calories. It can easily be done!

Remember adding lots of full fat milk and tons of extra ingredients like sugar and sweet flavors can work against you.

Remember also that too much caffeine can be dangerous.

Is coffee good for the liver ?

There was an experience that went wrong in Newcastle in the UK where the wrong amount of caffeine was given to research students to ascertain the effect of coffee / caffeine on the body and most people ended up in intensive care needing urgent treatment.

Now this was extreme but a few cups over coffee in the morning is the perfect way to start your day and of course avoid drinking it at night as it can in reality keep you awake!

It is caffeine after all!

I discuss the benefits of a liver friendly diet here.


There is something about having a trendy and convenient coffee machine like Flavia Fusion Coffee Machine Caribbean Blue in the corner of your office or kitchen space.

It’s like any gadget. It can certainly be worth the money if you use it and the one I use certainly gets a good workout to say the least.

It looks the part with no mess and the supplies are is quick and easy to get. The one issue I often get asked about is this :

Is it sturdy and the answer is absolutely. Yes

I would love to know what coffee machine you use and if coffee has helped you on your alcohol free journey or just as an alternative drink.

Do you own a flavia coffee machine and if so what do you think of it? Better still do you own Flavia Fusion Coffee Machine Caribbean Blue and if so do you think my review is accurate.

Leave your comments and questions below.

There is more on liver health from the British Liver Trust on their website

4 thoughts on “Flavia Coffee Machine – Review”

  1. I don’t own a coffee machine but I am looking at getting one for my partner who likes to have a cup of coffee. 

    I enjoyed reading this review and i found that you have covered all the points that i would have been looking for.

    thank you for such a thorough review. 

    • My pleasure Tina, and thanks for reading. I think a good coffee machine can be great but don’t pay over the odds for it. I really appreciate you stopping by. All the best, Phil

  2. Haha thanks for the article my guy! I actually found this review really helpful, as I do like drinking coffee. I don’t drink it on a consistent basis, because I simply just don’t need caffeine all the time. But when I do, I don’t mind waiting a bit for a cup of coffee to brew. I think me and this coffee machine would be the perfect match! 

    • Hey thanks much for the response! It is much appreciated. To be honest, I get a bit obsessed with coffeee mainly because of my liver and its health and there are great reasons for drinking it according to various research but I also don’t want to pay a fortune.  This machine covers both of those and I am pleased you found the review helpful. All the best and thanks for stopping by! Phil


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