Fever Tree Tonic Water

I have to be honest and am a big fan of Fever Tree Tonic.

What not to like from a natural product and yes its alcohol free ! Its a mixer after all.

I think the quality of tonic water has become a bigger part of the alcohol free drinks market and since going alcohol free I have noticed how important it is in getting a wider choice. Plus I am really mean quality I guess.

I kind of made a decision early on that I was going to pay good money for alcohol free gin like Seedlip.

So given that I was not going to cut corners then I may as well have good tonic water to go with it. See you don’t need alcohol to treat yourself!

There is no point cutting corners on your tonic water I have come to realize especially in this case if you are also watching your sugar intake.

In fact more alcohol free gin is on the way ranging from local cost brands in supermarkets to middle cost brands like the one just launched from Gordon’s Alcohol Free Gin.

My top 5 alcohol free gin choices are here

What is interesting about the branding on Gordon’s Alcohol Free Gin is I think it is one of the first ones to adopt a “0.0 branding” approach making it nice and clear what you are drinking.

A review on this newcomer will I hope be joy to write!

Alcohol Free Zero Beers


Up to this point 0.0 has been the dominant approach in alcohol free beer not alcohol free spirits. Including of course the distinct blue color that gives it away when the cast are drinking alcohol free in TV shows!

0.0 is based on the abv figure so alcohol by volume!

You can read about alcohol free beer brands here.

In fact many alcohol free gins are heading ahead of the beer and wines and you can expect to see more alcohol free spirit launches this year.

This seem to have captured the public imagination so expect to see Fever Tree Tonic Water become an even bigger part of that trend.

You can read my review of alcohol free wines online here

I do think wine is behind the trend in many waves although you can read about how its improved by clicking the link above.

Online is a surefire the way to go for alcohol free wine, red, rose and white.

The Alcohol Free Gin Myth

There is a myth that says that alcohol free gin is low quality.

Actually you might even end up paying more for an alcohol free gin than a so-called “house” gin. The production process and the ingredients are actually top-level stuff.

So it goes without saying that I want the best to go with it and low calorie so Fever Tree Light really hits the spot!

If fact my alcohol drinking friends agree even their world when it comes to gin so I must be right on some level.

Fever Tree Tonic has a range of different types to suit different kind of gin including alcohol free ones.

Who owns Fever Tree Tonic Water

The two creators of the brand noted that spirit drinking was an increasing a trend. It seemed that the tonic water should be high quality not an after thought and I couldn’t agree more.

There is no point diluting great quality spirit alcohol or alcohol free as its about a quality experience.

Fever Tree and Alcohol Free Gin

If you think about it, the industry had neglected them and the fever tree brand jumped into the gap in the market.

Who can blame them?

They have designed various different tonics to suit the different flavors and even though I drink alcohol free the same rules apply as for example Seedlip has a lot of different flavors.

So I you are not going for the light version there is a whole breath of flavors and aromas to choose.

You can read my review of Seedlip Alcohol Free Gin here

After all gin or alcohol free gin should be an experience not just a “knock back drink”! Its not a diet drink either it that sense so a cheap can of pop!

They have also diversified into ginger bears and lemonades so you get the sense that all the tastes are based on the same high quality.

You can purchase Fever Trees Tonic below. As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases but this does not affect what you pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines



Please leave a comment below especially if you think other tonic water is better, especially if you are going to try it with alcohol free gin.

If you are concerned about your alcohol intake always check your limit through the drink aware website


I tend to go for the light version

This is for no other reason other than that alcohol free gin has very little calories so it seems a shame to just fill it up with “full on calorie tonic”.

Having said that whatever you are getting is good quality. Even if its full on fat!

And yet during special occasions I will go for whatever takes my fancy! Depending on of course what alcohol free gin I am tasting.

The same goes for alcohol version as well but not alcohol for me of course!

Although I was never a big gin drinker to be fair.

Fever Tree Tonic Light

The light Fever Tree option mixes subtle botanical flavors with the usual mix of fresh spring water. The guys who created Fever Tree also traveled the world to get the top quality quinine.

This gives it a great quality taste but the good news and you are looking at nearly 46% fewer calories.

Seedlip Alcohol Free gin also has very little calories so it’s the perfect mix!

The good news is that artificial sweeteners or colors are not used and they use fructose rather than sugar cane so fewer calories go as weight on your hips.

Well at least mind anyway.

It is generally a “can type option” which allows you to control the measures and in my view you get much less wastage rather than those big bottles of tonic water I remember as a kid.

So personally recycled cans are better than the plastic bottles when you think about the environment.

Fever Tree Ingredients.

As you will see from the ingredients you can see how transparent they are as a brand and actually the ingredients are kept as natural.

Carbonated Spring Water, Fructose (Fruit Sugar), Acid: Citric Acid, Natural Flavorings including Natural Quinine.

The botanicals are used from various sources which I think reflects the foundations travel when creating their brand including the use of the natural quinine and oils from Mexican Bitter Oranges. This adds to the flavor and aromas for the Fever Tree Tonic offer.

Quinine in Tonic Water Should I be worried?

There are a lot of myths about Quinine in Tonic Water but it’s natural in the production process and comes from the tree called cinchona.

I have actually heard of people chucking it over their body on holiday to help against mosquitoes. To be honest you might be better getting a spray from your local pharmacy or chemist.

But I can understand where the story comes from and the basics are right!

South America, Central America, Caribbean, and certain areas of Africa where you might find it. And to the question of malaria, yes would be right, well kind of !

Where is Quinine from ?

Quinine was created as an early deterrent to combat malaria so it is jot an urban myth.

It fact over the year it had saved thousands of lives before a more advanced treatment could be established according to the Healthline Website.

However, when you are talking Quinine in tonic water the amount is so low that it compares nothing to the amount used.

In fact in the USA the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) only allows tonic water to contain no more than 83 parts per million of quinine.

Fever Tree Gin and Tonic

It is possible to get side effects from quinine but not at that level, its actually regulated really well in that sense!

In fact Quinine is only given in a few regions to combat malaria as other medicine has been developed so this should not spoil your alcohol or alcohol free gin taste session.

Different need and different amount.

Gin aside is of course alcohol free which we like tonic water is also used in gin and vodka.

However, here we are really concerned with how it tastes in Alcohol Free Gin and Fever Tree is the best.

There is no doubt in my mind but it’s down to personal taste of course!

I even know some chefs that are using alcohol free gin and tonic to fry food and add flavor. And with so much alcohol still being used in food production especially in desserts that is music to my ears!

What’s your favorite?

I would love to know if you have tried Fever Tree Tonic water and not just the low calorie version either. Have you tried alcohol free gin and if so what tonic would you use.

Have you seen the new alcohol free spirit and gins coming through and would you try them? If so let me know as I would love to have your view on Fever Tree Tonic Water.



6 thoughts on “Fever Tree Tonic Water”

  1. Thank you for this great review for Fever-Tree Tonic Water.   With the increase in demand for mocktails and alcohol-free mixed drinks, it’s no wonder the quality and variety of mixers have improved.  That’s good!  In days gone by (when my husband quit drinking) the variety was dismal and so was the taste.  To stop consuming alcohol seemed to be something to be ashamed of instead of rewarded.  I’m so glad times have changed.  Thank you for posting.

    • Wow spot on there Cynthia, I totally agree and what is interesting is that the more the alcohol free drinks choice goes up the better the mixers. 

      I agree on the shamed comment! I frequently am. 

      I did not mention mocktails and the use of the tonic water quality wise. That’s an excellent point and one I will address. A good call.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and and commenting on Fever Tree Tonic Water. I wish you all the best, Phil

  2. Thanks for your review on fever tree tonic water. I remember that my first drink ever was gin and tonic and I still love it till now. The thing is I am also loke you cutting down on alcohol. I find myself that I have no need for it in my life and I can socialize drinking non alcoholic drinks. I have to check out seedlip that you mentioned.  I agree, a drink should be something that you enjoy not something that you mindlessly chuck it down, what is the experience then? Thanks for the review and the ingredients. Ibam going to give it a try. 

    • Hey Nuttanee, you are so right, it is a drink to take your time over and it is good to have a good tonic water to go with with. 

      Thanks so much for taking time out to comment on Fever Tree Tonic Water. 

      I really appreciate you stopping by and your insightful comment and experience of alcohol free. All the very best, Phil

  3. Hello there! Oh cool, I am glad I ran into this. I have a couple friends who likes to drink alcohol and bring me with them. Apparently, I am mildly allergic to alcohol so I can’t drink too much of it. Now that I know about this drink, I can kind of “blend” in with them since it “looks” like an alcoholic beverage even though its not. Thanks for showing this!

    • My pleasure Mike and thanks for reading Fever Tree Tonic Water. Its certainly my default choice nowadays! Sorry to hear about your mild allergy to alcohol. 

      Quite a few people have mentioned that on the blog.

      I write about having an allergy to alcohol here. 

      I have certainly have found having an alcohol free gin in my hand wih fever tree tonic water takes the pressure off socially.  Its strange but true. 

      I really appreciate you stopping by. All the best, Phil


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