Estrella Galicia 0 0 – another great spanish choice. Review

estrella galicia 0 0 – another great Spanish choice

With the Estrella Brand behind it this could really go places and pass into the mainstream.

Overall Rank for estrella galicia 0 0

This is probably one of the better long-standing alcohol free beers in the Spanish market but available in many countries. The Spanish are so good with this option, This would be in the top five for me and of course it is really well branded using the simple but helpful 00 effect on the label. Reviews are my personal experience and shared here at

Rating 8/10

estrella galicia 0 0 ,the design is really clear which really great. Not top of my favorites but a very welcome option. Gets extra points for its availability when traveling in Spain.

Product Description

estrella galicia 0 0 is an alcohol free beer so gets a big thumbs up from me. Very refreshing and again with these beers, very mild citrus jumps out which I like. It certainly feels like they have kept the flavor of beer and its color is light amber. Again its 0.0 abv credentials are to be applauded


0.0% ABV so alcohol by volume which is a key factor and you can click here to find out why this rating is important for an alcohol free beer. I know this sounds strange but you can get it at Spanish airports. It’s just there in the counter area, no fuss, no questions and its availability for me is a big plus. You can also buy it online just click the picture below. It’s a big brand now worldwide. Normally sold in the more cask ales bars.


It’s probably slightly heavier than a San Miguel or some of the others but that does not distract from the taste. The bottles are a slightly odd shape and can be a bit smaller than some beer if a grip is important .

The beer needs to be really cold and I would recommend you drinking out of a bottle where possible. As it is a big brand make sure you get the 0.0 abv version, as there could be room for confusion. A bit more pricey than some.


Estrella Calicia 00 comes in at around £26 an average for 12 bottles ( click for online purchase). Generally not found in mainstream bars in my experience but establishments do have it in the more refined taste pubs.

Enjoy With

I would definitely say this is a casual drinking 0.0% abv option for alcohol free beer rather than food.


An excellent addition for me personally if a bit pricey currently but I really enjoy the taste. It boasts its credentials and definitely seems to have a passion for its product. I would recommend as a good social option. The spanish make it happen again for non-alcoholic beer choices



6 thoughts on “Estrella Galicia 0 0 – another great spanish choice. Review”

  1. Estrella Galactica sounds like a good beer I could try. Personally, I usually drink normal beer. I’ve only tried alcohol-free beer a few times and I have liked it.

    I think regardless of its alcohol content, all beer should be drunk cold. Warm beer is a no-no.

    Do you know if they’re sold in the U.S.? Also, do they only come in glass bottles or cans too?

    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your reply.

    • Enrique thanks for your comment. The US is a different market for 0.0 alcohol free beer but I know heineken 0.0 is available freely. I am aware this brewer Estrella Gailcia 0 0 has a distribition warehouse in Virgina but I not sure which states they distribute to. I know I have seen it around but not every where which is true of a lots of alcohol free options. Sometimes you have to ask for it bizarrely. This brand come in bottle and cans , bottles in bars and cans in supermarkets mainly. 

      I agree on the cold point, spot on….

      I hope that helps and I really appreciate you taking time out. If you need anything else just let me know. All the best, Phil

      • Hey Phil,
        It’s here in Minnesota. I picked some up for the first time a few days ago. It’s an excellent alcohol free beer. This and Heineken 0.0 are the best ones hands down. And there are many available here. Moritz 0.0 is available here too – and I would say it’s lighter than Estrella Galician and Heineken. The problem with it, is that it’s shipped here in those clear bottles. It develops a skunky flavor when it has to travel that far.
        How do the other Spanish NA’s stack up against Estrella and Heineken?

        Jerry J.

        • Hey Jerry, that is great to hear! wow, that is impressive. To be honest I love Spanish Alcohol-Free Hands down. Overall San Miguel is a good bet but so is Free Damm. You are a bit shocked at how many there are. Let me know what else you find and great to hear from you, Phil

  2. Hi, Phil. Thanks for these articles about alcohol and how alcohol affects our body. 

    I have friends living in Spain. They really drink a lot, they compete with Brits. As you know, they go to bed very late, so, How I could help this one friend in particular (He is a nephrologist) so he knows how alcohol affects him. , 

    What first step of advice should I give to my friend? It is so difficult to get rid of a bottle of beer with tapas and guisado in front of you, Phil. I don´t drink but in that situation even a person that usually don´t drink, would give a try.  

    The information that you have in your posts are very useful. I read about your experience, which make me ask one last question; Do you know of 00 drinks that would be easy to find in Madrid?

    Thanks again, for your valuable information.

    • Hi Miselis, thankyou so much for making it real and your comment was so insightful.

      In terms of your friend I think it is very difficult to get people to stop doing something. In my experience telling people they should do something rarely works especially in terms of alcohol.  So it has to come from their own journey and wake up call. 

      My decision was really simple even though I was just a social drinker and nothing extreme ( probably over tapas many a time) my liver was failing for various reasons so one more drink even a social one could kill me. I have not drunk a drop since which is why I am passionate about 0.0 drink choices. 

      So there have to be boundaries but don’t judge is my advice. It has to be their decision. 

      My experience has been great in Spain and I have not come across anywhere that does not sell it in some form so you have to ask for it I notice but culturally there is no judgement ordering alcohol free like there is in some countries. Madrid is a fantastic city and I think although I have not been for a while it was freely available. 

      I really enjoyed reading your comment. Thank you, Phil


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