Is Espora Alcohol- Free Red Wine Any good?

The question is, are there any good alcohol-free red wines? In this episode of the Alcohol Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast, we decide on Spanish Alcohol- Free wine and Esporia Non-Alcoholic Red Wine to review.

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What will be reviewed? 

Espora Red which is classed as a Cabernet Sauvignon

Espora Zero Red is a non-alcoholic wine, but you may also read about it being alcohol-free.

Unfortunately, names are very much interchangeable in alcohol-free drinks, which can add to the confusion.

Its origin is the Southern region of Spain, and if you are obsessed with not replacing alcohol with sugar, you will be pleased to know that you have zero alcohol and the producers don’t add sugar either.

That is good news!

Is Espora Alcohol-Free Red Wine free of alcohol?

We checked it a few times to make sure it was not alcohol!

But yes, this is one of those wines that we can say hand on heart. It is alcohol-free.

I have to say we need more of these brands.

I am personally a bit fed up with very cheap alcohol-free wine stuck on the bottom shelf and are as affordable as chips!

And the taste shows that on the first mouthful. Yuck!

Our taste test of alcohol-free drinks is designed to give you an everyday insight into the option from both a drinkers’ perspective and a non-drinkers’ perspective.

Alcohol-Free wine can get a lousy rap in general, and Ian, my co-host, needed to be convinced, so in our theme of Spain, that was a destination in terms of alcohol-free wine that we decided to try.

You can hear the full alcohol-free drinks podcast below or read on for a review.



What is Espora Alcohol-Free Red Look and Feel?

Now Ian, my co-presenter, was the one to impress here as I know he was expecting a glass of Ribena and some fruity red squash, and he was impressed from the first smell when I poured it into the glass.

Now I will probably get in trouble saying it looks and feels a bit like a Beaujolais Nouveau, but it does, but only in a sense; it is nice and fruity.

Ian found it on the sweet side, but, for me, it was tropical, an excellent light wine you would get from the Andalusia region of Spain.

When I poured it into a glass in the podcast studio, it looks clean and very much of a cherry red feel.

Although it took a while to get the cork out, it has been a while!

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast

The aromas jumped out, and yes, I supposed you could describe it as either sweet or fruity.

The big thing to flag here is that it has an excellent sweet side.


Not the thoughts or taste you get when you think of grape juice that alcohol-free wine used to be known for.

The Cabernet wine grape comes through.

There is a slightly oaky feel to the wine, but it’s a very light drink overall.

Yes, there are tannins, but they are not harsh, and it has a pleasant aftertaste.

Ingredients of Espora Alcohol-Free Red Wine

We are a bit surprised at the level of detail on the bottle, and maybe that is something they could take note of.

Given that I can’t drink alcohol, I am obsessed with labels, and I couldn’t see an abv information as such, although it was clear it was nonalcoholic.

  • Grape extract
  • Preservatives E242 & E220
  • Calories 12 kcal
  • Carbohydrates 2.4g
  • Protein 0gr
  • Ethanol 0%
  • Fat 0gr
  • Polyphenols 0.3gr

A bit of research, and I noticed it’s halal-friendly, although it does not say this on the label.

A missed trick there, maybe?

Where Can You Buy Espora Alcohol-Free Red Wine?

It’s frustrating that you seem to order certain alcohol-free red wines online and not in a pub or restaurant with your Sunday Lunch.

We were even let down on the alcohol-free podcast with a supplier, but luckily, the team at helped us out.

The above is not an affiliate link.

Are there any good non-alcoholic red wines?

Now, if you are worried that alcohol-free wine is expensive, you would right to do so as it is not cheap given that the wine has to be made and then the alcohol removed.

That process is not cheap.

But if you are looking for cheap alcohol-free red wine, Espora certainly won’t send you back into alcohol-free finances hell.

The Alcohol-Free Red Wine Taste Test with Espora Wine

However, if you want a good experience of non-alcoholic red wine, we suggest not buying on the cheap as you will end up being disappointed.

My early days of leading an alcohol-free lifestyle reinforced everything I thought about Alcohol-Free Drink.

However, the big wineries are now in the mix when it comes down to non-alcoholic red wines.

Both brands like Espora and Torres from Spain are recently setting the benchmark.

If these guys are taking alcohol-free wine seriously, then we know things taste wise are improving.

We are due to review the Torres range on the alcohol-free drinks podcast from very soon. Thoughts welcome at

What food would go with Espora alcohol-Free Red Wine?

Even though I don’t drink alcohol, I like choice and often think the alcohol free drinks plan is really about that.

You may be driving or just giving up alcohol because you can’t drink.

Of course, you should avoid alcohol-free drinks if they are likely to trigger a habit, so please get help if that is you.

If you have a British Sunday lunch, this Espora Wine would be a light and perfect match.

I would also go as far as to say that any steak meal would be a great addition and a meat-based barbecue.

I might also be on my own with this, non-alcoholic wise, but any Asian food would go well.

I was thinking of Thai and Chinese in particular.

Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Alcoholic Wine

If you ask in any shop about alcohol-free drinks in general, you will get a clueless look. I am not surprised as it’s very confusing.

People need help reduce their alcohol intake, and an excellent place to start is the drinkaware website.

Your wine bottle label is the best place to find out about alcohol-free red wine, but you will need to know what you are looking for.

Is alcohol-free wine alcohol-free?

The branding worldwide for alcohol-free wine can mean very different things, so it is very much buyer beware. In the UK, we have some helpful guidelines.

Is alcohol-free wine alcohol free?

The one thing that can happen through it is different rules in different countries, and what people interpret as alcohol-free can be low alcohol.

Even some alcohol-free drinks might have a trace of alcohol but then so does orange juice and even your banana, so it all needs to be seen in those terms.

If you have any health issues that you think might impact your drinking alcohol-free red wine, always consult with your health professional.

If I could sum it up in terms even I can understand, then I would say that if you are reading the following, this will help:

  • Non-alcoholic
  • Alcohol-free
  • Dealcoholized

In reality, you are looking at little or no alcohol. Most alcohol-free wine is made with the same process as the so-called average wine.

But then the alcohol is removed.

There is a very separate categorisation in the UK, which I think is the most helpful and used by websites such as drinkaware.

  • Alcohol-free: no more than 0.05% ABV
  • De-alcoholised: no more than 0.5% ABV
  • Low alcohol: no more than 1.2% ABV

This is far removed from an abv of say 4 per cent in a pint of beer.

Divide four by 0.05, and you get my drift, hopefully.

The answer is 80 in case your maths is like mine.

If you need further clarification, read:

 How much alcohol is in orange juice?

Is there any non-alcoholic wine that tastes like wine?

Luckily things have changed, and there is big marketing money going into the science and branding of alcohol-free wine.

Expectations of non-alcohol wine have led to “we want more dryness”, but brands such as Espora and Torres fill the gap on the more traditional perspective of wine.

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast Taste Test

One word of caution, though. Alcohol-free wines are meant to mimic the alcohol version, not be them.

After all, they don’t; have alcohol in them, for starters, so as much as the winery makes the process very similar, there will always be some difference.

Through the blog and the podcast, many people have different expectations of alcohol-free wine and its taste, but it is still about managing expectations.

The caveat is that the taste of alcohol-free red wine and other alcohol-free wines is changing and getting better every year!

Good news.

Have you tried Espora Alcohol-Free Red Wine?

I would love to know your view on episode seven of the alcohol-free drink podcast and, of course, Espora Alcohol-Free Red Wine.

Have you tried many alcohol-free wines, and if so, what did you think of them?

We also discuss the airlines’ choice regarding drinks in this weeks podcast, and Ian had discovered alcohol-free champagne with a bizarre name.

We would love you to join in the podcast or just get involved, so leave your thoughts and comment below.

Editors Note: 00abv paid for the wine reviewed in the podcast.





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