Elderflower Presse – a great alternative

Firstly what is Elderflower and then a Presse

So some garden facts first. Small, white elder flowers grow on elderberry bushes, which are found throughout the U.K., northern Europe as well as in parts of North America, and their time is around from late May to early June. It is also a drink option driven by celebrities and sometimes these things can be good if it gives us 0.0% fans more options at home, when you are socializing. It can wake up the manufactuers to other potential sales and profit options and ultimately we as the consumer benefit. A few summers ago Meghan and Harry ( royal fame ) has it in their wedding cake. It passed me by at the time to be honest but the public thought presse “I want to be drinking that” following this startling revelation. Follow the trends and all that. A presse as they call it is simple a drink made from freshly squeezed fruit juice, sugar, and ice although I think this refers to a homemade way of doing things rather than the bottled brands out today. It is pretty organic in that sense and has some very natural ingredients especially when you create a Presse Mocktail with it.


Why is it a good alcohol 0.0 abv alternative?

It is fizzy and Elderflower Presse can be poured in a wine glass and is everywhere nowadays although less so in eateries and restaurants. There is something quite nice about a tall wine glass plenty of ice and a slice when having a meal out when your family and friends are on the wine. If I am honest and I am one year in to my 0.0% abv alcohol lifestyle, wine has been the biggest dissapointment. The industry seems to have failed us on achieving a fantastic solution for alcohol free wine whereas the brewers in the 0.0% beer business seem ahead of the game. From supermarkets to online there are so many presse brands to try out including the more “light versions” as in this lifestyle you do need to watch the sugar. I have often talked about attitudes to non-drinks and bizarrely no-one seems to question you if you have a wine glass ice topped up with presse. It seems a totally different reaction to drinking alcohol free beer or 00 beer as I like to call it.

The brands

Belvoir ELDERFLOWER PRESSE Light really works for me as you can watch the calories and when I’m dining out one at of my favorite pizza places it is really visible on the menu. If often comes in a small bottle for convenience when dining which you can top up with sparkling water. It is really light and it can be great at summer barbecues with it is tropical feel. The branding is also really clear on most products to do with presse so there is no confusion but double check if you mix it with something else.

The other brand that really works for me is a UK own supermarket brand called Morrisons which has a sugar free option. If I am honest when you give up alcohol and this is a great tip from my consultant regardless of circumstance even if it is just a lifestyle change is that you can if you are not careful replace alcohol with sugar. I think it is true and he makes the point that people who give up alcohol for all sorts of reasons can pile on the calories as they look for alternatives which can be sugar heavy. So I aim for the light version if I can to balance out my intake of unwanted sugar just as with the diet ginger beer options

Ideas for Drinking Elderflower Presse

Belvoir ELDERFLOWER PRESSE Light one of my preferred options as do other presses as they throw open the door to all sorts of drink ideas where you can add fresh fruit or cordials into the mix. Think ginger, raspberries, spices in fact anything that is not alcohol can go in the mix. I am also pleased to say that most bars now have a mocktail menu as this is another great step forward as it reduces the social stigmas that can come from not drinking alcohol, yes it is wrong but it exists. So my favorite Elderflower presse mocktail if your interested is :

  • 20ml Elderflower Presse light version if avaiable
  • a few lime wedges
  • pink grapefruit juice
  • Cloudy lemonade
  • You can create for yourself an Elderflower fizz which can be made with most brands so the choice is endless. I am not suggesting this would be an everyday option but great for outdoor events and social gatherings.

So try it and let me know in the comments below or any experience with presse to be honest. Or you can try some various books on mocktails on amazon which are excellent to tip in and out of for idea.

 Be inventive with your solutions around Elderflower Presse

So the benefits really outweigh any downsides unless you are unsure of the taste and some people are. I know my sister find them sickly but then she also texts me to say sorry but I’m really enjoying wine. People are people and choices are choices just don’t thrust them on others. Even people taking part  in so called Dry January can be sensitive as giving up alcohol is a big deal. The various Presse brands can help this as an alternative especially when dining, parties and at home with a late night film. The wine glass drink is a good trick to knock back the critics but only if you are comfortable with that. Given the poor selection of 0.0% alcohol free wines presse seems like a good tasty option right now and yes I am fan! Remember ice and a slice, keep it cold!

If you have any experience with presse drinking and or some good ideas for mocktails leave a comment below as I would love to hear from you. I would also like to hear your recommendations for 0.0 abv alcoholic wines again just leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “Elderflower Presse – a great alternative”

  1. Hi Phil,

    I didn’t know that such a dink even existed. It is surely a nice and refreshing option for this summer. Thanks a lot for offering a new option.



  2. Hi Phil,

    It could be just me, but I feel as if elderflower has really taken off over the past few years. These recipe ideas sound ideal, and to be honest, most drinks with elderflower are designed so that you don’t taste the alcohol anyway, so you get a cheaper and healthier drink. Win win


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