Ego at the Green Dragon Lymm – Best Alcohol-Free venue in Cheshire

Ego at the Green Dragon Lymm is not an alcohol-free pub at all. It is just a great venue.

But guess what, from an alcohol-free drinker perspective, they blew my mind with the choice offered.

OK, most bars and restaurants don’t give it a second thought. But this place did set itself apart.

And that is great news if you are going alcohol-free or don’t drink alcohol.

But it was by accident, so surprise or lost opportunity?

In my opinion, pubs and restaurants should promote non-alcoholic drinks.

This should be happening everywhere, in my opinion.

I have been in a pub before where I have ordered an alcohol-free beer or zero fizzes, and the server has gone to their manager, only to return and tell me that there is no such drink on their menu.

This means the staff do not know about their drink list, which is ridiculous if you ask me.

And for customers who are driving or pregnant, it can be a real pain having to be faced with little or no choice at all.

At best, it might be cola or sparkling water.

Our pubs across the UK and the world, for that matter, are missing out on a massive market by not offering proper alcohol-free choices.

Alcohol -Free is a growing trend but less so in bars and restaurants

And before you go blah blah blah, it is not just children but also adults who do not want anything alcoholic yet still want to enjoy an evening with their family and friends over dinner in a restaurant or pub.

If you ask for an alcohol-free drink like a beer, people give you that look as if you say the alcoholic has arrived.

Let’s be honest, if more restaurants had alcohol-free options, this would not only please us alcohol-free customers but could make a lot of money for the business.

Maybe more people than who could afford to eat out.

I mean, no big taxi bills, right?

What is the Ego at the Green Dragon, and why is it alcohol-free?

Well, that is my point it is an excellent restaurant with alcohol-free choices.

There is nothing worse than trying to force your friends to go to an alcohol-free pub. I mean, there aren’t that many around either.

But Ego Lymm is just a great new restaurant that impressed me with the food, but the alcohol-free options were the icing on the cake.

Ego at The Green Dragon (its former name) is a traditional English village pub garden located just outside the beautiful village of Lymm in Cheshire.

Or in Lymm, depending on who you talk to.

The venue offers some of the best cuisines around, with excellent food.

And drink served alongside some alcohol-free choice and the typical drinking fayre.

It is a dog-friendly venue, which seems to count for a lot, and in the summer, I imagine the garden is the perfect place for a day out.

Ego Lymm certainly has a feel of good times and happiness and excellent service.

I ignored the toilet flood as that can happen anywhere, right?

Food-wise it was plain to spicy. Delicious Mediterranean inspired dishes akin to French Bistros and Mediterranean taverns using the finest ingredients available, or so they said, but it tasted very fresh to me!

The states were tasty, and I went for the Calamari followed by the Tagine and both tasted fab.

The Ego Lymm Alcohol-Free Options.

But let’s cut to the chase. It was the alcohol-free option that took me back.

I mean, it just doesn’t happen. So here are 5 choices any bar would be proud of offering. And they did!

Peroni Libera  0.0%

The Peroni Libera beer is a classic Italian-style lager. It has an alcohol-free taste with a hint of sweetness and a malty, fruity finish.

With low carbohydrate and sugar content, this beer offers the taste of real ale without the effects of alcohol (move over, ‘real ale’ lager!).

Peroni Alcohol Free at Ego Lymm

Suitable for those who do not want to drink alcohol!

It has excellent 0.0 abv credentials, so alcohol by volume.

Please read my review of Peroni here.

This product is an excellent alternative to a standard alcoholic beverage, especially in the evening after your meal and works well with cold cuts or on a pizza!

But goes well with any Turkish or Mediteran Food.

I especially like the soft fruity notes for a delicious drinking experience. It is well-suited to all non-drinkers because it’s a great tasting beer without lower calories.

Great choice and not the cheapest out there, but you get excellent quality even if the brand is a little confused.

I ask for alcohol-free Peroni now!

Estrella Free Damm 0.0% 

One of my favourites. What do you think?

Free Damm is a great tasting non-alcoholic beer with the same ingredients as a typical lager.

This lager is already sold in 18 countries, and it has helped thousands of people avoid drinking and driving.

Some of you have told me you could find it in the USA, which can be challenging for alcohol-free beer options.

Ego Lymm Serves Free Damm

If you’re sceptical and looking for an alcohol-free beer that tastes great like regular beer, then you’re going to love Free Damm.

The flavour of Free Damm couples a bitter piney aroma with sweet tones of caramel and roasted malt with fine, silky bubbles that tickle your tongue.

Avoid the can and try and get the bottle but it is becoming one of the most popular non-alcoholic beers globally, particularly in its native Spain.

I know you thought it was Dutch.

Beer is made worldwide, not just in their native country.

San Miguel 0.0%

My number one choice is when I am in Gran Canaria, so it is nice to see it in Lymm Cheshire, UK.

San Miguel 0 is an alcohol-free beer brewed under licence across numerous countries, including the UK.

San Miguel 0 has a grain bill that produces less fermentable sugars, limiting alcohol production.

This skilful combination of style and brewing technique produces a rich non-alcoholic beverage with a fresh, clean taste and good head retention.

I would describe it as a pilsner-style lager that offers the full flavour of an actual San Miguel beer for those occasions when you want to drink something refreshing – but not alcoholic!

Smart move by Ego Lymm, and you can check out their website here ( no affiliation )

Old Mout Berries & Cherries 0.0%

Alcohol-Free ciders are often overlooked as an alcohol-free alternative. And I am not sure why.

Although you like ordinary cider, you have to watch the sugar content.


You are looking for a fruity little number that’s good for your body?

Old Mout Berries Cherries Alcohol-Free Cider is exotic for fruit ciders.

Old Mout Cider at Ego Lymm Cheshire


This mouth-wateringly refreshing alcohol-free cider is bursting with the deliciously juicy flavour of ripe berries and cherries, the same flavours you’d expect to find in a glass of wine, maybe.

What you won’t find are the extra calories that alcohol can bring.

Refreshingly fruity with a zing of zesty lime.

It was great to see an alcohol-free cider choice on the menu to complement the beers.

Just because you are alcohol-free does not mean you like the taste of everything with no alcohol.

I mean, you still have taste buds, right?

Moscato Marina Espumante 0.0%

Now, this was a surprise and new to me.

But alcohol-free sparkling wine has stolen a march on other wine and beer options.

Why? Because they got the taste right so early on.

Light and elegant, Moscato Marina Espumante Gold has a yellow colour and fruity bouquet. It makes a balanced wine that is not just surprising but also very delicate and fresh.

Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine at Ego Lymm

This sparkling will make your evening more joyous and will comfort you in your moments of greatest need.

You have to watch everyone else drink fizz while you can’t. It sucks.

What would you choose when a fresh glass of fizz is what you need?

Birthday party, maybe?

Marina is the answer; with 0% alcohol and 100% fun, you can enjoy a glass without worry!

There were no other wine choices but adding Torres to the list would work.

If you are confused by the alcohol unit and limit, checks out the great drink aware website.

So let’s cut to the chase.

We love this place, and you will too if the Mediterranean is your thing and you want some alcohol-free choices.

They are also hot on their money off vouchers.

Friendly service and everything comes out of the kitchen when it’s ready for you, delicious alcohol and non-alcohol drinks, and that’s it.

So next time you are visiting Cheshire or the UK, make a call into Ego in Lymm.

It is near Manchester and Liverpool and a train ride from London via Warrington. They also have their radio station in the village called Lymm Radio, and you can listen here.

Restaurants with alcohol-free choices and not token gestures are hard to find, so hat off to Ego at the Green Dragon Lymm Cheshire.

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