Drop Bear Beer Review

I will give you a bit of a biased insight here as this alcohol free brewing company is the only one I know of in my home country of Wales.

Even though I have moved away now I have seen plenty of coverage of this entrepreneurial alcohol free company on BBC Wales and local radio here in the UK.

I am a big supporter of craft beer and alcohol free as they really like to push some boundaries.

Drop Bear Beer Co and their climb into the alcohol free market has been nothing short of fast and furious.

In fact, I would say since it was launched in 2019 it seems to have gone out and shouted from the rooftops about its alcohol free brand.

Good for them!

I have only met them briefly once at an event but they were bursting with energy.

And I got this impression at that point that it was just an idea with a couple of beers under their belt.

They were certainly media friendly when I met them and came across very well. I have written this review with help of my former media colleagues in Wales, UK.

So who is behind Drop Bear Beer Co ?

Certainly award winners!

They were given the title at the “Young Entrepreneurs of the Year at the Wales Start Up Awards” which a fellow journalist was covering for local radio.

Sarah McNena and Joelle Drummond founded Drop Bear Beer Co and it has really gone from strength to strength.

They pride themselves on being an LGBT alcohol free brewer but there profile goes far beyond any gay friendly press that you might have heard about.

Drop Bear Beers Wales

In fact outside of Wales they were relatively unknown for quite a while I think.

Now like many people in the alcohol free industry one of the founders Sarah gave up drinking.

It can often be a catalyst for starting a business in an alcohol free drinks activity.

I know I did with this blog.

Now she is really into her craft beer and a lover of it!

And like many of us who opt to cut back our alcohol or adopt an alcohol free lifestyle she became a bit disillusioned with the choice when she was out to drink in restaurants and bars.

If you go alcohol free you know that feeling well and even though the growth of alcohol free beers and drinks is massively on the rise it’s still a challenge!

Read what do people say to you when you don’t drink

So Drop Bear Beer was born!

The branding of Drop Bear Beer is so cool and you often get in the craft beer world. Maybe these guys just have to try harder with smaller marketing budgets.

There is no doubt that the smaller the budget the harder it is to cut through with your brand. But these founders of this brand show it can be done and done well!

I absolutely love the name, the look and you will find them everywhere that matter on social media.

Drop Bear Beer

Their logo and color are unique and although I will always go for 0.0% abv their brand is really clear on what alcohol by volume is involved in the beer.

You can read how much alcohol in a banana if you are over worried about anything over 0.0% abv.

I know from experience that they have also got involved in sponsoring sporting events in Wales so they really support the local community in getting their name out there!

They are proud of Wales and this shines through!

How does the beer taste though?

Alcohol free beer has to taste good after all its only just changing its reputation after years of being in the wilderness.

Well my alcohol free Welsh colleagues and even those who do drink alcohol speak about it very passionately.

It kind of fits into the Welsh pub scene in many ways!

A welsh pub serving alcohol free


They have taken what we would think about as proper craft beer and given it a twist.

So they have taken hops, pale ales and given them a bit of a different flavor with intriguing names.

But it’s also about their dieting and nutritional credentials as well.

This is now a massive trend with alcohol free craft beer imparticular. So low calories, gluten free and no lactose really appeal and are pushing people to alcohol free when they are alcohol drinkers.

Now that is a growth strategy and a good one if you are searching for more alcohol free or low alcohol choices.

I know from this blog that even people who drink alcohol are flocking to these kinds of beers.

Because they give you the other direct benefits from a nutrition point of view that so-called “normal” beers don’t.

What about a food combination?

Well yes think pub food but in Wales UK that can be anything from a welsh lamb dinner to a Thursday night curry.

These beers will go with all those choices.

Drop Bear Beer and Sunday Lunch

I know one of my former colleagues loves it with Welsh Fish and Chips or Thai food and he just wanted to reduce his alcohol intake after work.

Pubs in Wales serve a wide range of food from spicy to traditional most nights of the week.

So it proves if you make your alcohol free beer brand taste and look good they will attract alcohol drinkers from far and wide.

As I often say on this blog people often assume that if you go alcohol free you may have had a problem with drink in the past but the range of reasons people drink alcohol free is wide and varied.

Very often its about choice!

And yes it is best drank cold! Just like many alcohol free choices.

You can buy Drop Bear Beer from clicking on my preferred alcohol free drinks partner below.

Just click the image below and you pay the same but I get a small commission.

My Welsh Top Picks From Drop Bear Beer include :

Please note the review comments on anything above 0.0 are taken from my former media colleagues in Wales. I like to be fully transparent. I avoid even low alcohol choices for health reasons.

However, don’t be over concerned and read how much alcohol in orange juice?

Drop Bear Beer Co Bonfire Stout 0.5%

Imagine Galaxy hops mixed with a delicate caramel foundation and tropical fruits with bitter finish.

Vegan & Gluten Free

If you like your Irish Stout then you will love this. Yes it is heavier and darker than some of their other beers but certainly has a smooth finish.

Drop Bear Beer Co Yuzu Pale Ale 0.4%

Think floral and grapefruit hops with caramel base along a burst of yuzu which is a citrus fruit.

The thing I love about these new alcohol free craft beers is they are testing people’s palette which I think actually helps them against their alcohol counterparts.

And no until my alcohol free journey I had never heard of it either!

It’s certainly a crisp beer

Again the co-founders stick to their word and its Vegan & Gluten Free

Best served cold from the fridge and not from the freezer as one of my ex colleagues did. Idiot!


Drop Bear Beer

Drop Bear Beer Co New World Lager 0.5%

This punchy India Pale Lager (IPL) has sweet notions of biscuit, honey and toasted malts to balance against the strong hoppy citrus flavors.

Vegan & Gluten Free

If you are trying these beers for the first time or you are new to craft alcohol free beer I would strongly recommend you buy what I call a party pack.

It just gives you a chance to explore the different options, or if you can get one to try and then purchase a few different bottles.

That way you will get a sense of what you like and what you don’t like. Then you can re-order.

Drop Bear Craft Beer


And yes you can still party and enjoy life without alcohol.

And with these beers it does feel you are down the local pub.

Not just a Welsh pub either as I have high hopes that this alcohol free brand will go worldwide and hopefully give some of the big breweries a run for their money!

So time to celebrate more craft beer alcohol free style!

If you are worried about the amount of alcohol you are drinking by the way always get advice and a good place to start is the drink aware website

Craft beer in the alcohol free world is coming into its own and my personal favorite if your are after a totally alcohol free option is Free Star and you can read my review of it here,

If you do try Bear Drop Beers from this great welsh start up I would love to know what you think.

And the creators have certainly worked hard on creating it with passion.

Please leave your review of Bear Drop Beer below and I always reply to every comment. It helps other blog readers with alcohol free beer choices.

4 thoughts on “Drop Bear Beer Review”

  1. I also like the name and branding of Drop Bear Beer. I admit I haven’t heard of them so far, I’m from the other end of Europe, and I’m very happy to have found your article and read more about their interesting journey to creating the Drop Bear Beer. I also like the names of their offer – Tropical Ipa, Bonfire Stout, Yuzu Pale Ale. Thanks for this presentation.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Hey Nina, lovely to hear from you! Yes I think Drop Bear Beer will go big eventually and with these craft beers it can take some time. 

      I agree the names are great and so are the flavours.

      I think the branding is cool like you. Who knows where Drop Bear Beer will travel across Europe.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, it is really appreciated, Phil

  2. They look like a great choice for people who want to pursue a healthy lifestyle but enjoy the taste of craft ales.  I’d be super keen to let my hubby try a few of these – blind tested maybe – so i could try and encourage a lowering of the alcohol intake – he’s had problems in his earlier years with it and he’s the kind of person who can’t just enjoy one and leave it at that.  We are just in Scotland so hopefully keep an eye out for these!

    • Hi there, Sarah thanks so much for taking time out to comment on Drop Bear Beer review. 

      I think the idea of trying the drinks blindside is an interesting one.

      From feedback I get here on the blog most people know straight that it is alcohol free but if the taste is good they still go with it. 

      I think that is why its so important that alcohol free drinks taste good and even more so for alcohol free beer and alcohol free wine!

      It will be itneresting to see what feedback you get from your hubby. 

      Do let me know!

      As you are in Scotland you might also want to try out this brand that is brewed locally Days Beer. I have just reviewed them on the blog. 

      I really enjoyed reading your comment! I really appreciate you stopping by. All the best, Phil


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