Do Marks and Spencer sell alcohol-free wine?

Marks and Spencer Alcohol-Free? Yes, on the bottom shelf. Yes, Marks and Spencer do sell alcohol-free, and that’s a good thing, right?

As a premium UK store, it seems odd we should ask if Mark and Spencer do alcohol-free?

After all, in the UK, they are on the premier list of stores.

Although they are hotly challenged, and that is a good thing.

However, they are not a B or C list store. Instead, these guys are “A” list material.

So what would you think Mark And Spencer to be?

I mean, I go to Asda ( another UK supermarket, think Walmart), and after a 5 minutes walk around the aisle, I eventually find some alcohol-free wine to take home to watch with my Friday night Netflix binge.

But it is on the bottom itself.

It all feels a bit dirty, like I’m buying some over 18 magazines of some sort. You know what I mean, right?

Alcohol-Free is one of the UK’s biggest drink trends right now, so why aren’t businesses making the most of the opportunity?

I have no idea, do you?

Yes, it has baggage from everyone drinking it being a former alcoholic to the taste.

Of course, that is nonsense.

Yet you hate alcohol, want to drink something else or have decided to give up. There are many reasons people do not drink, so alcohol-free wine, beer, or gin is a welcome option.

So why hide it?


Why Are Alcohol-Free Drinks on the bottom shelf?


I have seen drinking bars and restaurants hidden, yet owners wonder why they don’t sell well.

As one store assistant said to me:

“We put it on the bottom shelf as it does not sell well.”

It would probably sell better if they put a sheet over it. At least people would get curious if nothing else.

I was hoping for better at Marks and Spencer with their alcohol-free range, but it took me 20 minutes to find it.

A search on their website fared not much better. The M&S link on the alcohol-free drinks section led to a page not found.

I mean, would you not feel “a sigh” coming on from a store you kind of respect.

I was hoping you could read my review of another sparkling alcohol-free wine.


Why Alcohol-Free at Marks and Spencer

Because what they offer tastes perfect in so many ways.

It’s just a bit difficult to find.

So why not make it their USP?

They started the alcohol-free journey with their fizzy elderflower but soon realised there was a bigger market.

I love the way elderflower is the default for going alcohol-free. However, I don’t think it’s quite the idea even though I am very fond of it.

In the UK, Mark and Spencer have smaller stores often located in railway stations.

So you know what it’s like, the sandwich run before a train.

But, of course, you see lots of alcohol on British trains, and parties head off to celebrate across a weekend.

And M&S lends itself to those carrying drinks mainly in cans that you can take on the train.

Of course, if you have gone alcohol-free or just cutting back, you would be left feeling a bit left out.

Now that has changed.

Check out your alcohol-free limits at drinkaware.

What is Alcohol-Free at Marks and Spencer?

Whenever I write about their new range of alcohol-free wines, they seem to disappear, and I am left with a “not sure” kind of answer when I ask in store.

Again big sigh.

However, one that seems to be a constant trend is alcohol-free in cans.

Yes, they are excellent, but if you rush for a train, it’s best to go in an hour early to find them.

I am unfair; it took me 15 minutes.

Maybe it is the store’s layout, but hey, I am just a customer, not a store layout designer.

But let me shout out their Rum style alcohol-free option, which is very good.


Marks and Spencer Gin and Tonic

But also, their gin and tonics in cans are alcohol-free.

So it is very excellent.

And no, it’s not alcohol before you ask!

If you get some excellent natural ingredients and when you measure up the botanicals, you can make it easy to make a good gin and tonic.

The Mark and Spencer version does get 10/10 from me, even though the tonic water included is not a diet.

As you may know, gin and tonic can make a good diet drink even with alcohol.

Mark and Spencer take the Bontanticals seriously, which consist of:

  • Juniper,
  • Coriander,
  • Yarrow,
  • Lemon balm,
  • Calendula.

And the flavour comes through, as does the smell, or should that be aromas?

The thing is, they don’t generally serve them in the fridge in every store.

Duh, why not!

Although this does need to be cold in my view, I have also seen these presented in a small bottle.

It is an excellent train “take on”, or use it as a treat for your guest at your evening home event.

If you’re serving our alcohol-free G&T at a home party, your alcohol-free guest will love you forever.

Seriously no one does it.

So a selection of nibbles and M&S alcohol-free gin and tonic is the perfect welcome to anyone expecting to be on sodas or sparkling water.

I mean, having that kind of choice sucks.

So what is Mark and Spencer Alcohol-Free Fizzero?

Firstly don’t you love the name?


It is kind of cute but does what it says on the tin.



In my view, alcohol-free sparkling wine is a leap ahead of other wines in the non-alcoholic wine section.

This is not officially a Marks and Spencer product, but it looks like it is with the branding, so that can be confusing.

But then Mark and Spencer have moved away from some of their products over the years.

It’s from an Australian winery called De Bortoli.

And it is a simple if not impressive stable of drinks to offer. It’s Australia that is leading the way right now on alcohol-free.

I have no idea why but they seem mad for it!

So what does Fizzeo taste like? It’s rather impressive from Marks and Spencer Alcohol-Free.

This refreshing non-alcoholic beverage is a finely balanced alternative to alcoholic drinks with sparkling fermented grape juice and premium green tea.

So to confuse you even further, if you needed to be with alcohol-free labelling, it’s made in Germany despite its Australian credentials.

I have given up trying to work out of the country of origin for being alcohol-free.

Tasting it was a pleasant experience, and you might want to try it with curious friends as well.

Fizzero is a delicious, non-alcoholic alternative to traditional sparkling wine.

It is a delightfully refreshing drink made with a finely balanced combination of sparkling grape juice and premium tea infusion.

The description is attractive in terms of how it has been made.

Bacterial fermentation produces the complexity of alcoholic wine without by-products such as alcohol as produced by yeast fermentation.

It takes up to 2 years to go through the production process. So rather impressive, I would say.

When Alcohol-Free is a good thing at Marks and Spencer?

The thing with M&S is that they have more than any other stores all the savoury and sweet snacks you could chuck a long, long buffet at.

I mean, would you not make a big thing about that?

A couple of bottles of Fizzero Samoas, nibble, crisps and those excellent Marks and Spencer starters and you are sorted.

I mean, wow, even the avid alcohol prosecco drinker would find it hard to bypass that stand.

What about you? Let me know if you live in the UK and have tried Marks and Spencer Alcohol-Free? Please go on, challenge Mark and Spencer and their alcohol-free range. What about Fizzero? I would love your comments.

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