Dash Water Cucumber review

Review for Dash Water – I’m Inspired by a taste of cucumber

Alcohol alternatives come in all shares and size, and in our world anything that offers an alternative is to be welcomed

Overall Rank for Dash Water -Rating 10/10

Its terms of alcohol alternatives particularly as summer is upon us I am always excited to come across new examples I can share with you if you have not come across it already. Dash water got a high score for me.


Usual statutory rights apply but they are clear on calories, ingredients but supply the usual caveat on health benefits as you would expect.

Product Description

Dash Water is basically Sparkling Water infused with cucumber but they do it so well. The one I tried is cucumber flavor and I got it straight from the fridge and ordered some for my fridge at home. Just basic flavors that is all really ! Zero calories warning.

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0.0% ABV so alcohol by volume so it’s a winner and of course it would be. A zero calories product and free from sweeteners as well so you really know what you are getting here. The branding is clear and distinguishes itself in the market.

They also make a claim that is wonky.

Don’t worry it’s wonky veg so you know the sort of veg people turn their nose up at veg stores. I can never understand why as I have bought wonky fruit for years and by doing this they reduce the waste.

Great strides and all that!


I struggle with the cons apart from the fact it’s not an alcohol free beverage in the traditional sense but sometimes it’s nice to drink something similar but different.

Bearing in mind zero alcohol products do have sugar in them this is a good way to watch the waistline so the con is not the sugar or the “fix” some people like.

If you normally drink alcohol and want to check your limits visit the drink aware website

Enjoy With

So for me this would be great at a festival watching, a parade or quench clincher at a BBQ. It’s got a healthy taste and the cucumber brings something different. It’s no win for picnics.


I welcome any addition to bring something unique to the 0.0% abv market and maybe its ginger beer or fizzy cucumber water but it’s choice and that’s important. It’s certainly on my long term beverage list and yes of course you could make your own I guess!

Let me know what you think of Dash Water just leave  your thoughts below.





4 thoughts on “Dash Water Cucumber review”

  1. Finding a refreshing alternative to alcohol is always difficult. Many of the alternatives are full of gas and unacceptable amounts of sugar. Sometimes you feel as if choosing alcohol may be the healthier alternative. I’ve been looking for a real alternative to alcohol that delivers the taste, but has few calories. This is what led me to your page. The product you are reviewing here does seem to tick all the boxes. The taste of cucumber with a hint of sweetness sounds very refereshing, and there is no need to worry about extending my waistline. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

    • Thanks Ray, and I think the interesting thing is that non alcholic options do contain calories which many people think they don’t. I wrote about it here. So I am with you on the waistline! Thanks so much for taking time out to comment and share.Phil

  2. For the quality of the water, I feel that this can rwlaly make a whole lot of sense gathering this with that kind of price. The price is actually a lot less for the quality and the packaging of this water and I will really check it out right tjsi moment. This dash water is actually awesome and I will come here to give my feedback too after I have gotten my orders and user it. Thanks

    • Thanks Phillip, I will certainly be interested to see what you think. Its another choice to try out. Thanks for taking the time out to make a comment, Phil


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