Cobra Beer Zero Review – Great with a curry even with limited options


Overall Rank

This is probably one of the better tasting zero beers so would be in the top three for me and of course it very much goes with a curry. Product review are my personal experience and shared here at Rating

In my top three 0.0 choice for beer and one of the few options for a curry. In a limited world of 0.0% abv choice this is a rising star for those of us who struggle with options. I know I do!

Product Description

Cobra Zero Beer is a 0.0% alcohol free beer. It doesn’t add the additions such maize and rice which you would find in the full alcohol version. Includes water, in its ingredients as well as malted barley, yeast, hops and modified hop products (although some chemicals in the hops, like acids, have been removed)

Pros & Cons

0.0% ABV in terms alcohol and  does not include wheat as ingredient so a win win. Some people say it’s not as good as the full on alcohol version but if your goal is 0.0 abv your choice is otherwise limited. Price is now heading the same as the alcohol version having said that Cobra Zero Beer is one of my favorite regardless of food choice. It has won awards and is highly rated.


Cobra Zero Beer comes in at around £21.00 as an average for 24 bottles ( online purchase) but restaurants may charge up to £6.50 a bottle, less in some places, more in others. Generally not found in bars so will depend on the Indian Restaurant pricing and structure. I have paid as little as £3.50.


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Product Specifications

COBRA ZERO BEER alcohol free so hey its 0.0% ABV. and Wheat Free according to the label and in terms of calories it is 78 calories per 330 bottles fair enough but more than some.

Enjoy With

Compliments curry and spicy food perfectly. I use it with a Friday night curry and it distracts from the “are you not drinking crowd” so great if you can’t don’t or choose not to drink alcohol. Fulfills the beer and curry option with 0,0% abv. Win Win.


Yes it true there are very few options but this does give you an excellent solo choice. Perfect for a curry in or a curry out.

2 thoughts on “Cobra Beer Zero Review – Great with a curry even with limited options”

  1. I have not tried any non-alcoholic beers, but this one sounds like it has some nice taste, and if it is perfect to combine with a curry, it probably is a great, refreshing beer. I don’t drink much beer, but when I do, it’s important that the first draft has this fresh, soothing flavor. Where does this beer come from? Is it also available in other countries?

    • Hi Christine, thanks for commenting, yes its very wide in terms of its distribution now and its orginates from India. Thanks for asking. Phil


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