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The thing that is often overlooked when cutting back on alcohol or even like me developing liver disease is water. Its what our body needs. However please don’t end up paying a fortune and instead look at getting a cheap water filter jug to ensure what you drink is the best quality.

This goes for anyone by the way that values healthy water and that really means all of us!

Or at least not harmful as it the water is generally good quality certainly in the UK !

Now I am a big fan of alcohol free alternatives but the body needs and is made up mostly of water. It’s an easy one to miss out on as we quickly opt for diet drinks or even high energy drinks which ain’t a good idea.

If you are like me and work in an office that has funny tasting water its no laughing matter.

And I am sure its fine in but reality you will want to do at least these things:

  • At least not pull a face when you are drinking the water
  • It’s as pleasurable as it can be so you don’t end up saying “the water here is horrible!”
  • You are not paying a fortune for bottled waters every day
  • You are helping the environment
  • You are not polluting yourself through the water or at least not think you might be
  • You do not want pay a fortune for water filters when a basic one will do

Trust me if you have liver disease or if you are just cutting back on alcohol and drinking more water there is something about a water filter that just makes it seem a bit more interesting.

In fact the majority of the population regardless of health don’t drink enough water for some reason.

Most people don't drink enough water

Strange but true.

Does it have to be expensive though?

It’s the same thing I feel about paying through the nose for a coffee filter machine, what would you?

I feel quite strongly about it and write about it here.

What does a water filter jug do?

The thing is and I am being honest here the water supply in the UK is pretty good by many countries standards.

Not everyone feels the need to have one. And I got that totally!

However, it does not always taste that nice. I know where I live, the water tastes much different to where my Mum lives for example.

Where I work office wise several days a week the water tastes of chlorine and it must be a bit near to a water filtration plant or something!

I have no idea but it doesn’t taste very nice whatever the reason!

The Taste of Tap Water

With a water filter even the quality may be fine to begin with. You are really paying for peace of mind, just don’t pay over the odds.

Having said we that know a good but basic water filter improves performance in the following areas :

  • Helps with the amount of chlorine that maybe in the water
  • Reduce the level of lie scale that may occur and if you have ever seen a build up of limescale you will know what I mean!
  • Clear other impurities that may just be in our head but at the end of the day I am not complaining.
  • The water is cleaner even if that is a perception
  • The water has a better taste meaning you are more likely to drink more
  • It allows the water when making casseroles or other recipes to not mask the flavor of the meat or vegetable or even my chilli con carne.
  • In an office it reduces the complaint from people working there that the water might be “off” or “taste funny”
  • It can also help your household appliance avoid limescale and therefore you have to chuck them out as a result. I know I have had things like irons and kettles that have had to go just because of the limescale build up.


So a cheap water filter can save you money in more ways than one!

My preferred option for a cheap water filter jug.

Water is key to our health and if you are trying to be healthy as a result of an alcohol free lifestyle then why not spend a small amount of money on one.

In fact forget the alcohol connection, more water is good regardless!

My choice is based on the amazon basic range and to be honest I bought one of their hoovers and it was a far better buy than the other expensive ones put together.

I learned the hard way!

As a result I started to look at their other basic range and yes I want great clean water but I had one eye on my wallet.

Just being honest!

AmazonBasics Water Filter Jug 2.3L – Black

This is just a no frill black design water filter jug that does the job and the filter replacement cost are reasonable as well.

Every water filter jug needs new filters by the way. I have met people who think it should last for life!

Now it does not look like the sexiest water jug on earth but it gives peace of mind to my colleagues in the drinking water and yes you can taste the difference.

Like really taste the difference.

It is easy to hold, clear and tells you when you need to change the filter.

It’s often used to fill up the coffee filter machine as well as we are never sure if that boils the water completely, I think it does but again you are buying a piece of mind here!

If you want something that does a good job without being fancy then this is a decent buy.


  • The price is at the cheaper end of the scale but it works so who cares
  • Good to help you with an alcohol free lifestyle knowing that the water it safe
  • Remove impurities including preventing limescale
  • Bigger enough to fill most things including coffee filter machines
  • 2.3 L water filter jug but with a capacity of 1.4 L
  • Clear design so you can see it filling
  • The size is designed to fit into the fridge so you get chilled water as a bonus and you can add ice cubes if you want it
  • Ideal for hard water which is common where I live and you can taste it!
  • It tells you automatically when the filter needs changing
  • The filter lasts thirty day or so and sometimes more
  • You can put in a dish dishwasher-safe up to 50° C but the guidance is to move the lid
  • You can use BRITA MAXTRA water-filter cartridges although we just buy the amazon ones
  • There is one AmazonBasics cartridge included so you are set up to go straight away.
  • And yes the water tastes better



  • Could be accused of being cheap looking but who care really if it works!
  • Some people might shun it because it’s an amazon basics item, get over it!
  • Probably won’t last forever but that it reflected in the price
  • Like any water filters you will have to reinvest in the new filters for the jugs.
  • You will have to wash it to keep it clean
  • Lid can be a bit flimsy at times but is corrected easily

If you would like to purchase direct from here just click the affiliate link below and I am committed to you paying the same price which you will!



If you purchase please come back and leave a review as I would love to hear what you think.

Overall Benefits of water

Believe it or not we are at least 60% water and many of our organs are made up of even more. Our blood for example that carries oxygen around our body. In fact our blood is mostly made up of the stuff.

You can actually survive longer on no food than you can on water so that tells us a lot.

Just ask any camel!

Everything from hunger pans to brain fog can be sorted by drinking more water. As a full time coach I don’t actually deal with many diet clients but the most common thing you find is snacking.

Snacking is one of the main causes of weight gain and I am not talking about good snacking here either.


Snacking is often the cause of weight gain

People snack and so pile on the weight. The issue is that our brain can confuse hunger for thirst and the signal gets confused from the brain to the stomach and back again.

It is the same when we drink lots of alcohol and why we stuff lots of food down our throat when we are drunk. Alcohol dehydrates the body so again the signal gets confused.

Always know your limit courtesy of drink aware

Swapping alcohol for water even in the night before you sleep ( and no you would not take your water filter jug out with you) can really make a difference to that morning hangover when it comes to alcohol.

You can read more on why there is no cure for alcohol here

Alcohol Can Cause A Hangover because of lack of water

There is one other benefit that I have not mentioned which is I see many people talk about the environment and yet still drink bottled water.

Having a cheap water filter jug can really make a difference to that.

Finally, it’s gadget and when we have gadget we tend to use them more. That for me anyway seems to be why I now drink much more water at work.

It should not be like that but we are all human after all.

Overall let’s do the basics well

The amazon basic cheap water filter jug does what it says on the tin. It is clean looking and fresh.

And probably in a country that has good decent water anyway on the whole it gives extra price pierce of mind.

They are certainly more positives and very few negatives and that includes the price. I now have enough experience of amazon basics quality threshold to recommend them and of course it not made by amazon themselves!

It does however remove the funny or the hard water taste that can impact the use of water in cooking. If you are like me and looking to increase your water intake as part of a healthy lifestyle then I would definitely recommend it.

After all, why pay a hefty price tag and for that reason I am very happy with my cheap water filter jug, thank-you! If you use a cheap water filter jug I would love to know what you think, just leave your comment below. I always respond.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this cheap water filter jug from Amazon. The water in my area is not very okay because it has a bit of funny taste. I have been thinking about getting a water filter and one that would not be expensive too but really does the job of proper filtration. This one from Amazon looks good and it’s affordable too.

    • Thanks Johnny as you say its the taste for me that sometimes discourages me from drinking more water. The taste where I live is really bad! I really appreciate you stopping by and reading cheap water filter jug and your comments. All the best, Phil

  2. thank you for this article, I live in South Africa and the water here is safe to drink from the tap, of course, there is a process in place to purify the water that we drink but to be honest, we will never know what else goes into the water and it might do to our health in the long run, I like the idea of this water filter jug as it will give me a sense of extra protection in safety, definitely looking to get one.

    • Hey Jean, thanks so much for your comment on cheap water filter jug. It is really appreciated. I totally agree , I think I am really happy that the water is safe but it does provide that extra layer of protection so I think you are spot on. Just don’t a pay fortune for a water filter jug. I so appreciate you stopping by, all the best, Phil


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