Perlenbacher Beer Alcohol-Free

Perlenbacher Alcohol Free

Perlenbacher Beer Alcohol-Free Taste Test This week we went to episode 7 of the alcohol-free drinks podcast from Presented by Ian James the drinker and Phil Roberts. The alcohol-free drinker is Phil and the Alcohol Drinker is Ian. This week we are talking about Perlenbacher Beer Alcohol-Free 0.0 abv You can access the latest …

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The Le Petit Chavin Taste Test

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast

The Le Petit Chavin Taste Test This week on the alcohol-free podcast, we run The Le Petit Chavin Taste Test. After all, I need to convince my co-presenter, Ian, about alcohol-free wine, so it’s a chance to see if he can be confident. There is also a conversation about alcohol-free drinks in general, including non-alcoholic …

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