Can Red Wine Lower Blood Pressure?

You maybe see it a lot in health magazines. Can Red Wine Lower Blood pressure?

However, as an alcohol free blog maybe the question is.

  • What about alcohol free Red wine – can it have the same effect?
  • Can Non Alcoholic Red Wine actually lower blood pressure?

You have probably been reading too many newspaper headlines but there might be a glimmer of hope!

But a small one.

In fact according to the NHS in the UK its quite the opposite.

Now always get medical advice when it comes to alcohol, blood or health issues if you are worried.

But I often get asked on the blog if it is red wine is really good for your health?

And if so why give it up?

Its fair question!

Well I afraid you won’t like my answer.

The problem is you have been reading too much about antioxidants and there aren’t any in alcohol.

The grapes maybe but not the alcohol.

But before we give up totally on your next bottle of alcohol free wine and your health let’s dive deeper.

“But it is in the newspapers!”

Yes of course a glass wine after work is often talked about. Is that what the science means?

But what are they really talking about?

A glass of wine after work is often touted as the thing to relax you after a hard day at the office right?

Yes stress is a killer we know that but so is alcohol.

A glass of wine is probably good and I know a few doctors recommend it.

My consultant at hospital summed it up for me though.

He explained that over the years wine glasses have got bigger. That little French glass with a 1 standard drink has been drunk right into the past history!

It’s probably now more like have one glass and get the rest of the big bottle free.

Now if you drink a big glass of Red Wine and you could be looking at maybe 2 units probably 4 depending on the size of the glass.

It’s worth clocking your alcohol intake via the drink aware website. It’s a good place to start!


No More Than 14 Units of Alcohol Per Week

The UK maximum unit recommendation per week is 14 units. And that is not a goal either.

One standard glass of vino is 1 unit.

Always know your limits via the drink aware website.

So back to a unit!

Not a large or extra large just one standard unit!

That’s a standard small glass of wine.

I know it can be a wake up call.

Hopefully this is where Alcohol free Red wine can come in like Torres which is a great wine maker.

And I am a fan, I never used to be but I am now!

Its just not grape juice anymore and is made like a wine should be.

The thing is there is no real evidence to support the red wine and alcohol myth but the thing that keeps coming up as far as blood pressure is concerned is the grapes.

And that is where they may have a point but not the alcohol.

According to the NHS alcohol long term can raise blood pressure not lower it.

Maybe the newspapers were talking about Polyphenol.

Now you might have something there!

My favorite Alcohol Free Red wine is from Spain, it is part of the Torres family and it really is very good.

You can choose it from my affiliate partner below and I get a very small commission but you pay the same.

Non Alcoholic Red Wine

Are Polyphenols The Answer?

Well they won’t stop the damage heavy alcohol can do if that is what you mean!

However, antioxidants are considered a good thing and Red wine has more of them than say white or Rose.

And also non alcoholic Red wine does as well when compared to other wines. So the same rules apply.

I will tell you why shortly!

Polyphenols are often talked about as the golden panacea for health.

In reality a good diet is of course what we need but there is something that even the medical experts agree on that could help with our consumption of alcohol free wine.

It’s that glorious 5 a day.

Plenty of fruit and veg.

They are good for us but I am not just talking about lots of pasteurized fruit juice here with all that sugar.

Read how much alcohol in orange juice.

Yes those antioxidants are not manufactured and they appear naturally in fruit and of course wine is made from grapes.

Non Alcoholic Red Wine

And the skin of grapes in particular!

You see it is not the alcohol after all!

It’s another good reason to drink Non-Alcoholic Red wine!

I read they tested it on mice though?

Yes they did but this was not really about the alcohol at all. It was about the polyphenols

The test was to see if it could actually reduce blood pressure.

Of course as any health professional will tell you including the NHS in the UK there are lots of factors when considering blood pressure.

And we know long term alcohol can increase it not decreases it. ( Source NHS UK)

Resveratrol is just one type of polyphenol.

Resveratrol is just one type of polyphenol. I wonder if they name these things to confuse us!

There was one study on mice that showed resveratrol could help to reduce the blood pressure of mice.

However, the quantity used would mean drinking literally bottles and bottles of Red wine a day. Not a reality is it?

And even the report said that here

It was really a signpost to future drugs and not to us having to neck bottles of wine non-stop.

The alcohol would kill us.

Even the thought of bottles and bottles of Non alcohol Red wine would make you puke big time!

What about white or rose wine then?

Nope not that either.

The best chance of lowering your blood pressure according to the NHS comes from an overall lifestyle balance and that includes alcohol.

So going alcohol free could really help of course!

The reason people talk about Red wine more than the other brands is the way it is made.

So those polyphenols I talk about are found in white, rosé and Red wines but at all different levels.

After All the wine is made differently and you would expect that right?

Here the answer: It is the time it takes to ferment.

We know that Red Wine well the alcohol kind can be strong in terms of abv – so alcohol by volume.

Read Alcohol Free Wines Online

Most wineries start the wine making process in the same way.

Even those you see being crushed with feet in Spain!

I do love that!

Crushing Grapes for Alcohol Free Wine

With white wine the thing that changes the make up of the polyphenol is that the skins are removed from the rest of the pulp quite quickly but with Rose and Red it is left longer!

Thus, the color of the Red wine, it is produced over a bigger time span.

So more polyphenols also get into the wine when it comes to Red Wine in particular.

This is why if it was to drastically reduce your blood pressure Red Wine would be the one to go for.

But then of course there is the reality of volume you would have to drink to make a difference.

So in reality you will never out do the harm caused by the alcohol

A quick look at the NHS UK website and you might wonder why you have never tried alcohol free wine before.

I cannot drink alcohol for health reasons.

But neither did I want grape juice!

The good news is the Non Alcohlic Wine production has upped its game big time!

It does not taste terrible like it used to.

It was like really grape juice I drank as a kid.

And it was not a good feel and was nothing like wine.


Luckily that has all changed with top wine markers coming into the fold like Torres from Spain.

These really are the experts.

So we know drinking over your recommended limit of alcohol can result in serious illness and a really bad hangover.

Read How is Alcohol Free Wine Made for more information

So alcohol wine could make a real big difference, just watch your sugar.

And always check the ABV on the label of any wine.

I would love to know what you think of Red wine and if you would ever consider it part of your health routine.

What did you think of “Can Red Wine lower your blood pressure” and would you consider buying alcohol free or non alcoholic Red wine?

Leave your comments below and I always respond.



4 thoughts on “Can Red Wine Lower Blood Pressure?”

  1. Given that I am one of those who has low blood pressure, I have never advocated drinking wine for myself to reduce high blood pressure, but I have heard many times that people explaining that drinking red wine helps them, and that some doctors also recommend it.
    It was interesting to read this article because I now have more useful information that I can share with people who (maybe even excessively, depending on the explanation of units) drink wine regularly. Thanks!
    I wish you all the best and much success,

    • Hey, Thanks Nina, for such a great comment on can red wine lower blood pressure? 

      I think it has become a bit of an urban myth about health and red wine. Sure a couple of small glasses of red wine can be fine. But people have read it as any amount of red wine, which of course, is not the case.

      People would be better off having a few glasses of alcohol-free red wine. Thanks so much for popping by and commenting on my blog. It is much appreciated, Phil.

  2. Greetings, pleased to meet you. I went through your article on whether red wine can lower blood pressure. I found it very informative and helpful too. I must agree with you that sometimes we use wine to try to lower our stress and it is true that stress is as much dangerous as alcohol, which means it is not helping to clear your stress with alcohol and I also think alcohol is not good for our health in general. Thanks for sharing this amazing article with us, I promise to share it further too.

    • Hey Kokontala, thanks so much for your comment on can red wine lower blood pressure. 

      I agree that very often, people think alcohol sorts out stress, and of course, it does not.

      Of course, alcohol in moderation is fine, but it can easily become to go-to solution for stress.

      I really appreciate you stopping by the blog and adding such informed comment. Much appreciated, Phil


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