Calories in glass of champagne

So one of the questions that often comes up on the blog is how many calories in glass of champagne ?

Now I get why its simple really. From birthday, weddings and celebrations to just having a glass of fizz after work to having a secret stash of champagne in the cupboard or even the fridge.

I actually don’t know how you would hide a bottle of champagne in the fridge but that is another story for another time.

You must have a bigger fridge for champagne than me , that’s all I am saying.

But then it dawned on me if you are a champagne drinker, why are you coming to an alcohol free site to find out the calories in champagne

Could you swap champagne for alcohol free


When I asked if the answer was simple, could I save money by going for alternatives like alcohol free and would I consume fewer calories?

The answer is most definitely yes!

I will give you some options to try as well!

Even if you are going alcohol free you should never have to give up on bubbles, well not in my book anyway.

In fact alcohol free sparkling wine has kept up with the trend and has actually done a better early job than many of the alcohol free wines in my view!

So how many calories in a glass of champagne?

Actually champagne does quite well on the sugar, fat and not so well on the calories and alcohol content.

If you think about it alcohol is made by converting sugar, grapes and yeast while keeping the flavor but creating the alcohol.

As champagne is very dry then most of it goes into the alcohol so you would be correct assuming there is less sugar.

But remember that alcohol in just 1 gram can have 7 calories so it’s up there with fat.

So here is the breakdown of a standard glass of champagne.

  • Calories 89
  • Grams of Protein 0.4
  • Grams of Carbohydrate 1.6
  • Grams of Fat 0
  • Grams of Fibre 0
  • Grams of Alcohol 11.6

It’s definitely the alcohol and calories that jumps out in those stats.

What’s champagne made of ?

Firstly if you are a lover of champagne then probably nothing else will do even if you want to go alcohol free so let’s stop there.

However, if you are a bit opened minded read on!

Now people used to get hung up on the fact it had to be champagne not cava, sparkling wine or prosecco until they realized it was really about the location of the grape!

And the quality to be fair!

Then the millennium hits and stocks over flowed. People understandably refused to pay the price after getting a bit bored with all those bubbles.

So they started to look out for options that really cost less but there is a lot of smoke and mirrors when it comes to champagne. And are those calories worth it!

After all as long as it tastes great and I get to pop the cork do I really care.

OK I’ll wash my mouth out then with alcohol free fizz !

Champagne comes from a region in France and there is no getting away from that and I am not going to argue otherwise.

It’s a fact and a legal one as well.

Champagne comes from an area of France

In fact legally you can only call “Champagne” that name if its bottled within 100 miles of the so called Champagne region.

Crémant is the name given to French Sparkling wine so it’s not even all about France!

Of course Champagne prides itself on the quality of the grape but is it enough to only ever consider champagne and maybe alcohol free sparkling wine if you really want to go for it!

Grapes allowed in Champagne production and mostly used in the production process include Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

And to be fair they use others and they are all the best quality but you are paying for it at the end of the day.

The process is tightly governed and is “Méthode Traditionnelle” the bubbles in Champagne come from a second fermentation that takes place in the bottle itself.

It takes generally longer to make champagne so it’s impressive really.

Champagne is expensive

It’s a nutshell there are more rules when it comes to making champagne than other sparkling wine and this is reflected in the cost.

Of course other sparkling wines exist so Prosecco is probably a bit sweeter and Cava a Spanish sparkling wine produced from Macabeu grapes.

In you go to California you will also see a range of American sparkling wine and before I gave up alcohol I was very fond of these.

So you have a choice

If you are choosing sparkling wine or Champagne what’s your end game as this will also mean you decide if you are willing to try an alcohol free choice as well.

Yes it is about quality but not enough not to ever try alcohol free or ordinary sparkling wine to be honest. And remember you are thinking calories here.

There are now some great alcohol free choices including Belle and Co Sparkling Wine for example.

You can really cut out all the alcohol and also calories with this choice.

Let’s look at some stats for this sparkling wine

Per 100ml 125ml
Energy 22 cal 28 cal
94 kjs 118 kjs
Fat N/A N/A
of which saturates N/A N/A
Carbohydrate 5.2 g 6.5 g
of which sugars 5.1 g 6.4 g


Just notice how the calories fall right down the scale.

Now of course it isn’t champagne or prosecco but I have tasted lots of it as its alcohol free and you a very good option here to say the least.

If of course you are prepared to go alcohol free some of the time.

Not to mention the money you might save on not loading up the champagne in that secret fridge of yours !

You can read my full review of Belle and Co Sparkling Wine here

An Italian 0.0 Sparkling Wine

Now if you are open to new ideas which you are otherwise you would not be here in the first place. Trying to spend less and get fewer calories from a glass of champagne and no alcohol, good call.

La Gioiosa Sparkling Wine is a great option mainly because it’s zero alcohol but also because it’s really dry and this is one of the criticisms often voiced at alcohol free wines fizzy or otherwise.

Italian Sparkling Wine Alcohol Free

They have an expert wine maker on board who is well-known in the wine marking circle called Stefano Gava. They do know their stuff when it comes to speaking about and making wine and with no alcohol well that is a bonus!

You can purchase through my affiliate partner here and you pay the same but I do get a very small compensation.

The grapes used are good quality and called “Glera grapes” and think the aromas of pears and white flowers as a bonus.

Now here is the good news on the calories front. You are talking 22 calories per 100ml.

So for me forget the champagne and go alcohol free and don’t be a snob about sparkling wine!

You can read another review of one of my choices, which is English Sparkling Wine here and it’s also a good bet!

So Champagne it isn’t

However, if you are looking at the calories of up to 89 calories in champagne there is a way you can really dramatically cut that.

Maybe it won’t be all the time and maybe it’s just a hangover you are trying to avoid.

Always know your alcohol, limit through drink aware and maybe just try the alcohol free version out.

You might save some money, cut out or reduce your alcohol intake or it just may open your mind.

I would love to know your view on calories in glass of champagne. If it’s what you thought it was or maybe it’s a chance to cut back on the alcohol. I have been pleasantly surprised by the taste.


6 thoughts on “Calories in glass of champagne”

  1. I’ve never been an excessive fan of champagne, I drink it occasionally a glass on festive occasions. But I didn’t know what all was hiding in one glass of champagne. Interesting information about the contents in one standard glass.
    I’m not a fan because I usually have a headache after drinking champagne (after consuming small amounts), so I also like non-alcoholic variants. Especially the last three years, from pregnancy onwards, and now all the time breastfeeding.
    It was also interesting to read the origin of champagne and thank you for introducing this non-alcoholic type Belle and Co Sparkling Wine, I might try it! I learned a lot of new things in this article.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Hey Nina, my pleasure and I am glad you enjoyed reading it!. Yes I have heard some people get headaches after champagne. 

      Its all those bubbles! I am pleased you liked the suggestion for an alcohol free sparkling wine. There are plenty of great options out there now.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on Calories in glass of champagne. I wish you all the best, Phil

  2. Holy crap! I had no idea that there was so much that went into calories of champagne. I must admit I have learned more from the single article than I have learned from this one course on humanities that I recently took just yesterday ha ha! Nonetheless, I appreciate the information you’ve provided because I have been doing some research on champagne and I’m very intrigued by the calories and other health related topics on it

    • That is funny Misael. Its amazing what you learn so am so pleased you got something from it. 

      It is one of the questions that comes up when people are searching for alcohol free options instead of alcohol. It is often about calories.

      What an opening to a comment, brilliant! I really appreciated you commenting on calories in glass of champagne. All the very best, Phil

  3. Hey Phil, This is a great review of the calories in a glass of champagne. I’m afraid that I’m a sucker for “bubbles” and must confess to having about 8 bottles of that wonderful sparkling wine from the Napa & Sonoma Valleys in California in my fridge. I know about the calorie count, but I don’t care! I particularly love a glass of the real stuff – Veuve Clicot! Nevertheless, that being said I would be really happy to try out the Italian Alcohol Free DRY Sparkling Wine sometime. Thanks for your review. Jenni

    • Brilliant Jenni, I love it and sounds like your have a great night plannned and bubbles are great ! 

      Do enjoy and if you try out the alcohol free sparkling wine let me know what you think! Thanks so much for stopping by with a comment that did make me smile. All the best, Phil


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