Calories and alcohol free wine – Top 5 review

When I first realized that I could never drink again due to a liver issue I looked for a lot of alternatives.

However, wine was lacking in both taste and 0.0 options. However, if you are fine with 0.5% abv your choice increases. So it was a struggle. However, that choice is now increasing as more suppliers come on board. That’s good news if like me you prefer a totally alcoholic free option.

So what is the link between calories and alcohol free wine and yes there is now a choice if you want to combine the two.

All these review wines come in my category of calories and alcohol free wine under 40 calories per serving which I think is very impressive.

Why is there a link between calories and alcohol free wine?

Given the alcohol is now removed or at least reduced you can now get calories and wine in the same sentence. In fact, you can now get alcohol free wine that starts to fit in with your waistline approach.

You may have seen the development of skinny beers, well in the wine industry I don’t think are ready to go there yet with their total 0.0 branding. However, it’s always important you look for two things on the back of the bottle’s label:

  • ABV – Alcohol by Volume
  • Calories

This will give you a good indication of what you are drinking as beer has not yet gone down to the 0.0 branding option on the front in bold like beer yet. Give it time! Or maybe it is not posh enough to say that yet. Maybe the wine and beer culture will never meet!

Calories and Alcohol

There are lots of calories in alcohol and in the specifics of wine well over a hundred or for some over 200 per large glass. The problem is that a bottle of wine soon just becomes a glass in front of us.

We know that over the years the wine glasses have gotten bigger and so have the options “so buy a large glass and get the rest of the bottle free” promotion!

Our brain has become desensitized by the alcohol levels, size of the glass and go large as become the norm.

The same thing has happened in the burger industry. Go large!

The thing about calories and alcohol is that they are empty calories with very often no nutritional value. The upside with wine is that it is full of antioxidants, however the alcohol content takes away any benefits for your health.

I write about the amount of calories in a glass of wine here.

Is alcohol free wine getting to taste better?

There is no doubt that some wineries are chasing their tale a bit and the key for me is that they were making the wine very sweet as opposed to dry which most wine varieties are. However, the market is moving and given time I think they will catch up with the best wine and beer zero providers.

It has been a tough one for wine makers because if we are being fair two processes of making wine and beer are totally different. Wine and hops are different animals so to speak. However, one person in the brewing industry did tell me that he thought some wine producers were being slow to catch on to the trend.

We know for example that the alcoholic free beer market is growing and growing fast.

Here are our top 5 choices if you are looking for alcohol free wine and you are watching your waistline!

alcohol free wine

About the Cautious White One

This is a Gewürztraminer Riesling and again a big thumbs up that it is boasting an abv of 0.0%.

My summary:

  • Aromatic wine
  • Think rose, musk and spice
  • Taste that is sweet think middle eastern dessert sweets but balanced with the flavor you get with Riesling.
  • The grapes are left for 10-14 days in terms of the process of fermenting
  • Uses de-alcoholized vacuum technology
  • Ideal with foods that have a spicy Asian cuisine feel

Red Wine Option Wine

  • The red Shiraz from “The Very Cautious One”
  • Fruity
  • Clean
  • Has depth
  • Lush berry fruit
  • Sweet vanilla oak
  • Soft tannis giving warm flavors.
  • Again using the de-alcoholization process so the flavor is kept in the wine.

Serving Suggestion

Sunday dinner anyone? This is great if you have a family member or friends who love red wine but who can’t drink or is driving. Remember there are lots of reason why people don’t drink alcohol and for some people its simply a life style issue.

You can purchase them from my partner supplier by clicking this link

A taste from Spain

When I used to drink I used to love Spanish wine! There was something cool about a small tapas dish, a wine glass and the midday sun. However, since I became alcohol free I have switched to the more accessible alcohol free beer.

However, things are changing and the fact great winemakers are getting in on the action like Torres mean things are definitely looking up.

They were one of the most admired drink brands in 2019 and won awards for there product including their environmental credentials. You might know them for the Vina Sol range which bizarrely in some parts of the UK is considered a low credible wine and yet in Spain is well up there in the ranks.

I kind of don’t get why it is not more prominent in the UK. It’s a great drink but let’s get back to my 0.0% options.

The Torres Natureo brand is based around the love of the land as it is natural and for those who like a change with their food or the weather as it comes in Rose, Red and White options.

Brilliant for those Sunday lunches or pasta dishes and having something in to offer with those guests who don’t drink alcohol. This blog is all about increasing choice and these offers certainly do:

  • Torres Natureo Rose 0.0%

A rose wine from a quality brand with an alcohol 0.0 abv. This means alcohol by volume as I am often asked. Thin pale raspberry pink color and cherry fruit aroma. Smooth and light.

  • Torres Natureo Syrah 0.0%

High quality red wine from a great brand I really respect and again an alcohol content we can approve of. Think red plum, cherry as well smooth and slightly sweet. One for pasta maybe?


  • Torres Natureo Muscat 0.0%

This is a white wine with an alcohol content of 0.0 and here you are looking at a pale yellow wine. Think muscat grapes and tangerine aromas. Definitely smooth & crisp.

You can buy the Torres pack of wine by clicking here

A bit of Alcohol Free Fizz!

These options come from Belle & Co will leave you wondering how they made wines so full of flavor yet remove the alcohol to give an abv of 0.0%. Now there are a few things I would like to champion about how they create their drinks.

Their fizz is more sourced from a bacterial fermented grape juice. Now the good news is that zero alcohol is created in the yeast fermentation. New Process ? Not really, it’s actually an age- old technique which creates fermented wine without the alcohol. Big result!

They also use highly regarded European ingredients and have kept an eye on their packaging as well! Nice.

In terms of price the bottle packs come as 6 or 12 packs unlike those random packs so you get equal number of each type. It’s not like a chocolate box where you end up with all the wrong chocolates.

Belle & Co. Sparkling White 0% – 750ml

Belle & Co. Sparkling Rosé 0% – 750ml

Things to be pleased about:

  • Combination of sparkling grape juice and premium tea infusions
  • Crisp and refreshing.
  • Generous bubbles
  • 0.0% alcohol so fits in with the blog aims
  • No added sugar
  • Low calorie options in terms of drinks so you don’t feel guilty about the waistline
  • Vegan & Gluten Free
  • Great for birthday and celebrations as very often the only alternative is orange juice if you are lucky.

Now these options mean I don’t need to throw out my champagne flute. I am rather fond of it.

You can get to buy the alcohol fizz by clicking here

Health Benefits of switching to alcohol free wines?

Yes there are plenty. These are good quality wines with lower calories and also a 0.0% abv benchmark. Even if you are a social drinker you need to be aware of how much alcohol you are drinking even if it’s just in the week!

Remember I was seriously ill and only considered myself a social wine drinker. Very often the effects go unnoticed so these products can really help even if you are just wanting to cut down.

I did not even drink spirits or beer at the time. These options give us another choice in the armory of alcohol free drinking.

Benefits include

  • Protecting vital organs such as the liver
  • Avoid damage to the brain through alcohol brain fog
  • Various illness are linked to alcohol
  • Depression and other mental health issues are also linked.

Have you tried alcohol free wine and did it just for the calories? Did you seek to find out the amount of calories in alcohol free wine in order to make an informed decision?

I would love to know your experience and also if you would consider alcohol free wine as a general rule.

Remember people want to discuss calories and alcohol free wine a great deal on this blog and the more we try and taste the more we will learn. However, as I have said a good diet is always counting calories in and calories out!

Please do leave a comment below and I always respond back to you.


4 thoughts on “Calories and alcohol free wine”

  1. Well, I never even knew that alcohol free wines existed. We are not big drinkers of alcohol, and just have not gotten into drinking wine. This puts a completely different spin on things. Though I’m sorry for the reason you have had to go down this path, I’m glad to have seen that there are some options out there.

    • Thanks Marsha, I really appeciate your comment. My journey has been interesting but inspiring for me personally. I think that the options are improving all the time which is good news for the market generally and for people like me who choose a alcohol free lifestyle. 

      It is interesting that you did not know about alcohol free wine, there is a big job to be done on awareness. 

      Thanks for your kind comment, taking time out to share your views takes time I really value it. All the best Phil

  2. Not in my widest dreams did I think that alcohol free wine existed but it seems really cool to me and I think that it would be really nice for me to try to buy one myself. I’m also very happy that you are able to tell me about that Spanish one. Since I’m not a fan of alcohol, it’d be nice to have wine that’s calories and alcohol free. So sorry about the liver issue you had.

    • Hey Jackie, thanks so much for the comments generally and for your liver comment, it is much appreciated. To be honest it is one of the reasons I do the blog and its very rewarding, a bit like finding your purpose when you least expect it! I had great medical care, they saved my life! 

      Its cool about alcohol free wine isn’t it? Its has take a while for the brands to start coming through but I can see real progress in the 0.0 abv options appearing which is fanstastic. I really appreciate you taking time out to add your thoughts. I agree about the spanish one!  All the best, Phil


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