Caleño Dark and Spicy review 2021

Another live review from the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast and

This week we go to the podcast garden to do a Caleño Dark and Spicy review, but we are distracted by a nosey neighbour.


What is Caleño, Dark and Spicy?

Is it rum?

And we decided to dry it with cola amongst the birds in the garden.

So we have slices of lemon, grapefruit and anything else Ian can get his hands-on.

What do we think? It’s the alcohol-free drinks podcast from presented by Ian James and Phil Roberts.

It’s episode 14, believe it or not.

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Meanwhile, back in the studio, we check your email, and you have lots to say, plus our favourite feature called:

What have you been drinking?

We talk about Becks Blue and Belle and Co Rose Sparkling Alcohol-Free Wine.

Ian has not tried the Rose, but Phil is adamant that it’s great for wedding receptions for guests who don’t drink.

Plus, why is the price of alcohol-free sparkling wine going up?

On the Alcohol-Free Podcast Drinks Headlines, we say congrats on a new bar in Derby plus a survey from Florida USA for alcoholic free beer.

We are confused by the results.

Plus, we went to Australia, and a bar /restaurant company has introduced an alcohol-free drinks menu, so we got very excited.

This is well overdue, and I hope the UK bars do this soon; think of the profit they would make as there is significant demand.

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Lymm Radio Podcast Productions and Presenters produce the alcohol-free drinks podcast by the non-drinker Phil Roberts and the drinker Ian James.

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Let’s head to the review!

Caleño Dark & Spicy Tropical Non-Alcoholic Spirit Review, 50cl


This is a very distilled, dark and spicy non-alcoholic spirit.

Things that struck us straight away were the great mix loaded with the exotic aroma consisting of pineapple & coconut mainly but ginger, black cardamom, smooth vanilla, kola nut, & lime.

We tried it with a light cola. It’s recommended to have it with a soda and lime.

Duh, get us!

We would not recommend drinking it on its own, as you can probably tell from our reaction to the podcast itself.

If you are looking for a mocktails Caribbean style alcohol-free drink and you like a so-called rum feel, this might be for you.

On reflection, as presenters of the alcohol-free podcast, we would say it’s a beautiful alcohol-free choice as a cocktail alternative.

Excellent for creating exotic mixed drinks.

Rum Flavoured Mocktails

A more exotic infusion of different flavours packed with spice and warmth took a bit of getting used to, but the cola certainly calmed the aroma.

After all, you would have a rum and cola, right?

The drink creator, Ellie, was inspired by the energized, bright culture of her heartland Colombia.

A quick look at the label, and it’s certainly not unhealthy as Caleño Dark & Spicy is reduced in calories, no sugar, gluten complimentary, vegan & 100% non-alcoholic.

Good news, right.

Especially as my big concern about these drinks is that they can just be packed with extra sugar.

There is no point in replacing the alcohol and stacking up your sugar content.

What are your other thoughts about Caleño Dark & Spicy?

Alcohol-free spirits and mixers have come such a long way.

Read Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Now I cannot drink alcohol, but I know people give up drinking for many reasons.

So I do welcome the massive increase in choice.

After All, sometimes it is a struggle to find great alcohol options, but I am not afraid to say if they are not my taste.

Seedlip is my Alcohol-Free Gin Choice

Caleño Dark and Spicy review 2021

As an enormous enthusiast, I am determined now to be a prominent ambassador of alcohol-free beer or even my favourite seedlip alcohol-free gin.

I am determined to get myself a place where I am open-minded about these new brands. Social events like Christmas need choice. 

Otherwise, I would go mad just drinking sparkling water sat in the corner.

And I should say I have no problems with other people drinking either; it’s not the alcohol. I want some choice and alcoholic alternatives.

Holiday drinks

I have only ever had proper rum in the Caribbean, although I ad many a few alternatives in the UK.

For me, once added to the cola light, Caleño Dark & Spicy has an excellent spiced rum flavour. However, I think it was the coconut flavour cutting through.

Please bear in mind these drinks will taste a bit different depending on what you mix them with.

I would love to try it with a soda or tonic water.

So we did go against the brand’s recommendation regarding the cola, but hey, I won’t lose sleep over it!

This is not alcohol; it’s an alcohol-free spirit!


Caleño Dark and Spicy review 2021

Please don’t buy these if you’re looking for a direct comparison with alcoholic gins as well as rums. These are not the very same drink.

They don’t have alcohol, for starters!

If you’re looking for that, adhere to the real stuff and don’t complain!

I’m serious and a bit bored with people saying this and that you should go for the real stuff. They are missing the point.

So I know some people may find it very nauseous, but mainly because it does not conform to their alcohol expectations.

This is a good quality product.

It would be perfect for a fantastic night, strong when you are after a tropical flavour.

I certainly would say this does not taste like a pricey squash and the depth of the quality ingredients take it well past that.

But would it be a staple of our alcohol cupboard, not sure about that?

But if it were served in a bar on vacation, I would certainly order it!

The Caleno initial flavour fits well with the dark & spicy name and could pass a good mocktail for sure.

It would also make a lovely gift for an alcoholic drinker rather than being given a book because you “don’t drink”.

The packaging and the branding is well done, so it would undoubtedly fit the gift category on the alcohol-free spirits drink section.

Some events I can see it is a great option

  • Wedding welcome drink
  • Summer BBQ
  • Christmas work event
  • Christening

I am not sure I could drink it all night or day.

Or even afford to! It is probably a welcome one-off!

The solid Vanilla preference for me is not enjoyable on its own.

Which is whey mixed with a Pepsi Diet or Cola Zero would be my preferred option. Then you could probably say you had a Spiced Rum and cola.


  • Energy 192kJ /
  • 45kcal
  • Fat 0g
  • Of which saturates 0g
  • Carbohydrate 10g
  • Of which sugars 0g
  • Protein 0g
  • Salt 0g

Water, Glycerin, Botanical Distillates and Extracts including Pineapple, Coconut, Kola Nut, Black Cardamom, Natural Flavourings, Colour: Caramel, Acid: Citric, Malic, Sodium Citrate, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate

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