Budweiser Non Alcoholic Beer – At Last

Bud Zero or Budweiser Non Alcoholic Beer is here and for me in the UK it’s only just filtering through the sales process especially in some shops.

It’s easy to forget that prohibition in the states was big business and this came out of the family brewing process at the time then as now Budweiser is part of the American way.

I always have American football in my mind when I think of this brand and that kind of works for me even though I am not a massive sports fan. Just let’s check it out further and its not the states.

So there is a place called Budweis and it’s now called České Budějovice in the Czech Republic and beer has been brewed there since around 1245. So that is old!

Now it was not until around the year 1876, Adolphus Busch from Germany and then his best mate Carl Conrad developed what they would go on to describe as Bohemian-style lager in the United States.

It was dreamed about after going to Bohemia and then it was manufactured in their brewery in St. Louis, Missouri. So that is some history and it’s nice that it lives on albeit in the non-alcoholic world of Budweiser Non Alcoholic Beer !

Overall Rank for Budweiser Non Alcoholic Beer ( Bud Zero) – 00abv.com Rating 9/10

What can I say, I am a fan of the bud brand and this little gem is light and fresh with the Budweiser Taste and I have just bought my pack of 4 for a great price.

Product Description

Budweiser Non-Alcoholic Beer or Bud Zero is the same process and contains quality ingredients as the original. It is 0.0% abv. For me these beers can be described as light, crisp and refreshing. Definitely a lager beer!


  • Alcohol free 0.0% abv
  • Clearly the Budweiser brand
  • In my view no compromise on the taste which I think is key.
  • Really light and refreshing
  • Less gassy that many zero alcohol beers
  • 0.0% ABV value is clearly stated.
  • Not heavy on the stomach in my view.
  • Taste good out of a can and that cannot be said for every zero brand.


  • If you don’t like the bud brand you won’t like this so I would not bother buying it then slagging it off!
  • Brand is sometimes confusing, it is the prohibition brand, zero brand or alcohol free brand?
  • Contains oat so check your allergen list
  • Not everyone is keen in the sweet after-taste ( personally I am fine with this)
  • Needs to be cold although that is the same of any beer in my book
  • If you don’t like cans it may not be for you but again this is one of the better ones in my opinion


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Enjoy With

To be honest this beer is so light and refreshing I think it would suit many situations. Yes I get the sport thing which bud is often connected with but in reality this can be drunk as a light beer for most occasions.

I would even go as far to say that this is great with food especially burgers, hot dogs and Mexican. It’s a great drink on its own and ideal when you just fancy a light lager.

However, I would still choose Cobra Zero with a curry and I write a review of that here.


My summary is if you like the bud brand you will like this and if you don’t I would not bother. They have definitely kept the taste of the bud brand with Budweiser non-alcoholic beer.

Yes the brand is synonymous with sport and if you see yourself having a game of American pool while drinking this I would not blame you.

It is still filtering in the market and I believe it is having different launches around the globe and for some reason there is a bit of confusion about the brand.

By the way if you do drink alcohol always know your limit at drink aware

However just check out the 0.0 abv credentials on the pack or can and you won’t go far wrong. I think they are in transition with the prohibition brand and the bud zero brand.

I have no doubt they will sort it but don’t leave it too long as many other brands with their 0.0% branding could be ahead of the game.

As an aside when I brought this is in a shop they told me it was not alcohol free and it was just normal Budweiser! It just shows you the 0.0 brand is spreading and eventually it will take hold.

What do you think ?

Would you consider trying Budweiser non-alcoholic beer? Are you a fan of the bud brand? I would love to hear your views if you have tried it? What other non-alcoholic beers have you tried? I would love to hear your views and I always respond.


10 thoughts on “Budweiser Non Alcoholic Beer”

  1. Hello there,

    I am not a beer drinker, but a lot of my relatives and friends are.

    I’m proud to be the first to tell them about this Budweiser non-alcoholic beer. And will be happy to share this article with each one of them…. Can’t wait to see their eyes twinkle…lol

    They always make fun of me and convince me to taste their beer, and would burp on my face. I can’t imagine their reactions when they hear me talk about Budweiser..

    Thank you so much for posting this nice article.

    God bless you,


    • Hey Chuna, thanks so much for your comment on budwieser non alcohol beer. You are right that based on past choice people are right to be cynical but the choice is growing and so is the taste. Brewers are realizing that there is a big customer base out there and of course that leads to a profit. I have seen the launches around alcohol free beer increase this year so there is something in the air!

      Thanks so much for taking time out to comment, it is much appreciated, Phil

  2. Great informative article on Budweiser non alcoholic beer!! I will be sharing with some of my friends that like beer. Please keep providing all these great facts! So interesting!!

    • Thanks Alyse, much appreciated you commenting on Budweiser non alcoholic beer. I think its very interesting area to see how the market is moving in the direction of more choice. Bud Zero is one of the latest to join the table, I wish you all the best, Phil

  3. Well, I have actually taken the Budweiser non alcoholic beer and actually it tastes almost he same other than the fact the intoxication is gone and it actually has a very little more blended taste. However, I didn’t actually take it further though but sewing you writing about it, I feel it is a lot safer to continue with them because I am a big time lover of the beer

    • That is great news Kimberly, and thanks for commenting on Budweiser Non Alcoholic Beer. I so agree about the taste without the alcohol and I think they have got this spot on! It excellent to see brands coming on board to progress the non acoholic beer options. Enjoy your alcohol free beer! I appreciate you taking time out to add to the debate. The community here is really important. All the best, Phil

  4. Wellp I found the perfect article to discuss my friend’s views on Budweiser, I myself, am not a big fan of alcohol but he tells me a lot about it. I personally still consider it alcoholic because of the taste and smell. I know to those who drink it may be different but for someone like me who despises the taste and smell of beer, I consider it alcoholic simply because of the superficial features. I’m going to be showing this to m friend because I’m curious to know his personal opinion on this 

    • Thanks so much Misael, I really appreciated you commenting on budweiser non alcoholic beer. I think you are spot on in that if you hate beer anyway its probably not for you. If however you are looking for beer with no alcohol this is a really good option. Of course there are other alcohol free options like alcohol free fizz that might be to your  taste.

      You are so right about about surfing the web, its amazing what you find out. I really appreciate you stopping by. Phil

    • Hey John, I love this question as it does taste better out of a bottle. I will be honest and say I have only had this in cans. I can’t find any info on the bottle question, so that I will contact Bud, and if I get an answer, I will post it here. Thanks for reading the blog. I appreciate it. Phil


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