Best tasting non alcoholic beers – In My Opinion

Firstly bear in mind I am a year into my journey of 0.0 abv beers or finding the best tasting non alcoholic beers. It been a new world from the awkwardness of asking for it and the looks you get to the world moving on and a barman saying “so what’s that like?” to “why bother?”. So the best tasting non alcoholic beers are from my specific criteria of being 0.0 abv because of health reasons although remember this website it for those who can’t don’t and choose not to drink alcohol so the same rules apply. The other thing to remember you don’t have to drink any of these I am merely helping with options at

Remember your choice is already limited

There is a slight irony in listing what is in my view the best tasting non alcoholic beers because unless you are online sometimes in a bar or restaurant the relief of having one choice is a moment of celebration. That is also after you have deciphered what is 0.0 abv so no alcohol among the restricted options.

Having said that it’s improved but not fast enough and given the market is showing at least 25% growth in this area the business owner is missing out and so are you. The thing to remember is that you will have in your own head what you like and don’t worry too much what the guy or girl drinking 5 pints of Stella in the corner thinks.

How do you find the best tasting non alcoholic beers?

This differs from bars to restaurants so let’s take the bar first. In a bar build good rapport with person serving they are learning but will really do their best to advise on the best tasting alcoholic beers. You may need to peer over the counter to see what’s in those glass containers and I normally insist on being given the bottle so I know it’s what it they say it is. In restaurants, it’s generally on the menu but can range from being lobbed in with the soft drinks or in the middle of the alcohol range but again you rarely find more than one choice which is a good opportunity to education especially if the manager is in the corner sitting on their computer so call them over,

They are there to talk to customers not surf the net or do accounts they should know what best tasting non alcoholic beers are on the menu. If you have a favorite place they will sometimes order ahead. Also, sometimes they are trialing it so just ask and it appears! Its only by tasting you will get to know what the best tasting alcohol free beers are in your view and what you like and don’t like.

I’ve learned context is everything

  1. The best tasting non alcoholic beers are often context based in terms of how they are packaged, temperature, food and surroundings. This may sound weird but here are my favorite contexts for the best tasting non alcoholic beers
  2. They taste better out of a bottle
  3. Colder the better
  4. Is the establishment pleased they found a solution for you as opposed to doing you a favor ? ( I’m serious)
  5. The food if you are eating out
  6. Bottle or can and very often weather dependent
  7. Confidence in it actually being 0.0 abv because in my case my health depends on it but your reasons will be just as important.
  8. My experience is limited because so is the choice.

So the best tasting non alcoholic beers depending on context

    • Cobra Zero has won European Awards and yes it’s fantastic with a curry cold in a bottle ( the beer not the curry). Although surprisingly you don’t find this in all Indian Restaurants.

    • Bavaria – this has no alcohol in the process (they don’t need to filter it )and great value in terms of online ordering. They have just updated their branding with a specific fridge pack and it’s looks cool. This brand is definitely working on it is passion something lacking a bit in this market.

  • Peroni Libera again 0.0 abv and you can practice saying it until the blanks looks go and the “no we don’t sell that” comment leads you say Peroni Zero so check what you are getting ! This seems to be on sale at least where I live in the more high end bars and is not cheap. Great taste and actually very Italian if that makes sense.
  • San Miguel 0.0 – as you would imagine great in the hot weather. Ironically I can’t seem to find this in bars in the UK very often or online but I have no problem finding it in the smaller neighborhood shops especially near student halls of residence. In Spain where the attitude is completely different it’s often in hotels and even provided on an all-inclusive I was at until they decided to charge 1.50 euros on my last day much to the disgust of the staff. It had become popular with non-drinkers and those who just fancied it and liked it!

So the results are in for the best tasting non alcoholic beers in my opinion!

This list of the best tasting non alcoholic beers is not massive because the choice isn’t and furthermore it’s my taste buds. I have purposely left some out for reasons I’ll go into in another post. We have to seek it out so ask and be the detective, as the market grows which it will so will the price until the competition kick in again. However, I would love to know your likes, so comment below and be nice remember it’s a personal choice.

On the upside there used to be maybe one choice and that’s still true in some places but it’s growing and so we the consumer benefit. Hopefully it is no longer the case that in seeking out the best tasting non alcoholic beers we get the line “you don’t want to be drinking that s**h”.

10 thoughts on “Best tasting non alcoholic beers – In My Opinion”

  1. Good of you to quit drinking! Congratulations.
    What I hate most is friends telling you “don’t be boring”. As if drunk people are that entertaining.
    I like Mahou tostada. But I don’t know if it’s 0.0 abv. It is said to be non-alcoholic, but from your article I understand that doesn’t mean it’s always 0.0
    Keep up the good works 🙂
    Greetings from Spain.

    • Thanks so much for responding and I think Spain is very much ahead of the game where 0.0% abv is concerned and attitudes towards it. Greetings back to Spain and best wishes!

  2. Great article I was pregnant last year and it was my only choice When we went to the beach lol. still I only found 2 options Heineken and other made here in Mexico. Taste was mehh but as you say the colder the better

    • Thanks for the comment, sounds like there were at least a few choices. The cold bottle is key you are right. Hopefully I will get to Mexico soon, I loved it last time I went. Phil

  3. Great article, I am not a beer drinker but I know people who are who would love this. I didnt know there was even such a thing!

    Thank you for sharing! I will be sharing your post with my friends!

  4. I am not the type of person to go to a bar and ask for a non-alcoholic drink, but this can really benefit a lot of people. Health and other reasons can have an impact on drinking, so this post will be useful for many!


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