Best Non Alcoholic Sparkling wine 

Look, it’s part of a showbiz life, the celebration, the festivals the “oh go on then” moment. The best non alcoholic sparkling wine or alcohol free fizz as I like to call it is not one of the biggest things I miss since getting liver disease but it is up there.

Clearly my health is more important.

The thing is it’s actually not the alcohol, it’s the social aspect, the glamour and the black tie event. It’s either that orange juice or nothing.

It’s like when that tray comes toward you with the expectant waiter and you think nothing more of it. There will be nothing on there for me!

Even orange juice has more alcohol than most non-alcoholic drinks, I kid you not!

Where does sparkling wine come from?

Now don’t start me on this one because I am dealing with the law when it comes to sparkling alcohol free wine alcohol or no alcohol. The names and origins are protected.

The issue comes with the name of “Champagne” and you know what I don’t even think you are allowed to have alcohol free champagne.

Yes I am treading carefully here!

Champagne is Champagne from France, that’s it so saying anything else is forbidden so shh.

It’s actually from a certain part of France called, you guessed it the “champagne region”. In the UK there is always a row over Cornish Pasties, well this tops that debate good and proper!

Champagne is in North France and there is a 100-mile seclusion zone and anything bottled outside of this cannot be called champagne. Its even enshrined in European Law so what chance as has sparkling wine got !

It makes sense when you think about it.

Like many of these products it appeared as early as Roman times although I don’t think it right to blame people when they are not around, do you? OK they are to blame as they originally cultivated the area around 400 A. D and marked out the territory.

It now spans over 76,000 acres and 319 little villages.

That’s impressive!

Now the good news is that alcohol free sparkling wine can be made anywhere but again it is called all sorts of names and brands. To be even more bizarre it could actually be made from the same grapes of champagne.

A bit like gin, sparkling wine can have different tastes and colors including blush, white dry, medium dry fruity. You name it and the choice is probably there.

That is one of the reasons I like it!

  • People say “order me champagne” when really they are asking for Prosecco: This is very dry and very Italian.
  • If we go to Spain we have Cava which the Brits on holiday call Spanish Champagne. Careful you will get arrested.
  • Even in France yes you can have French sparkling wine as long as it comes from outside of the Champagne region and can be sweet, dry and rosé.
  • Cross to the States and they produce some excellent sparkling wine especially using the champagne grapes but of course they can’t call it that. I used to love Californian blush wine including sparkling.

Its all very confusing really but who cares if it tastes good!

So what is my favorite non alcoholic sparkling wine of the moment? Why do we need it and my top reasons why it’s a good alcohol free option:

It tastes much better than the alcohol free wine options out there, mostly!

Let’s be honest, alcohol free wine was really slow to take off. And to be fair it is still suffering from this image. Too watery and too sweet comes to mind.

However, it is getting better. You can read about the great work Torres is doing to change that perception. I really think they have cracked the code of alcohol free wine.

It seems though that alcohol free sparkling wine is easy to make and it’s certainly more palatable in taste. If you are fan of presse which I am this takes it to the next step.

I certainly think the bubbles have helped!
I certainly

Regardless people would turn to alcohol free fizz more than the wine option because it tasted better! You have told me that on the blog.

Yes that is changing but alcohol free fizz brands are still touting options in the market right now which have great quality choices on taste and the fact is we like our bubbles so they are very appealing.

Plus its all about the occasion.

Why we like the sparkling stuff!

Here is a few reasons why we should not be excluded from alcohol free fizz just because we don’t drink alcohol. Yes I am putting my foot down!

Everyone deserves a glass of fizz especially during those key moments and we should not feel left out.

It’s great for an awards’ ceremony

In my previous job I needed to go to a lot of awards’ ceremonies or so called showbiz events and of course fizz came out at all points in the evening.

You can say no which I would do being alcohol free but it is “a moment” that comes with the whole event type thing. Now I can’t remember ever being offered an alcohol free version and if I asked they would probably give me the rules around prosecco, champagne and branding not really understanding the question.

Fair enough but if I had insisted and asked for an alcohol free sparkling wine from the bar, I don’t think they would have had that either.

Awards’ ceremonies are everywhere. People like to celebrate achievements from the local hero awards’ at the community center to the big charity events. It comes with the territory.

Weddings are a must

How do you toast the happy couple without any fizz in your hand?

I don’t care if it’s alcohol free or not, I just don’t think you can do it without some fizz in your hand. Of course, you could if you wanted to but why bother when there are alcohol free choices available?

This course goes for Birthdays and Anniversaries well. There’s just something about celebrating that means fizz is called for.

Bubbles give you a lifting feeling without the alcohol

Now with alcohol we know that the bubbles take alcohol around your body and system quicker than if there was no bubbles.

It actually has been proven on experiments about Blood Alcohol Level or BAC for short. Now with alcohol this can not be a good thing and yet with alcohol free fizz who cares we just get the nice glasses with the sparkles.

What’s not to like and with the quality increasing all the time this is just a great drink minus the alcohol.


Its take the social pressure off

Go on you know you want one really!

I hear this all the time about alcohol and it’s like it would easier sometimes if you did have a problem and could not stop drinking alcohol. So you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

In fact, I get more pressure to drink alcohol than not to drink a nice alcohol free glass of fizz or wine.

People are strange!

When you have an alcohol free drink in your hand the pressure goes away as if by magic.

Lifestyle Choices

Look some people just don’t want to drink alcohol and why should they, some people prefer hitting the gym the next day or just not having a hangover.

At the end of the day people are choosing not to have fizz with alcohol in it. I know this has been a breath of fresh air to the drivers for example.

The fact is not everyone wants drink alcohol and that is a good thing for health reasons before we go onto anything else like saving money! I was just a social wine drinker and it nearly cost me my life but for most people they just want to make that change some time or all the time.

That’s OK!

The thing here is that the choice is important and we know more and younger people are making the switch to alcohol free options.

My Alcohol Free Fizz Top Buy

Belle & Co. Sparkling White & Rosé 0% – 6 or 12 Bottles

Packing in 28 calories at 125 ml this might even be good for your waistline as we know on average alcohol free is better on the hips. Alcohol Free drink options have fewer calories per drink as an average.

Just watch the sugar like in mocktails or mixers.

The reviews tell us a great picture about this product including its taste, texture and of course the bubbles.

The winery is well-established and it is called Belle & Co and they seem to have mastered the art of making sparkling wine with zero alcohol. Let’s hope more brands follow soon!

Alcohol by volume

As I am passionate about alcohol by volume I can confirm that this is 0.0% ABV so zero alcohol!

The reason I have chosen this affiliate to supply these are that you can get it in packs which can help save time and money.

Just choose from 6 to 12 bottle packs and the good news is you get a balanced selection of both types.

Not like some of the supermarket orders I get sometimes!

The two included are :

  • Belle & Co. Sparkling White 0% – 750ml
  • Belle & Co. Sparkling Rosé 0% – 750ml

Just click on the picture below which is an affiliate link but you pay the same and I really recommend the company.

Belle & Co Sparkling Wine


  • You will enjoy the sparkling grape with a flash of tea infusion.
  • And of course never forget the bubbles!
  • As I am often asked, yes it’s Vegan & Gluten Free which is a great trend amongst alcoholic free options right now and that it is a win win for all.

What do you think?

I would love to know what you think of the best non alcoholic sparkling wine (in my view) and if you have tried others. Do let me know. I would also love to know if you call cava champagne and vice versa. What about prosecco? Just leave a comment and I always get back to you.



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