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There is an increasing choice of alcohol-free beer or so-called non-alcoholic beer every year.

The mistake some people make is trying to go for something that they don’t like just because it is the best beer without alcohol on some review site.

However, your taste buds will never lie.

If you like some different flavours or citrus beer, then I would go for Free-Star beer.

However, it might be something like a big brand if you have a strong affiliation to it, like Heineken zero, which is everywhere and maybe be a bit predictable!

The fact is that the alcohol-free drink industry is growing in choice to encourage you to go with your taste preference.

Just remember, it’s not alcohol and nor is it meant to be!

Let’s hope the bars and restaurants catch up soon. The choice when you are out is still minimal.

Yet they have profit staring them in the face!

Let’s look at some influence factors.

Why Drink Beer without Alcohol?

For me, it’s never really about alcohol anymore. I don’t drink, so people say drink water instead.

I Love choice

You walk into a bar or go to a party. You are given a cola or lemonade.

And let’s face it, sugar is not that great for us anyway!

But there are two other big reasons.

Firstly and I don’t think I am bothered by this, but I know others are, and so might you be.

Social Pressure is massive.

Even now, when I ask for an alcohol-free beer, you can see a server give me that look of doubt in their head.

  • Are they driving?
  • Pregnant
  • Former Alcoholic
  • Just weird
  • Why?
  • Go on, have one!

I have had them all. It’s all in their eyes!

People then get onto the subject of religion, so you end up feeling like you are being interviewed!

However, with an alcohol-free beer in your hand, that pressure goes away.

I have noticed people get curious and sometimes order one themselves. Once on holiday in Spain, I kept ordering San Miguel Zero, and you know what, even the alcohol drinkers started to order it.

The hotel, of course, ran out of stock.

Best Beers Without Alcohol


Going for the best beer without alcohol can help with social pressure if your friends are brand-led.

And of course, that is one of your considerations. Maybe? Maybe Not?

There is also a choice. Surely we don’t have to give up that just because we are reducing or avoiding alcohol?

Even university research shows that given the option, more and more people are going for alcohol-free options.

The growth in the alcohol-free drink units is massive right now.

Alcohol-free is growing in double-digit figures and very much welcomed.

Catch up with the latest alcohol-free drinks’ podcast

So maybe you can’t, choose not to or don’t want to drink alcohol! People choose the best beer without alcohol for many reasons.

I know some people who enjoy some of the isotonic benefits of zero alcohol beer after a workout at the gym.

Alcohol-free drinks’ are a niche, but many people now enjoy them and for different reasons.

Check it’s got no alcohol.

Not this may sound a bit weird today, but many alcohol-free beers have a trace.

It is a fact that many food products have a natural trace of alcohol. Although it is probably more than alcohol-free beer, it is generally shallow, like a trace.

Think of orange juice and some bread rolls, for example.

Read How Much Alcohol In Orange Juice

The answer is in the alcohol level, and if you can see the word abv – alcohol by volume, that is key as it tells you how much alcohol is in a beer.

Read more about ABV here.

Luckily some of my favourite beer brands make a USP in the alcohol-free branding.

  • Heineken Zero
  • San Miguel 0.0
  • Krombacher 0.0
  • Bud Zero

I am afraid I can’t endorse beer or give you a view if they are 0.5% abv because of my health.

In reality, for most people just cutting back, they are fine even at a low alcohol level.

The stats for classification are as follows:

  • Low alcohol -Alcohol by volume (abv) above 0.5% but not more than 1.2%. 
  • De-alcoholised -A drink with alcohol extracted and has an abv of not more than 0.5%. 
  • Alcohol-free – Not more than 0.05% abv

So you can see where the trace aspect comes in!

If alcohol-free beer could trigger a craving for alcohol, please stay away and get professional advice.

You can check your drinking limits through the drinkaware website. It’s a great resource.

You get the idea.

You can read more about the best beer brands here.

When should you drink it?

You will read some reviews by alcohol drinkers about alcohol-free beer that says it could be good with food.

They mean that they hate it, so put it with some food, which will be possible.

Of course, they compare it directly with alcohol-based drinks’ and think they should taste the same.

It won’t as it does not have any alcohol. However, breweries are getting smart with technology in beer making, so it will at least mimic the taste.

You will also get all the hops and aromas of the beer. Just not the alcohol!

It also contains calories, maybe less, but it does have calories, so not ideal if you are on a strict diet!

For me, beers without alcohol should not have to have food, and you should be able to drink them without food.

For example, a drink with friends or at a BBQ otherwise is great but if that the only time then what’s the point.

It has to taste decent.

For a great taste lager alcohol-free beer, I recommend DAYS, which I have reviewed.


Indian Food and Cobra Zero Beer


I would make an exception for one alcohol-free beer, and that is Cobra Zero. The Indian brewery has come up with this one.

It is served in my local restaurant with Indian curries, and it tastes fantastic.

Yes, Cobra Zero could stand on its one as a zero alcohol beer. So yet there are exceptions.

But I don’t think reviewers should ever pass off alcohol-free beer as only good with food.

It’s now too good for that.

Come to think about it; I am surprised Italian restaurants in the UK don’t serve Libera Peroni’s Alcohol-Free Beer brand anymore; it’s fantastic in terms of taste with pizza and pasta.

I don’t think I have ever seen it on a drink menu, but then I have never seen any alcohol free drinks’ menu either.

What would you suggest?

If you want to keep the price low and stay with an established brand, I would shout out Bavaria 0.0

Even my co-host of the alcohol-free drinks’ podcast says that it goes down well and still drinks alcohol.

But if you want to get a sense of some of the new beers without alcohol coming into the mix, I can’t recommend Free-Star enough.

It’s got that citrus edge I would not think I would like but do!

It’s also got great branding, and it is very different in style from the mainstay beer brands.

I also love San Miguel 0.0% as a mainstay drinking drink.

If you are a fan of small bottle speciality beer, my big shout out is to Leffe 0.0, which is now available in the UK but not Belgium, it seems.

What’s been your experience?

Let me know your best beer without alcohol.

Would you prefer a well-known alcohol beer brand, or would you be happy to try out more craft beers with zero alcohol?

Are you happy with a trace of alcohol, or would you prefer one that specifies no trace and is brewed accordingly like Bavaria?

Bavaria is my most consumed beer regularly as it is good quality and does not weigh heavily on my wallet.

Let me know your thoughts below, and I always respond. If you have some choice for the Best beer without alcohol, I would love to hear them.


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