Best alcohol-free red wines

If you think alcohol-free drinks, get a raw deal, give a thought to the best alcohol-free red wines.

After all, with a high brow reputation with the red wine smell, and oaky flavour, red wines are often called “the wine’s wine”.

After all, they’re so protected; heaven forbid that anyone takes the alcohol out of it.

If you are cutting back on alcohol, why would you not want to give it a go?

After all, alcohol-free drinking is all about choice.

Are alcohol-free red wines any good in taste?

I hate saying this because it depends on why you are drinking it.

Some wines have a trace of alcohol.

Probably even more so than beer as we are dealing with grapes.

So there are many things to consider.

Although before you go into a panic when I gave up alcohol, ultimately, I realized that it was more complicated than I thought as alcohol often appears in food naturally or as part of the process.

Orange juice, bananas and even some bread rolls probably have more alcohol than alcohol-free wine.

And don’t get me started on some desserts. They really should be avoided!

Read how much alcohol in my banana?

This fact will either put your mind at rest or fill you with dread.

Some alcohol-free wines are duffers. I mean bad.

So if there was ever a case of try before you buy red wine, alcohol-free should be on that list.

You have probably read that in the beginning, non-alcoholic red wine was just really grape juice.

I heard someone say it once at a party. “Give them some of the red grape juice they don’t drink”.

Sorry NO alcohol

That is the world I live in day-to-day.

I often have to justify why I don’t drink alcohol.

Read what to say when you don’t drink alcohol.

No wonder alcohol-free got a lousy reputation with non-alcoholic wines tasting like grape juice!

It’s just adding to the already biased view people have of others who don’t drink!

Luckily the whole process of making alcohol free wine with plenty of technology to help means that it’s improved vastly.

Like ten-fold, it has.

But I hate to say this on an alcohol-free blog, but there’s good, bad, and just wrong when it comes to alcohol-free wines.

Did I say undrinkable? It must have slipped out, sorry.

But the alcohol drinks industry needs to cross-check itself. Otherwise, its reputation will wain, and that’s not good as we have come so far.

The Good News about Alcohol-Free Red Wine.

There are some good ones out there now made by some excellent wineries.

They have to make good wine because without good tasting drinks; it’s over.

The alcohol-free industry will be harmed otherwise.

Some of the alcohol-free wines do now get close to tasting like alcoholic wine.

But is it alcohol? Of course not. The other flavours of the non-alcoholic wine will probably come through much more in my experience.

Alcohol-free drinks are not meant to taste like them; mimic them! And there is a difference.

Some of the best alcohol-free drinks have done their take on the alcohol version, and I think this is sometimes a better idea than going for the same taste.

Alcohol-free gin has done this, and I am a big fan of Seedlip, which I have reviewed many times.

Is non-alcoholic red wine a diet drink?

The answer no and not even near.

Yes, alcohol contains many calories, around seven calories per gram.

So alcohol-free wine has got some good things to shout about overall.

Some not all alcohol-free wines have extra sugar added, although some try and counter this as well.

There are two things to look out for on an alcohol-free drink; one is abv, so alcohol by volume and the other is a carbohydrate and then underneath the sugar.

So it can help your health massively but don’t pin your hopes on being your only diet solution.

Although I have known people lose weight through my coaching work because they are not drunk, they eat less and don’t get the urge to snack.

It also saves people lots of money as when we have a few too many our spending habits can go out the window!

If you avoid alcohol altogether, albeit there may be a trace, this is an excellent guideline to look out for via the UK drink aware website.

Does Alcohol Free Wine Contain Alcohol?

  • Low alcohol -Alcohol by volume (abv) above 0.5% but not more than 1.2%.
  • De-alcoholised -A drink with alcohol extracted and has an abv of not more than 0.5%.
  • Alcohol-free – Not more than 0.05% abv

So will alcohol-free red wine taste different?

No, it won’t. Well, not really. OK then, yes!

It will still come down to your personal choice of grapes, aromas and style but without the alcohol.

Of course, like any good wine, the taste will come down to personal preference.

I just wished more restaurants and bars stocked it, and you don’t look like a freak for asking if they have any.

But that’s another story!

Have you ever seen an alcohol free drink menu, no? I rest my case.

Mocktails may be but alcohol-free beer, wines or gin, rarely if ever.

I was hoping you could read my review of Sparkling Alcohol-Free Wine that has got its act together here.

And if you’re after a dark cherry Cabernet wine, you will find it in the alcohol-free wine world, but your senses will have a different take on it.

If wine could trigger off past drinking habits, by the way, stay away. Only you will know what your triggers are!

Do Alcohol Free Wines Taste the Same?


I have put together a list of the best alcohol-free wines online, including red, white, and rose.

I would encourage you to seek them out and do a taste test.

If I were to go for one, I would say Torres, but you will be the judge of that.

These brands make alcoholic red wine then remove it. They also remove it at a gentle pace with something called vacuum distillation at low temperature, and it’s clever.

If you are giving up alcohol, even though you are giving up the drink, the flavours and aroma remain.

Once you get past the fact, there is no alcohol and build it into a habit rather than having an alcoholic wine after work, your brain soon adjusts.

As one reader said to me, “ you know what? After a week of going on alcohol-free wine, it was quite nice, and the bonus was no fuzzy head the next morning”.

There are lots of benefits of going alcohol-free, not to mention our health.

Read Can Red Wine Reduce your blood pressure, and if so, could alcohol-free red wine do the same?

The answer may not be what you want to hear!

The Very Cautious One Shiraz goes well with lamb or beef dishes.

Natureo Syrah by Torres has quality jumping out. I am a big fan of Spain when it comes to alcohol-free generally. And it’s got an ABV, so alcohol by volume of 0.0%.

Great news!

It works and is alcohol-free, with pasta and Spanish meatballs as an essential meal to pair.

Read my reviews and let me know what you think?

Why would you drink the best alcohol-free red wine?

Yes, it can be a gamble, probably more so than alcohol-free beer or gin. Even sparkling wine and got its act together.

However, the better brand for alcohol-free wine has now entered the race, and wineries like Torres know what they are doing.

After all there the whole brand depends on it.

I would love your views on the best alcohol-free red wines. Leave your comment below, and I will always get back to you.



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