Best Alcohol Free Gin – My Top 5


Best alcohol free gin – my top 5

Now for us on the alcohol free journey it’s nice to have a few options when we go out apart from alcohol free beer, yes there is social pressure and water if we are lucky. As for any alternatives well it can be a bit of a lottery sometimes. So hopefully my best alcohol free gin list will help you.

There is still a bit of an attitude to getting non-alcoholic drinks’, those blank looks you get in a bar and to be honest that is why I set up this blog. Maybe out of passion and maybe out of frustration! Choice is good and thank goodness for the best alcohol free gin choices!

Maybe alcohol gin is here to give us that choice that we need when out and about but its also a treat for parties, chilled evenings and a great movie. You know those sofa nights.

Now it’s never going to be gin, it is an alternative so why would it be however it is now big business with some great organic brands coming into play. Not to mention vegan and low sugar count. This is turning into a win win.

There is something about having that ice and a slice so if it’s Christmas, parties or summer gin certainly hits the spot. So if you are on a 0.0 alcohol free lifestyle it is another option to consider over alcohol free beer.

It came of course like many alcohol choices from a pharmacist in Holland and was given to soldiers as “dutch coverage” during the early wars over time. Now of course you are more likely to have it as a pre-dinner drink or in a summer cocktail. Well I hope so anyway.

All in all choice is improving now and there are some great brands floating about. It is interesting how organic and alcohol free and now coming together as one!

Here at my top 5 best alcohol free gin choices

( I am happy to provide these choices as an amazon associate and while you pay the same the blog benefits from your purchasing here)

Fancy some Cornish said the vicar. It sounds like a stretch but plants from the UK are now being used in the creation of gin. I was told about this by some colleagues in Cornwall and what else can you say about Cornwall its beaches, its weather and they are proud of things that are made there so my number 5 is :

Pentire Adrift 70cl – Botanical Non-Alcoholic Spirit 7/10

This has got some great credentials. Technically like many of these choices it is classed a non-alcoholic spirit. The infusion here is a mix of Rock Samphire, Sage, Pentire Plant Blend, Citrus and Cornish Sea Salt which I find rather appealing and before you ask now its not salty.

One of the issues with now alcohol options can be the sugar content but this product is made with no added sugar, no artificial colors or flavorings.

It’s alcohol free which of course meets the brief of my blog and it’s a decent price too around £26.99 for a 70 cl. There is also a subscription offer option with this product. It is also gluten free and vegan which is something I get asked a lot about here on the blog in comments.

The taste here sounds a bit corny but my friends in Cornwall say this, it’s a bit err coastal. I know what you are thinking but I think I mean “fresh” not sugary either which can be a problem with some of these products. I would definitely recommend it.

Don’t be put off my the somewhat medical style branding ! Its a bit odd in my view.

Lyre’s Dry London Non-Alcoholic Spirit – Gin Style

This is a growing brand and I have to say it’s very impressive so it gets 8/10. They have a range of options so if you like this one there are others to choose from. It’s also very dry which I like.

Again alcohol free so fit its in with the ethos of the blog and I have to say a very smooth taste, This is a more basic gin so if you like them clean this could be for you. Important to note this is a non alcohol spirit as there are specific rules around what can be called gin. I guess the same applies to fizz and champagne.

Now this has won an award and I love awards as it means the producer takes time to enter them and really cares about pushing their non alcohol brands. In the current world where choice is limited this is really important as it gives credibility to bars and restaurants. It won :

“Medal recipient of The 2020 London Spirits Competition. Impossibly Crafted Non-Alcoholic Spirit – Dry London”

I think that’s good isn’t it?

This is the classic juniper, dry product with plenty of aromas to get your nose around. I like it a lot!

Siegfried Wonderleaf Alcohol free Vegan with 18 Botanical 500 ml

Now this comes in at number three in the best alcohol free gin and was a new one for me partly because it was from Germany and you know what I love alcohol free German beer, which sounds slightly weird reasoning but there you go.

Notice this is 500 ml and therefore comes in at around £16.90.

I would give this 8/10 especially for its different approach

This is a good option if you have never tried alcohol free gin style drinks’ before and you fancy a bit of a taster sesh. Can you use the word sesh if you are alcohol free?

It has a different feel to many of the others and if you think you have heard of the brand before, well you have as they have an alcoholic version so make sure you order the right one. My liver needs looking after you know!

I would say this is very good for non-alcoholic cocktails and long drinks’ that you may make especially in the summer or at Christmas family get together. The botanics shine through and again right on trend this is vegan, sugar-free, so thumbs up as if you go alcohol free you still need to watch the sugar content.

It’s of German origin and they have got a great record in creating non-alcoholic options. As I write this I have just ordered my Bavaria 0.0 beer for the weekend! Who said I could not multi-task! Get my review of Bavaria Zero here.

Caleño – Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit, Infused with Juniper and Inca Berry Non Alcoholic Style Spirit

I love this stuff as you can imagine it comes in at number two in the best alcohol free gin. Here you really get the flavors of the Juniper which makes a gin and I know its an alternative but still ! Every bit helps.

When I started my alcohol free journey especially for best alcohol free gin this was one of the first ones on my list and for me the quality shines through.

It’s 50 cl in the bottle format and of course zero alcohol so big thumbs up from me! Think more tropical than some alcohol free gin brands mixed with juniper, citrus and spice botanicals.

This wonder was inspired by Columbia and Latin America and it definitely has that feel about it. The owner of the brand is from there.

The good news is that Caleño ticks the boxes of gluten and vegan free and comes in at around £18 a bottle. Again note the size is 50 cl.

Great branding and the owner of this distillery really cares and that comes across in the attention to detail. I love it as you can tell so I give it a score of 9/10

Seedlip Grove 42

Now my number one in the top 5 best alcohol free gin is my favorite seedlip. Why, well it’s just quality but I have to admit it was the first one I tried on my non-alcoholic journey. What do they say be first or best?

Seedlip has lots of different options but this is my favorite. Think zest and citrus flavor for this one and great with a quality tonic and unusually for me some orange peel. This is not normally my thing but this really works with this option.

The bottle is 70 cl and works out at around £22. My downside of this brand is that bar owners seem to think they can really hit up the price and yet still don’t know how to serve it. There is subscription and save option with this brand so you could stock up for Christmas or holidays!

This is the brand if you are going to get non-alcoholic gin when you are out. It’s more likely to be this one on their cocktail lists or tucked into some other drinks’ menu. It gets a tough reception in some places but when you drill it down its the price and from people who really want a gin but can’t have one. I guess that is the point isn’t it?

Best Alcohol Free Gin – My top 5 reviewed

So there you go, here are my top 5 alcohol free gin choices but I will keep adding and keep sharing. A couple of points you need to remember :

  • This is gin style not gin so that is why it is called an alcohol free spirit. Otherwise, lawyers come after you.
  • Don’t go thinking it is gin, it is not its a gin alternative and then complain its not gin per se.
  • Make sure it got a slice and ice as it really does make a difference.
  • Try a few first then you will find your favorite overtime
  • Home purchase is ideal as it is pretty expensive when you are out so you will want to know firsthand what you are paying for although in my view the last two are surefire hits.
  • Use a great tonic, my recommendation is FeverTree.
  • Be aware you will get comments from others just as with any alcohol free alternative, just tell them to shut up and mind their own business! Direct but say it with a smile.

What do you think about the best alcohol free gin?

This blog is all about an alcohol free lifestyle and it depends on you and your stories to make it come alive. So please help me and others out by leaving your comments below. By all means ask a question and I always respond within quickly.

The good news is I don’t have a hangover so I can answer even on a weekend morning. I would love to hear from you especially if you have tried alcohol free gin. I hope you enjoyed reading about my top 5 best alcohol free gin.

12 thoughts on “Best Alcohol Free Gin – My Top 5”

  1. Oh wow this is amazing! I had no idea that there is a non alcoholic gin. I would imagine that non alcoholic gin may tastes like, tea? Lol but his is perfect if you are trying to slow down with your drinking and still manage to look like you are drinking something while socializing. I will try Siegfried Wonderleaf out, wll make sure that it is non alcoholic lol. 

    • Hey thanks for your comment, it made me smile! I don’t think they taste like tea but now that thought will be in my head. Actually they are all real quality products and the care and effort in production is amazing. You are spot on about the social aspect and I think it remains one of the biggest challenges for people and non alcoholic options especially if you have given up drink or are wanting to cut back alcohol.  

      That is why the more great alcohol free options available the more people are likely to choose them according to UK University research. I really enjoyed reading your comment on best alcohol free gin and I appreciate you taking time out to share a fantastic comment. Wishing you all the best, Phil

  2. Good one to be here. Seeing that a gin can actually be alcohol free is very funny and interesting to me at the same time. I value everything you shared here and surely it is very much worthy to see and can make the whole difference in the long time. Thank you so much for all you have shared here. Thank you

    • Thanks Nath, I know when I first came across it , it seemed very odd but its seems that out of all the alcoholic free drinks this one is expanding. There is a great quality in this market and it will be interesting to see how it matures over time. Thanks for sharing your view on best alcohol free gin, it is really appreciated. All the very best, Phil

  3. Hello Phil, thank you for your post. I didn’t know that there have alcohol free gin. Because I have difficulty to choose a good gin recently, and I found your post. However, I have matters on hangover next morning when I have alcohol drinks. Thanks for your recommendation, I will try the Lyre’s Dry London instead of others alcohol version, then I don’t need to worry on hangover matters.

    • Hey Ling, thanks so much for the comment on best alcohol free gin, it is very much appreciated. You are certainly right about the hangovers! People on the blog say that the first thing they noticed when switching to an alcohol free lifestyle was the way they felt in the morning especially with a gin hangover! I really appreciate you taking the time out to comment , all the very best, Phil

  4. Okay, lol I honestly had no idea that there is Gin which is free from alcohol. I like my Gin with a percentage though but I will have to try this kinds just to support my partner, he does not drink. In future I will need to take care of my liver but I still want to sip my cocktail, I will surely introduce myself and partner to alcohol free Gin.
    Thank you

    • My pleasure and thanks so much for reading my article on best alcohol free gin, it is really appreciated. It was certainly a revelation for me and if I am honest I came across it by accident through hearsay. There are some great brands developing out there and while not cheap they really offer quality. I really appreciate you visiting my blog and adding a comment. All the very best, Phil

  5. Hello there Phil, this is a beautifully written comprehensive review of gin brands and I really enjoyed reading your article thoroughly. Gin is such an amazing drink that can be really smooth and goes down well easily. It can also be mixed with other ingredients to create truly innovative drink ideas which is one of its redeeming qualities. Thanks for recommending these brands 

    • Hi there Beesean, thanks so much for commenting on best alcohol free gin, I really appreciate it. I agree gin is a great option to have in the non alcohol range and what is good it that there are some great quality brands coming through. I think your point about mixing it to make a refereshing long drink is the perfect solution to many a question of  “what shall I drink moments”. It lends itself great to that. All the very best, Phil

  6. Hi,
    We are moving my wife’s sister in with us. She is an alcoholic. We want to maintain our lifestyle which, for me includes a daily Cab and for us a Friday gin martini. I am looking for alcohol-free alternatives for her as we cannot let her have alcohol. I appreciate your blog as we might try one of the beverages you review here. Have you tried any of these as a martini? We like our martinis with a spritz of vermouth, olive juice, and olives. Any suggestions?

    • Hey Jim, yes, alcohol-free gin is great for an alcohol-free martini; just mix it as you would normally. Alcohol-free gin is very flexible as a drink. Sorry to hear about your wife’s sister. The only to check with her is that alcohol-free drinks are not a trigger to go back to alcohol. It’s not for many people, but it’s best to check. Let me know how you get on. Thanks so much for commenting on Best Alcohol-Free Gin; I wish you all the best, Phil


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