Best Alcohol Free Cider

The best alcohol free cider is often overlooked as to be honest people just think cider is alcohol free but of course it isn’t.

There are lots of ciders out there that have very high abv values.

ABV is alcohol by volume and it gives us the low down on how much alcohol is in your cider.

If you are going alcohol free this is important right?

Cider is a great drink if you put the sugar aside and the reason is really simple.

Alcohol free cider is

  • Refreshing
  • Tasty
  • Fruity
  • A good alcohol alternative
  • Created by big brands but also the new craft brands as well
  • Comes in cans and bottles
  • Great for summer drinks
  • Takes the social pressure off to drink which can at times be overwhelming

You can now get ciders in alcohol free measures and the brands out there makes it is really clear about their 0.0% credentials.

That’s news for the alcohol free market overall.

Why Drink Cider

People often love alcoholic drinks because of the antioxidants, but let’s be clear it’s not the alcohol that is good health wise.

Yes the alcohol might give you a short term buzz but it can also put extra calories on and give you a headache the next morning.

The antioxidants in beer, wine and cider come from the ingredients not the alcohol.

Cider and yes even alcohol free cider contains what health experts explain is a good influx of antioxidants into your system.


Best Alcohol Free Cider

Of course, it’s nothing to do with the alcohol like some newspaper headlines would have you believe but we are talking all the fruit and fibre of the apple when it comes down to cider.

And its thanks to the apples and apple skins we have those often talked about “tannins”.

So if you take a glass of red wine and halve it, a glass of cider probably has the same antioxidant level.

Of course, it can come in a can and bottle and it’s easy to carry on a train or take to a house party.

I will be honest and say that you won’t find many alcohol free cider on draft in many pubs either worldwide or in the UK.

You will struggle in restaurants as well, but the good news is we have them online and it’s a great choice!

Apart from any health benefits always be aware of the sugar content but enjoy the summer feeling you get when you drink it.

So why alcohol free cider then?

Actually a therapist once said to me ( when I was not asking for therapy it has to be said) that I should sit in the corner and drink fizzy water and be done with it to get over my alcohol problem.

I did not actually drink wine at the same time so I just thought OK nice lady “not” and avoided! She made so many assumptions about me and why others give up alcohol.

Its never the same story.

The fact is for our mental health we like to socialize with others and at least have some kind of drink in our hand to be part of the crowd.

It’s part of being human.

However, many people and I include myself in this who don’t have an issue with alcohol like to have something different from just water or some carbonated soft drink that I might get with my meal deal at lunchtime!

However, the alcohol free world is still learning and so are we.

Most people think of alcohol free beer and not cider or even wine.

They actually also don’t think of alcohol free fizz and you can read my review of one of my favorites here.

And it’s confusing because the range can alcohol-free, or low-alcohol or whatever takes the servers fancy at the time.

I have seriously had that approach.

You can read what is alcohol free here

For health reasons I am firmly in the 0.0 abv camp so alcohol free and my reviews will always take that into account.

People still pull faces at us at the alcohol free customers but luckily both the craft cider producers and the big brands have come to our rescue and luckily they are living side by side.

Alcohol free is a trend and is set to grow and I include alcohol free cider in that.

The taste is much better nowadays and in many cases excellent and there are increasing reasons to cut down on your alcohol intake from money to health.

You can check your weekly alcohol unit count at the drink aware website.

But the good news is that you can go alcohol free and still enjoy a well produced cider!

Hurrah for alcohol free!

Where can I buy them?

You can purchase a great range of alcohol free ciders from my preferred supplier by clicking on the picture below.

It’s an ethical business and while I do get a very small commission you pay the same.



My best alcohol free cider list!

Now because all of these alcohol free ciders are alcohol free they can be reviewed by me personally as I don’t go any higher when it comes to abv so alcohol by volume.

Thanks to my friends Ian and Paul who since I have given up alcohol go out of their way to find a lovely drinking alcohol free gem for me to review.

Just to repeat:

I have only included 0.0% brands here in keeping with my blog.

Drynks Unlimited Smashed Apple Alcohol-Free Cider 0.0%

Nope I had not heard of it either and this brand is not up there with the big brands but I would say its better for it!

It’s called Smashed Cider from Drinks Unlimited and my friends had a few when I stayed with them.

Smashed Cider Alcohol Free

I was very impressed.

Now there is a pitching business programme in the UK called Dragon’s Den and I checked with a former colleague who worked on the show and yes they were on it.

I was slightly flustered because I can’t remember seeing them and it’s one of my favorite programmes.

They got backing apparently! If I am wrong on this do let me know.

Either way I am very impressed.

Smashed Cider has a great smell and it’s not too dissimilar to a sour apple but in a good way.

It’s a bit like the smell I used to remember from cider lollies when I was a kid.

But in a good way.

Think apple peel and a sour apple tart.

It’s very refreshing and out of a can providing its cold taste it is first class.

It is probably closer to a traditional made cider even though it’s alcohol free.

Kopparberg Mixed Fruits Non-Alcoholic Cider 0.0%

I might be generalizing here but until my local pubs started to stock Kopparberg in its alcohol format cider had gone off the boil a bit.

It had got a bit confused as a branded drink and demand fell.

Sometimes it takes just one brand to reinvent a drink and boom its back in the trendy stakes.

Koppenburg Mixed Fruit Alcohol Free Cider

When I was a kid it was Strongbow so it’s amazing how brands and tastes evolve and change.

But then dandelion and burdock was a thing as was pickled onion crisps!

Kopparberg came out with their fruit based cider and to be fair they really played on the sweetness of the drink.

There were no big TV campaigns but the social media cut through.

Now I was never a massive cider drinker but Koppenburg have managed to do what many alcohol free producers fail at which is they have left the taste almost identical to the alcohol version.

That is a big achievement!

Alcohol free drink really suffered for a while as people tasted them and thought “it’s not even like the alcohol version”

Now to be fair it is never going to be like for like as it has no alcohol but this comes very close and its very tasty and refreshing as well.

In fact my friends who drink alcohol based cider said they would also add into to their mix of cider drinks so that’s a compliment indeed.

Koppenburg Alcohol Free Cider

Kopparberg’s non-alcoholic Mixed Fruit is a real gem but of course, it will depend on your likeness for certain fruits but that comes with any kind of fruit based drink not just cider.

Magners Zero Cider 0.0%

I used to think of Magners as the big current brand but maybe less so now but I include it here as it’s a good option with clear branding.

And it has a very decent taste.

magners alcohol free cider

Yes people will kind of think “great” this is the classic brand with an alcohol free version and they would probably be right on that.

Don’t let it stop you from trying it though.

I would say it’s very traditional even as an alcohol free version cider and think a zesty apple but it still maintains that crisp dry feel that you would probably expect from a cider like Magners.

Make sure its very cold and its a perfect addition to a picnic in a field in a West Country English Meadow.

Yep I have been watching too many romantic films but you get the idea of the best alcohol free cider on a Summer’s day with a picnic basket in tow!

Of course if it’s alcohol free you will still be able to sunbathe and walk in a straight line back to your car or not end up in a field of cows as I did once!

Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Non-Alcoholic Cider 0.0%

I have added this one as I got some feedback that the other option was a bit too fruity and in reality I think it was the blackcurrant element putting my friends off.

Where does this dislike of blackcurrants come from?

Alcohol Free Strawberry and Lime Cider

But anyway this is a great Strawberry and Lime alcohol free cider and it is probably bizarrely a bit sweeter but I am adding it here as it is a very decent choice.

But my favorite is still the mixed fruit one in the Kopparberg range!

So my best bet on the best alcohol free cider

I would certainly say Smash Cider followed by a Koppenberg choice.

But to be honest all these brands are good drinks.

They have not just thought about the alcohol free aspect but also about the taste as well.

Refreshing with great branding would be my headline.

I would love to know what you think about the best alcohol free cider. Leave a message below and I will get back to you.

4 thoughts on “Best Alcohol Free Cider”

  1. I think most people would like to get something different from just simple water. Yes, water will always be unreplaceable but as we are humans we like variety, we want something different to make our lives more interesting. We don’t wear the same clothes, we don’t go only to the same places and we don’t eat the same food. And just like this we don’t like to drink only water. But as with everything it’s real important to be able to balance everything as water is just as important as every other drink we decide to go for.

    • Hey Stratos, many thanks for your comment on best alcohol free cider.

      I agree water is key but alcohol free cider does provide another alternative to alcohol especially where there is social pressure to drink.

      As you say variety is key.

      I really appreciate you stopping by. All the best, Phil

  2. Hi Phil,

    Most people when they get to a restaurant or bar and order a cider, it’s probably the alcoholic one that’s brought. It’s intriguing to learn that the antioxidants in beer, cider, and wine come from the ingredients used to prepare the beverage and not the actual alcohol as most reporting has led us to believe over the years. I don’t know why someone would oredrcider and prefer it alcohol-free, but what I know is, I love myself a cold alcoholic cider drink on a hot afternoon.

    Great article!


    • Hey Sergej, thanks for a great comment and yes some people prefer cider with the alcohol and that’s cool. It all about balance.

      It great you picked up on the nutrition aspect. People do think its the alcohol.

      I really appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts on the best alcohol free cider. It is much appreciated. All the best, Phil


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