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Alcohol free is really coming of age. It is now acceptable to drink the best alcohol free beer because the taste has jumped up to a high quality standard.

It is not for everyone one as you will probably notice if you go into the many bars and restaurants that don’t have an alcohol free option.

Have you noticed that many don’t even have an alcohol free drink menu?

Or as one waiter pointed out, it’s “under soft drinks”.

I look down excitedly and notice a bottle of presse. Yes presse is fine but it was not the choice I was expecting.

However, we are now better off for alcohol free beer and I am talking 0.0% here than ever before.

Because of my health that is my preferred option but some people just don’t like alcohol or maybe completely allergic to it!

Or as one of my friends was asked “did you have a problem with alcohol?” when she politely asked for a completely zero alcohol free beer.

Her response was brilliant “ No I am pregnant if that is OK with you!”

Now that’s a comeback!

But as more of the mainstream brands get in on the act with the best alcohol free beer I have tried to recommend a few choices that may not be considered in the mainstream.

Best Alcohol Free Beers

But they taste great and are a great alcohol free beer brands in their own right!

The good news is we get great tasting beer created with no alcohol whatsoever in the process.

And I like that!

What is the best alcohol free beer you recommend ?

Now these great beers are certainly not off the beaten track but they are slightly left to say a Heineken Zero.

Heineken Zero is fine but if a bar does have a choice that will probably be it!

Of course that really is not a great choice! One beer – one option.

However, bars often look overjoyed that they have at least one option and I am so used to it I hardly blink now!

I have chosen these based on a slightly left field experience but they are great tasting.

After all alcohol free beer needs to be great taste wise to survive.

Otherwise, the whole industry goes down the pan!

My three top alcohol free beers are as follows

  • Free Star
  • Krombacher Pilsner 0.0% – 330m
  • Drynks Unlimited Smashed Lager 0.0%

These great tasting beers gets extra points for good branding but also they are all zero alcohol but they all have a bit of a different taste.

Why choose these alcohol free beers

The taste is great but ethics, branding, texture all play a part so let’s find out more.

I rate them all 10/10 and would buy them again tomorrow.

Krombacher 0.0%

I first had this beer in a restaurant in Cheshire UK and to their credit they were very excited it was on the menu.

I actually tweeted the makers of the beer and they responded which is always a good sign that they really care.

It was bistro type food and what I would call posh burger and chips.

I fancied a great zero alcohol beer to go with it.

Alcohol Free is great for food

It was poured in a lovely small glass and the bottle left on the table so I knew what I was drinking.

Because it was in a glass and I would normally drink out of a bottle the first thing I noticed was the color.

The Amber and opal colors shone through.

Yes it was slightly cloudy but not in a bad way as the gas settled very quickly.

This is a de-alcoholised product so the alcohol is taken out of the beer after it’s been made as part of the process.

Read what is alcohol free here


Krombacher Alcohol Free

However, fear not this brewer is a master at this now and the technology is extremely impressive.

If you want to check if it is alcohol free then look on the label for 0.0% ABV.

This stands for alcohol by volume and the good news is that Krombacher have made the branding some of the best.

It’s clearly blue the kind of adopted color of alcohol free beer and they have incorporated the 0.0 in the branding on the bottle.

Krombacher brings us another fantastic Pilsner but now alcohol free of course.

The Smashed Lager 0.0%

This choice is relatively new to me, it pours really well and it is very drinkable.

It really needs a cool temperature but it’s got a fantastic lager feel to the beer.

It is what I would call casual drinking alcohol free beer.

Like Krombacher 0.0% it has got a great pale gold color and the aroma cuts through.

smashed lager

There is a certain sweetness to these floral type beers.

But the hops also shine through.

A bit of a biscuit and honey taste comes through which again in my view makes it stand out from the mainstream alcohol free beers right now.

The thing above all else though is that if you like lager you will really love this mainly because after drinking it I feel refreshed and it is certainly “crisp” in nature.


You can check your alcohol limit through the drink aware website

Free Star Alcohol Free Beer

I recently suggested this as something a bit different if you are looking to please alcohol free guests at a wedding.

You can read my thoughts here.

It really is unique in terms of flavor and production quality in the alcohol free drinks market right now.

When you first taste it the thing you notice is that you need no pizza or other food to go with it.

Its light, crisp and again very refreshing.

If there was one thing that defines this beer it is the citrus edge that they have.

Yes it may not be everyone’s taste but even I can be a bit of a fusspot and I love it.

It’s subtle in its aroma and taste.

This brand seems to have come out of nowhere and is not one of the big breweries so they have had to work hard on their credentials.

It’s actually won Sustainable Beer in the World Beer Award in 2019.

FreeStar Beer won an award

They have committed to the environment so when brewing this beer its generates up to 90 per cent less CO2 emissions.

Which we should all care about the environment right now and alcohol free seems to be leading the way.

People who comment on the blog who are not alcohol free per se are also switching because there are more and more vegan and gluten options.

This alcohol free beer certainly ticks those options.

Now most people get carried away thinking alcohol free means calories free.

And actually of course it does not.

However, with Free Star you are looking at a good calorie numbers compared to many alcohol based beers.

Free Star beer is only 62 per can.

I’ll have a bit of a that! I really rate this beer 10/10.

How Can I buy them?

Well not in a pub as a general rule.

Fortunately one of my affiliate partners has a great range of the best alcohol free beers including these.

They are great ethical business and if you click my link below I do get a very small commission but you pay the same.

Just click the picture below to find out more.



Best Alcohol Free Beer

When should I drink them? Food or no food?

The choice is yours!

I have chosen these beers because very often reviews try to match them up with food which can be a bit irritating to be honest.

And yes OK I have done it but as a former wine drinker you are more likely to have seen me with a nice glass of wine in my hand than a beer with food.

I would make a few exceptions, one which is Mexican with Sol beer and Indian food with a Cobra which now has its own excellent alcohol free brand now called Cobra Zero which I really recommend.

Where will you drink these?

These are great to drink anywhere and you don’t need food!

When ordering alcohol free beer you still get the odd funny look or the “why bother”.

In fact if I am going somewhere special I actually order ahead.

After a little pushing and shoving on the issue I get a mixed response.

Many of the choices I make sell even more to alcohol drinkers who fancy a change.

It kind of backs up University Research that says if there is an excellent choice on the alcohol free beer front we try one out whether we drink or not.

It’s like tea in an Indian Restaurant.

You just try it to install new taste buds and I think very often alcohol free beer is the same.

What are your thoughts on the best alcohol free beer? Where would you try them out? Are you an alcohol free drinker or just cutting back?

Leave your comment on the best alcohol free beer below and I always get back to you.



4 thoughts on “Best Alcohol Free Beer”

  1. Wow! I’m really surprised! I had no idea there were alcohol-free beers out there. I don’t really like the taste of beer but it’s mainly because of the alcohol. The only alcoholic drink I can tolerate it’s wine and that’s maybe once a year. Now, knowing that there are actually options out there for those of us who don’t like that strong feeling that alcohol gives drinks, I may try some of the options that you have mentioned here.

    • Hey Stephanie, thanks so much for your great comment on best alcohol free beer, its amazing what is out there now in terms of of alcohol free. 

      I loved reading your thoughts and thanks so much for stopping by. All the very best, Phil

  2. What a great article!  Many years ago I knew about “near beer”, but it was not very good.  Your article has me really excited about trying these alcohol free beers.  I know Heineken but have not heard of Zero.I would have thought that meant calories. I am going to try to find all these that you recommend and try them.  My son-in-law does a radio show on beer in the Santa Cruz area.  I am going to ask him to check these out and offer your site as a reference if that is okay with you.  Thanks for this article.

    • Wow that is great Anastazja, that is an amazing comment thanks so much. 

      I actually present a local radio show in the UK so it would great to find about that radio show on beer. How cool is that? 

      Say hi to your brother in law for me and that is a great show to do.

      I really appreciate you commenting on the best alcohol free beer. All the very best, Phil


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