Best alcohol-free beer 2021

The first thing you need to decide is whether you are searching for alcohol-free or low alcohol.

But what is the best alcohol-free beer in 2021 or the best non-alcoholic beer in 2021

There is a vast distinction, so I keep this blog focussed on making sure that I concentrate on 0.0% beer.

This indicates that there is a minor or just a natural trace. Most of the beer I review, however, has zero alcohol.

Even if you went up to 0.5% ABV of alcohol by volume, you would probably have less alcohol than orange juice, some bread rolls, and a banana.

But I choose to go zero, but I expect in food and some drinks there will be a trace.

Read how much alcohol in my banana?

I am passionate about helping you with alcohol-free beer, and most websites concentrate on a range of low and alcohol-free beers.

That is great, but it can be not very clear.

I use 0.0% every time.

There might be tons of reasons why you do the same. 

Even social drinkers push the boundaries of the 14 units per week, which is recommended maximum limit here in the UK.

Read what one unit of alcohol is.

Luckily the totally zero beer has now gone from being seen as a bit naff to the more considerable acceptance that alcohol-free is an option for some people.

In fact, for many, it’s a necessity. But, of course, not everyone wants a 0.5 per cent abv beer.

The good news is that it seems that 0.0% alcohol-free beer has some momentum, and some great brands are coming through.

One thing to remember, though, is you won’t like all of them.

Try some out and see what fits for you as you would an alcoholic beer.

Also, it will taste different if you are going for a big brand and there is no alcohol in it. 

It is meant to mimic the beer, not, be it.

Always check your alcohol-intake with drinkaware

Many of you get confused about that in the comment on the blog and expect the same product, which you won’t get.

They are different products.

1- Veltins Pilsner Alcohol-Free

My New Discovery after walking through a street in my local area.

A new beer shop opened, and I thought cheekily, what could I check out.

I thought I would go in and ask if they had an alcohol-free beer.

And yes, they did, much to my surprise.

Now, much of it was 0.5 per cent, but they did have the Veltins Pilsner Alcohol-Free and very reasonably priced.

Veltins Pilsner Alcohol-Free

It was excellent service too. It’s called The Epicurean, and they have a good website online.

I love the fact they took the time out to answer my questions.

They are based in Chorlton, Manchester, UK.

I opened the bottle and got told off by a passerby for drinking alcohol in the street.

An excellent moral question, I thought.

Can you drink alcohol-free beer on a hot summer day if the kids think it alcohol?

I can’t win!

Although If I was drunk, I am sure she would not have said anything.

Anyway, great alcohol-free drinkers, back to this excellent beer!

Veltins Alcohol-Free Pilsner is among Germany’s best alcohol-free Pilsner lagers and is brewed in Sauerland, near Dortmund, to the German Purity Law of 1516.

Veltins Alcohol-Free Pilsner has a bright, revitalising, excellent, clean and delicately dry taste using natural sparkling water from its mountain.

In addition, it has a fantastic carbonated body that offers light citrus and a minor bitterness on the surface.

00abv advice: it needs to be cold, but it felt like a tremendous alcohol-free drinker’s drink

I loved it

2. San Miguel 0.0 Alcohol-Free

And here they have just made their bottle blue, which I have to say stands out!

Now some people dismiss this beer, but I love it.

Spain has adopted the alcohol-free beer movement long before anyone else.

Read about Spanish Drinks without alcohol here.

Alcohol-Free Lager Beer San Miguel 0,0% is a pilsner-style alcohol-free lager imported from Spain.

It is brewed with conventional beer ingredients.

So you know what you are getting, but I think that’s one of the key reasons I like it.

San Miguel Alcohol-Free Beer

The mashing criteria of the hops are changed to provide less fermentable sugars, restricting alcohol production.

San Miguel 0,0% alcohol-free lager beer is intense, golden, herbal, floral, with cereal aromas, and hoppy grainy flavours with moderate bitterness and sweetness.

It has an excellent drinking lager taste and is just the best thing with some lunchtime tapas.

It is my beer of choice in Spain as it’s so drinkable.

It was the Winner of Best Spanish Alcohol-Free Beer, World Beer Awards 2015.

So they need to win something else now!

The ingredients are simple: Water, Barley Malt, Hops, Flavourings.

3. Bitburger Drive

A quick mention for this beer as it does state it has 0.05% alcohol, but it’s excellent, tasting beer and technically alcohol-free.

Remember, it’s just a possible natural trace, and your orange juice probably has more.

A light and rejuvenating beer with a somewhat extreme taste that does not overpower you.

Bitburger Drive Alcohol-Free
It’s rich in vitamins, and with less than 73 calories per bottle, it is good news all around.

It’s excellent for those who want reassurance on the driving front, and it won’t put too much pressure on your waist.

Again it’s another excellent lager drinking beer.

Remember, though, regardless of calories on the side of a bottle of alcohol-free beer, this is not a diet drink!

4. Bavaria

I mean this with love but it “cheap as chips”.

But it works, and yes, it’s Non-alcoholic beer.

Bavaria 0.0% Original has a unique beer character: a somewhat hop-like, malt fragrance and sweet flavour from the sugars in the barley.

The Malt flavours and balances the bitter tones of the beer.

Bavaria Alcohol-Free Beer In A Fridge

The bit I love shows you can start and create no alcohol-free beer and get a good taste.

Bavaria’s trademarked innovation guarantees no alcohol is ever formed during the brewing process, making Bavaria 0.0% a real alcohol-free beer.

Now I think this is so cool and feels confident about the new range of alcohol-free beers.

The brand has an extensive history as well.

Bavaria is a Dutch premium imported lager made by the Swinkels family.

So family-owned brewery from the of Lieshout, Holland, and they have been doing it 1719.

I bet they know what they have been doing after all this time.

Well, you would hope so!

5. Peroni Libera

Now ask for this in a bar, and they won’t have any idea what you are talking about.

Why this did not call Peroni Zero is beyond me!

However, its taste is tremendous and is one of my favourites.


Peroni Alcohol-Free Beer

Despite the confusing name, Peroni Libera 0.0% provides a revitalising and crisp taste with a delicate fruity fragrance.

It is brewed with intense yeast pressure without producing alcohol.

This gives Peroni Libera 0.0% of its signature hoppy qualities and smooth surface.

The good news is you are getting Zero Alcohol, and it’s rather Italian. 

Well, it would be, wouldn’t it? 

Refreshing and crisp taste and I am a massive fan of a delicate flavour.

It certainly cuts thought as a bottle of beer.

It is Alcohol-Free, which would be great with pizza, pasta or, being honest, on its own.

I am pretty happy drinking it solo.

Again it, not a diet drink, but you are saving on the alcohol, so it comes in at around 73 calories per 330ml bottle.

Again like most of these zero alcohol beers, its ingredients are natural but straightforward.

Water, Barley Malt, Italian Maize, Hops, Natural Flavourings

6. Free Star Beer that is more like 5 star Beer

Wow, this is my secret guilty pleasure since going Alcohol-Free with drinks.

At 62 calories, it’s at the lower end of the calorie count beer, but the reason I love this beer is the zest.

It’s not sol or corona, but I don’t think I would be complaining if it was.

Alcohol-free beer continues to grow with different feels and tastes. And the is no doubt a brand like Freestar is helping that.

And yes, it suitable for vegetarians, before you ask as I often am.

To purchase this or other options on this blog, visit my Freestar link below.

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not affect what you pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines



Picking the option not to consume alcohol should not be a compromise.

And to be honest, the only reason I started this blog was to help with the choice. 

All the theories say that more people will be likely to move away or cut back on alcohol.

Freestar is the first to create a beer that uses less water and never makes any alcohol in the first place.

Clever right?

So how do they make this alcohol-free beer? 

They mix water, malted barley, and Perle hops with other natural ingredients without ever producing alcohol.

They have even have won awards for it.

Their while process produces 70% less waste and utilises 80% more water than other approaches.

I have no idea how they do it, really, but it sounds clever.

7. Leffe 0.0%.

Now, this is just weird and probably the most shocking of them all.

Leffe 0.0

This beer is meant to be strong, like go to Brussels and get off your face in the Grand Place.

Alcohol-Free Beer that keeps the same taste as the original takes some going, but they do it.

It’s not just me either people have mentioned it to me on the blog.

But, they can’t believe their eyes or taste.

Leffe 0.0 has subtle notes of vanilla and cloves. But not being the best beer expert in the world by question always goes back to this.

Is it alcohol-free, and does it taste nice?

Yes, it does!

A well-balanced body, a little fruity, and a bitter touch finish would be my headline.

If you know Brussels or Belgium, Leffe has a great history.

.Abbey of Leffe is known for its hospitality and the art of welcoming.

For centuries, it has received its visitors by using them a beer brewed with know-how.

I think it adds to the taste.

So what is your best alcohol-free beer in 2021?

Now there is plenty of choices, so don’t take my word for it.

Just don’t be fobbed off with 0.5 % alcohol by volume or more.

If you want a zero beer, that is your choice.

Let me know what is the best alcohol-free beer in 2021 for you. Leave your comments below.

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