Best Alcohol Alternative

There are now the best alcohol alternative questions everywhere and the products are coming as well.

That is good news! Well for me and hopefully you as well if you are looking for alcohol alternative products.

They can really make a difference both for drinkers and for people who want the best creams, moisturizers and general cleaning antibacterial stuff because you would be amazed what has alcohol in them.

Yes it not just about beer and wine!

It’s like giving up wheat, when you start looking it really is everywhere!

In fact when I started this blog I did not realize that the alcohol fee alternative stretched beyond just drinks.

In fact the best alcohol alternative also goes into areas once occupied by vegan, vegetarian and gluten free.

However, you have to really have to look for it!

The opposite is also true once you start avoiding alcohol you realize its in everything just like wheat is!

Even in the drinks market the choices are exploding, maybe not in bars just yet but certainly for home delivery.

The good news is the big drinks brands are pumping money into them big time. And its consumer led.


Best Alcohol Alternative

Even the smaller breweries are coming on board and being very creative. Craft beers are leading the way in many respects.

In the toiletries’ industry from face creams to mouthwash the news is not so good. In fact only just recently this blog was rebuked for not being in keeping with their brand.

I am not sure if it said more about the brand or my blog. I was shocked, here was a major high retailer who wanted nothing to do with me because I focused on alcohol!

If they had bothered to do a bit more thinking about it they would have realized that their stores need to do a much better job understanding that not every customer wants, needs or indeed can use alcohol.

This was not a drink retailer by the way.

Alcohol Free Whiskey

It’s not all about whiskey you know. I have not written to the chief executive but I will, I can be bullish like that!

So what are my top tips for the best alcohol alternatives then?

The best alternative for fizz or champagne.

Or you could say the best alternative to cava or prosecco.

There was a time when these choices were completely snubbed but now very often it’s the champagne that gets snubbed.

And that’s a great way for alcohol free alternatives breaking through to champagne. People are more likely to be open-minded about the alternative even if they have no alcohol!

We all like a glass of bubbles and to be honest I think many more of the alcohol free sparkling wines are actually better than wine.

From parties, celebrations and awards ceremonies there is something about a glass of fizz coming towards you on a tray.

Alcohol Free Fizz

Or even being poured into a glass at a house birthday party.

And before you say it’s not about the alcohol.

I think it is about being “ left out”.

As humans, we like it when we have things in common and its one of the issue with alcohol use socially.

The fact people will go, “and orange juice then”? It can really put you on the spot and become a bit dull. Plus you get really judged more than if you drink!

I can’t actually work out why that is but the taste is much better and Good Stuff Drinks have a great range of selection at 0.0 including the popular brands including Belle & Co.

This sparkling white from Belle & Co has been expertly and a great alternative to people wanting to shove that alcohol down your throat if you are driving!

And no it’s not just grape juice as it processed the same as sparkling wine but without any of the alcohol. As with many of these choices it uses tea infusions and it is crisp, relatively dry and refreshing.

  • There are also added benefits which includes
  • No added sugar
  • Low calories so you can be aware of an inch on the hips
  • Vegan & Gluten Free
  • Rose
  • 0.0% abv so does not contain alcohol

Alcohol Low is a great place to be but abv stands for alcohol by volume and if you like you will be looking for zero alcohol not low alcohol wines and this brand delivers on that!

The calories per glass comes in or around 33 calories and it’s a decent price as well.

The selection it’s part of also includes the great tasting alcohol free La Gioiosa again another great tasting alcohol free so 0.0% abv sparkling wine.

They are a great affiliate partner and just click the link picture below which is an affiliate link but you pay the same.

Best Alcohol Alternative Sparkling Wine

The Best Alcohol Alternative for Wine

Now do excuse me if I go Spanish for this alternative but they have been in the wine business science 1870.

I am talking about the Torres family here and they have great admiration for their wine worldwide.

Alcohol Free Spanish Wine


I think they are now run by the 5th generation of the family so the knowledge they have built up over the year is immense.

As one of Spain’s now one of the world’s best producers they have ‘The World’s Most Admired Wine Brand’ slogan or award which does not mean to feat many anybodies standards.

Natureo is one of their key brands and they have been working on their wine and the production of dealcoholized wine since 2008.

Now this means they keep the flavor and all the aromas and loose the alcohol at the end. So you get the taste but the alcohol which for many of others is key to all of this!

It is one of the reasons so much alcohol free wine got such a bad reputation at the beginning.

Like my speaking choice is also low in calories compared to other wine and no it’s not diet but it’s got fewer calories. Just to be clear.

You would be surprised how many people think alcohol free wine has no calories whatsoever. They also do red’s and rose style which again followed the pattern but Nature is my favorite.

It’s great with tap food, Thai or even Chinese food! My view of course.

It’s actually good social drinking wine as well and you don’t get picked on because you are not drinking!

You can read my review of it here.

The Best Alcohol Alternative for Beer

Now this one recent addition for me and it’s called FREESTAR.

Again it’s an Award Winning Alcohol Free Beer with a citrus edge which I rather like and gain if you are watching the calories it comes in at around 62. Impressive .

It’s also Gluten Free & Vegan and comes under the banner of my only option for alcohol drinks which is 0.0% alcohol by volume!

Like the wine it’s also done rather well in the World Beer Awards in 2019.

You can read my review of my Christmas binges on it here or click my affiliate link below but you pay the same.

The Best Alcohol Alternative for Gin

Now for the sake of the legal process here I should properly call this alcohol free spirit as you can’t actually say its gin but people do including me.

Now what is interesting is that unlike wines, sparkling wine and in some case’s beer this is now starting to become available in bars when you are out and about.

Just be aware it is not cheap as it’s actually a high level production process and you know what you can tell in the taste.

It’s actually probably the best thing to drink if you are on a diet as if you use a zero mixer as in low calorie then you are really onto a healthy alternative here!

Despite the price its my top choice – Seedlip Grove 42 Non-alcoholic Spirits, 70cl.

There are others in the market but not really with this kind of taste and quality but that is just my view.

However, the other brands are catching up and are talking a good game on price. We will see what happens!

If you would like to read my most recent review where I talk about the price versus the cost you can read that here.


Alcohol Free Gin

And as someone asked me the other week, if you binged on it did you get drunk? I am not sure they fully understand my humor on the premise of alcohol free.

Always know your alcohol limit by drink aware

The Best Alternative for Alcohol Free Moisturizer

Natural Skin Care Kit – Natural Face Cream 60ml & Cleanser 80g by Chump.

Now if you are a man or a woman it makes no difference as in my mind and the more I research it alcohol is not good for the skin.

I actually don’t care if that big high street retailer wants nothing to do with me.

Because and only because they think this blog is encouraging alcoholic drink while at the same time they seem to have no idea that many of their moisturizers contain alcohol.

I will still fight the corner because the labels need to be clearer and we need choice and no I’m just talking about what we drink.

Luckily chump totally got it and it was great face cream and piled up with ethics.

I don’t just like it, I love it.

This has become a regular on my list of things to buy as it contains no alcohol whatsoever.

It’s that piece of mind and it’s also about the fact that alcohol can really dehydrate our skin.

In fact the more I read up on it the more I realized it was really difficult to buy face cream that does not have alcohol in it.

This avoids any chance of irritating the skin full stop and all the ingredients are natural and the manufacturer even gives something to charity.

As well as being Vegan friendly it comes in a glass jar which of course can be recycled so along with no parabens and no alcohol whatsoever so this is a great product.


Alcohol Free Face Cream

Just be aware the jar is quite small and this is reflective of the fact you don’t actually need much of the product.

It’s quick and thick in its feel but it’s high in vitamin E. Be prepared for a very rich feel to the product and a slight smell of banana but I did not find this intrusive at all.

The cleaner is gentle but rough on the skin ( in a good way ) and comes in a similar sized jar.

A small amount of product when you are washing your face is ideal and then use the face cream after you have dried your face.

I really rate this product and you can my full review of it here.

By the way if you are over consumed by every alcohol wipe going there are now alcohol free ones with the guarantee that they can kill viruses and bacteria.

Alcohol Free Hand Wipes

I actually found this an issue.

I wrote about how difficult it is now to use alcohol when challenged and you can read my thoughts and see one of the products I recommend here.

So alcohol alternatives are coming and quickly

So what is clear is it’s now just drink that is the issue with alcohol, it is knowing what’s in our products that really matters.

And if you are choosing not to consume alcohol or use products all we ask is that there is an increased choice.

Now before some of the big producers say this is about supply and demand I would say if there is no demand why are the big producers in the brewery industry like Heineken pumping in so much money to launch their alcohol free bar.

They have shareholders and need to make profit and they are learning that there is money for people who can’t , choose, or do not want to drink alcohol.

The same will eventually be the same for other products and I have no doubt it will become an even bigger opportunity than it is now. Yes cost may be high but the consumers will be right at your door.

From fizz to beer the best alcohol alternative is around the corner and some have already arrived.

I would love to know your best alcohol alternative or alternatives are and leave a comment below. I always respond.


4 thoughts on “Best Alcohol Alternative”

  1. Hello there! In the past I was someone who tolerated alcohol well so I would just mess around with my friends and not have to worry about my intake. These days, I guess just due to age and less exposure, if I were to consume it again, I would sometimes have a hard time breathing (60% of the time). So I guess if I were to ever go out with my friends to the bar, some alternatives to alcohol would be nice. Thanks for these suggestions, I also won’t know if that issue would come up until I try. Maybe have some antihistamine on hand just in case.

    • Wow Mike that breathing point is really interesting and I think you are the first person to mention that on the blog, thankyou as its a great added insight. I was fascinated by that and I am pleased you are so aware of it. That is always good to know. I really appreciate you stopping by and adding that comment. All the very best, Phil

  2. Hi Phil,

    I am always looking for alcohol free alternatives.  I don’t like drinking alcohol anymore.  Is there a non-alcohol alternative that is low in sugar and net carbs?  I would be interested in something like that.  More people are becoming alcohol free and having other alternatives sure is nice.  Good Post!

    • Hey Chris, thanks so much your great comment. It was great to read. 

      Yes I would say for alcohol free very few are zero net carbs as they do have sugar but less than many alcohol drinks. Alcohol free gin or spirit is the one for me and its great on low carb and sugar. With a sugar free low calorie mixer its really impressive.

      There are lots on the market but I would say seedlip its more expensive but tastes amazing. 

      There are plenty around though if you do a search. I really appreciate you stopping by and good luck with your alcohol free choices. All the best, Phil


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