Benefits of living alcohol-free

So it’s been two years since giving up alcohol entirely, and yes, I admit I had no choice.

I was just a social wine drinker, but I needed to go alcohol-free if I wanted to live. I am now discovering a range of benefits of living alcohol-free.

You will, however, hear lots of people call ” going alcohol-free” many things, and it’s important to remember that it is all nonsense.

Really what matters are the benefit you get from giving up alcohol or at least reducing it?

So here are my main benefits that you may or may not think are interesting. After all, people give up for various reasons, including health courses, but it’s not all about that.

Many of you have given me these reasons when it comes to alcohol. Some of you say you don’t want to give up; just cut back.

Both are fine. But what I have learned is that it can be easy, and it can be challenging.

How can the benefits outweigh the negatives otherwise? Why does it?

Will Power is not the answer.

As a therapist who had to give up drinking for my health, I know that willpower is not the route to go down.

Will power involves so-called “trying”, and you have to think about what you will lose first. “Try”, as a word, is designed to give you an opt-out.

You can not think of a red boat.

Our imagination is powerful. So, where possible, where the benefit of living alcohol-free is phrased negatively, I have reversed it positively.

No Hangover

Yep, that may be a bit obvious, but even the most minor social drinkers get hangovers.

Ironically I was only a social drinker, but I realise it does not take much to have a hangover.

After all, we get alcohol hangovers because of the chemicals in the drink; the big one is dehydration.

No matter how much we think alcohol, nothing can quench our thirst; it can’t. It takes water out of the body.


Alcohol-Free Drinks and Hangovers

Given That our body is mainly water, you can see that it’s a problem!

You Spend Less

Now there are two camps of thoughts here.

If you are cutting back on alcohol, you will spend less.

After all, wine isn’t cheap. Beer down the pub after work is not either.

After a few rounds of alcoholic drinks with colleagues, it soon adds up.

However, if like me you enjoy a range of alcohol-free drinks. Then I have a bit of news for you.

Alcohol-free drinks are not always cheap; it is quite the opposite. An example would be a bottle of Seedlip Gin; for instance, It is one of my favourites, but it’s also high production and cost.

If you think about it, the way the alcohol industry has turned its sights on alcohol-free has meant they have to increase the costs to take any alcohol out, for example.

Quality is Key

The other dilemma is that alcohol-free has such a bad reputation that they need to keep the quality up.

And I agree with this. The last thing we need is for the quality to fall and for there to be less choice in the alcohol-free drinks market.

So how do you save money then? Well, of course, like any lager, there will be cheap alcohol-free lager.

But here are the thing. Remember how behaviour changes when we have had a drink, so willpower goes out the window, and you’re spending! And lots of it!

You will :

  • Save money taxis.’
  • Not order things online that you don’t need
  • Not go and buy fast food after binge sessions
  • Not have to send apologies via gifts
  • Not cost you a promotion at work
  • Not lose your driving license and have to change jobs.

You get the idea, plus of course, the unseen cost around mental health and relationship issues is far greater.

Even as a social drinker, I was rarely drunk, but I still save money despite drinking alcohol-free.

After all, there are so many alcohol-free you will drink as his desire to drink alcohol goes away.

You can read my thoughts on alcohol-free beer brands here.

You Live in The Moment

I remember getting out of the hospital, looking at the park opposite the apartment, and watching the squirrels.

If you think that it is just happy new age stuff, think about it again for a moment.

Alcohol can damage your brain cells, and in the long term, does severe damage.

Read about brain fog and alcohol here.

All those neurons in the brain being bashed by alcohol.

Also, of course, alcohol is a poison, according to the NHS in the UK.

So yes, when you don’t drink alcohol, you sense you are more aware of your senses, and I have certainly noticed that!

All your senses get a bit of a boost from your eyesight to the taste of your food, and for me was worth giving up alcohol for.

Check out my preferred online course around addiction from chocolate to hypnosis below.

I get a tiny commission, but you pay the same, and I highly recommend it.

All you need is an excellent place to relax and some headphones, but if your addiction is severe, you should always get professional help regardless in person.

However, Mark, who produced this course, is a very respected therapist and coach.



I started a blog. What will you do?

Now you may not want to start a blog, and why would you. I love it, but it is not for everyone! It’s hard work, but my point is this.

One of the benefits of living alcohol-free is that you start to enjoy other things.

I am the first to admit that many of my social activities revolved around alcohol, from long lunches to concerts. Going to the bar and ordering a bottle of wine was part of the fun.

And don’t get me wrong. I get it.

However, when you live alcohol-free, you start to look at other options.

Although now even the cinema has a bar in it and they even serve alcohol free drinks at your seat.

Choose Activities that don't involve alcohol

So yes, even the essential leisure activities. that never used to involve alcohol; now it does!

There are some leisure activities here.

However, some things don’t involve alcohol at all, and once you build a habit around a gym class, learn a new instrument, or take a course, a whole new world starts for you.

I took a website blogging course, and that is why I am writing this right now.

What will you do to expand your horizons?

Leave a comment below.

Learning a new language is popular with people who leave reviews on the blog.

I got to live, so health and alcohol-free go together!

Of course, the biggie is the fact that I am alive.

Alcohol, even on a social level, is costly, and the pace at which we live with alcohol is costing us a fortune.

But in moderation, it is okay. Of course!

However, do you say one thing and do another?

But how many times have we made up the amount we drink when visiting the doctor?

The biggest issue is the 14 unit model here in the UK. People often think it is a goal to go for, and it certainly is not that.

But as my consultant pointed out, a glass of wine is no longer a small glass of wine anymore.

Read what one unit of alcohol is

Although the wine industry is improving the taste, for example, the alcohol-free offering through the likes of the Torres brand is perfect in my view.

It often comes up on the alcohol-free drinks podcast I present many times. You have an issue with alcohol-free wine.

One unit of alcohol is not one standard drink, and “buy the glass get the bottle” if you often a promotion you see in pubs.

And to be fair, I would take full advantage.

We often say this person and that person has a drinking problem, but socially society has a drinking problem.

Wine Glasses Have Got Bigger

Just look at how big the wine glasses are now!

We have knocked back the poison believing the newspaper headlines that one glass is good for our health.

The problem is that there is just not one glass anymore, even when it appears to be.

When you start to have your life taken away as just a social drinker, you realise that not all is what it seems.

So yes, the health benefits of living alcohol-free probably top it all, but that goes without saying!

What are your thoughts?

Are you drinking less and have moved over to an alcohol-free lifestyle.

I would love to know what you think?

Please leave you thought below especially if you have tried alcohol-free drinks. What did you try, and how was it?

Please do share your thought on the benefits of living alcohol-free!



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