Belle and Co Rose Fizz

Belle & Co or Belle and Co alcohol free sparkling rose wine depending how you want to write or say it is one of those little treats for me on a Saturday night.

Here is my review.

I will be honest and say I have never used this as a celebratory drink but if you fancy a glass of alcohol free sparkling rose or white wine with a film that does not cost the earth this one could be for you.

It also makes a light change from alcohol free beer and alcohol free wine although both options now do now pass the taste test in my book.

My favorite alcohol free wine is here

There is something nice about filling up a champagne flute or one of those French wine glasses with a glass of fizz and watching the bubble go around the glass.

It’s also very refreshing.

Gone are the days when if we wanted a cheeky glass of fizz we would be left wanting if our option was alcohol free.

My only regret is that awards, ceremonies and social parties don’t offer this kind of alcohol free sparkling wine as an automatic alcohol alternative.

Maybe it’s too complicated to administer who knows and maybe that day will come!

What do I like about this brand?

Well firstly it’s 0% alcohol and for me this is a must as I only drink zero alcohol because of my liver but you may have totally other reasons for going alcohol free.

Life fitness or you are driving home. I can name plenty of reasons as you tell me when commenting here at the blog.

The brand also stands out and I don’t have to spend hours looking for the alcohol free credentials on the bottle and on some brand you do!

They are way too confusing!

I am not totally sure about the brand name but I will give it credit that it is easy to remember. Well at least for me anyway.

Lifestyle choice comes up a lot on the blog and no you don’t have to have a so called alcohol problem to enjoy alcohol free choices.

I have talked very often about alcohol and the fact, you are damned if you drink and damned if you don’t!

If you have a jog the next morning or don’t want to wake up with a hangover then alcohol free fizz can be a great choice!

What are the key points of this alcohol free rose sparkling wine?

This like many alcohol free sparkling wines is a mix of grapes which you would expect and also Green Tea which surprises many people.

Sparkling Alcohol Free Rose Wine

Many people especially compared to full on alcohol free wines would consider this to be a great Low Calorie Drink and Diet option coming in at less than 22 calories per 100ml which is pretty good in my book.

In fact, you are looking at even less than 50% in calories of a typical alcohol based sparkling wine.

That’s a good thing right?

After all it could be the reason why not to drink alcohol and its often high up on people’s list! We do care more about our weight than our liver it seems.

It is not calories free but many alcohol sparkling wines really pack a punch on the calorie front. People even ask if it is possible not to get drunk on regular wine so go figure.

Anyway it makes me feel better about drinking it but the taste is excellent and more importantly for me its dry in its texture.

On Saturday night I had the rose version so the Belle & Co Sparkling Rose 0% Alcohol which is often described as the Sparkling Wine Alternative but with none of the alcohol!

Seems a fair description to me!

Apart from its zero alcohol guarantee it’s just a great refreshing and a balanced non-alcoholic drink to watch a movie with.

Watching a Movie with a glass of fizz

And the fact its sparkling fermented grape juice mixed with good quality green tea means you don’t feel cheated on taste, aroma or texture.

It’s only natural sugar that is added and one of the issues in drinking alcohol free sparkling wine is that you know it’s just not the same thing.

In fact what used to happen is that people drank because they felt they should rather than because they wanted to?

If you have had a bad experience like that this brand could change that for you.

Sparkling Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine

Belle & Co Sparkling Rose and the White version does mimic the sparkling wine or the cava experience of drinking.

And I remember the day when people only drank champagne which has now gone in the alcohol drinks world.

People actually choose cava, prosecco and even English sparkling wine without blinking an eye of the worry about being judged.

You can read my review of English sparkling wine here

The next step is drinking alcohol free without being judged whatever your reason for drinking it!

Alcohol Free and Vegan

As with many alcohol free brands they are quite rightly putting their vegan and gluten free credentials out there and this Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine is certainly in that category.

I know from comments made to the blog that you really value this additional benefit and I totally get why. Health comes in all shapes, forms and contents and if it ticks both then why not!

Its a great thing if you can combine the two.

Where Can I buy it from?

I have teamed up with my friends at good stuff drinks to provide a mix of the Belle & Co white and Rose Alcohool Free Sparkling Wine which means you can try both but the quality is great regardless of the choice.

I personally like it when you can buy both together and get to try the different flavors as it gives you a whole range of what is on offer with alcohol free fizz or alcohol free sparkling wine.

In fact, they even pack it up so you can get 6 or 12 bottles in one order.

Just click on the picture below to have a look at the offer from my affiliate partners and just be assured that you pay the same!

They also have a good selection of all kinds of alcohol free drinks from beer, wines and of course alcohol free sparkling wine.


Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine

Nutritional Information


Per 100ml 125ml
Energy 22 cal 28 cal
94 kjs 118 kjs
Fat Zero Zero
of which saturates Zero Zero
Carbohydrate 5.2 g 6.5 g
of which sugars 5.1 g 6.4 g

What does it go with as a drink?

If I wanted to do a standard review on this I would say the usual events like fathers day, hen parties, weddings, maybe Christmas morning.

The reality is this drink is so light, refreshing and non heavy I actually think it is more flexible than that.

It probably tastes better than some of the alcohol free wine out there.

So a few bottles in the fridge for a Friday treat with a movie or takeaway would not seem out of place for me. Plus the lower calories is an added benefit regardless.

Thai Food and Alcohol Free Fizz

In terms of food the same can be said, although I would highlight having a takeaway such as Chinese or Thai and I think it goes perfectly.

Pizza and Italian food is also an option.

I think it mainly because the drink is so light and flexible.

Yes a champagne flute might add to the occasion but to be honest I just pour it in one of those small french wine glasses and I love it!

So yes you don’t need food and could combine it with low calorie snacks or healthy nibble and not feel too guilty!

Always know your limit if you do drink alcohol my recommended resource are at drink aware.

What’s your view?

I would love to know what you think about alcohol free speaking wine as part of your overall enjoyment or just as part of your strategy to cut back on alcohol. That could be completely or maybe you are driving and just can’t drink alcohol.

Have you tried Belle and Co Alcohol Free Sparkling wine and if so what did you think? Would you consider trying alcohol free sparkling wine and are you more rose than white. I always respond to your comments, so leave one below.


4 thoughts on “Belle and Co Rose Alcohol Free Fizz”

  1. Cool, this will help a lot of people in all sorts of situations. I am more of a beer and spirits kind of guy, but I am still fond of nice sweet wine. To have a mix of green tea was also surprising to me. Soooo I could go as far as saying this would be a healthy drink? lol

    • Hey Luke, well its certainly more healthly than alcohol and many less calories so I’ll leave it there. 🙂 

      Actually I think being too sweet was a real problem for alcohol free wine both sparkling and otherwise when they started out and they have really addressed that – and they needed to. I am certainly not a fan of sweet wine but I found this very dry, so that’s good news. 

      Thanks so much for your comment on alcohol free sparkling wine. Its really appreciated, all the very best, Phil

  2. This sounds really interesting and although I am not used to alcohol free versions of wine or beer,  have checked the webpage and the prices seem to be very good. I will recommend these wines to a friend of mine who cannot drink alcolhol and has tried many brands but your product description lets me think of recommending it to her. I have seen that delivery to Germany might also be possible.

    • Hey Angleika, thanks so much for your kind comment, It is much appreciated. That’s the great thing about alcohol free drinks is that choices are developing all the time which is great news. I am pleased you found it interesting. All the best, Phil


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