Beers without alcohol. ZERO beer for your taste buds

Have you ever been at a party and worried about looking like a lightweight? Are you on a diet or want to be responsible with your drinking habits? Beers without alcohol could be the answer. But you wanted zero beers for your taste buds, right?

Alcohol-free beer was created for you! However, some people thought that if the alcohol is removed from beer, why not just have water?

When you order one like you have come down from a different planet or something, do you get that?

Or maybe you are seen as just a bit weird.

The reality is there are actually many alcohol-free beers on the market that taste great, have 0% ABV, and can be enjoyed responsibly.

Yep, and the number is growing bit by bit but don’t expect them in every bar you go into.

Alcohol-free beer, by definition, is a confusing topic in and of itself.

There are different styles, brands and labels, so it’s not easy to know which products suit your taste or suit your lifestyle. 

I mean, we all have a personal taste, right. Just because it is alcohol-free does not mean it is suitable for everyone.

This article will guide you through this massive jungle and help you find the best alcohol-free beer for you!

Is the alcohol-free beer for yourself or somebody else. 

Just because someone is alcohol-free does not mean they will like every beer under the sun, right?

Furthermore, just because there is no alcohol does not mean it won’t affect your health. You still need a balanced diet, and that involves watching your sugar intake.

After all, alcohol-free beers are not diet drinks. It is zero alcohol, not zero calories.

It can be challenging to choose an alcohol-free beer from the numerous options available.

So how to choose the best alcohol-free beer? Actually, it is down t good old fashioned taste buds. With one caveat. Is it really alcohol-free?

A good alcohol-free beer must be found.

After all, if you are not enjoying the drink, you won’t stick to it.

So, you’ve decided you’re going to kick your alcohol habit for good. Or maybe you’re just looking to drink less. Whatever your reason, I applaud you.

While alcohol-free beer may sound like the drink of choice for teetotaling gin-loving grandmas, it’s actually a growing beer market segment.

Is A Zero Alcohol Beer Half The Story?

Alcohol-free beers are becoming more popular with Millennials who are young, social and want to drink without worrying about driving home.

I’ve tasted my share of these brews, and I’m here to help you find one that’s right for you. It should be fun and taste good.

To help you pick the best alcohol-free beer, here are a few recommendations. 

But, of course, the taste is your first consideration.

Some brands use additives like sugar or fruit juice concentrate to give their beers flavour, while others are entirely alcohol-free.

Some brands even make multiple flavours, so if you don’t like one, try another. Next is cost vs benefit. If you’re giving up booze or cutting back on your drinking, splurging on an expensive bottle of wine isn’t worth it since you won’t be getting any buzz from it anyway.

Stick with cheaper options that still taste good, and let us save you some cash.

For example, you might see an offer for Heineken Zero, which is actually drinkable. 

Try that first before exploring Peroni Alcohol-Free Beer offers.

Maybe we could then try Leffe 0.0.

All these brands are good, like San Miquel 0.0, but try the cheaper one and see your taste threshold.

Make sure you explore all your options.

There are a handful of alcohol-free beers on the market.

So whether you’re looking for an alternative to a hangover or you simply don’t like the taste of alcohol, these brews are for you.

Don’t put up with the first one you are offered just because you are cutting back on alcohol.

Seriously you are worth more than that.

Other than the apparent ingredient difference, alcohol-free beers tend to differ from traditional beers in several ways:

Smell and taste. 

Most people who drink alcohol-free beer say it smells and tastes like beer.

However, if you can get past that, there’s not much difference between regular and non-alcoholic beer. Some brands add carbs — often rice — to sweeten the taste and carbohydrates to feel like a full traditional beer.

There is some debate about whether some brands of non-alcoholic beer actually smell and taste like beer. Still, most people agree that becoming familiar with the brand is part of the adjustment period.

Availability. You can find these beers in most liquor stores, grocery stores and even some convenience stores, but they may be more difficult to find depending on where you live.

One benefit of these beers is that they’re commonly available online, where you might be tempted by other alcoholic drinks.

So type in alcohol-free beer first when searching online.

However, if your goal is to avoid drinking altogether, this availability may encourage you to drink non-alcoholic.

And that is a good thing as University research from Bristol in the UK showed that the more choice we have, the better options we are likely to take.

Top Beer Tip: Try the blue can that is Free Damm Alcohol-Free Beer.

Before you make a final decision, read reviews.

But be aware some people will say in a study that they hate it. The reason there is no alcohol or that they had to show evidence of age.

This is just part of the licensing process, so you will need to see past that and look for the reviews given by genuine alcohol-free drinkers. They know their beer.

What Do You Look For In An Alcohol-Free Beer

Alcohol-free beer is a drink that is getting increasingly popular, and it has several benefits over alcoholic beer. For those who are concerned about calories, alcohol-free beer is a great choice.

Look for the real reasons people choose to drink a specific alcohol-free beer:

  • 1. Calories – Alcohol-free beer has fewer calories than regular beers because it doesn’t contain alcohol.
  • 2. Cost – It’s much more affordable than alcoholic beverages. But it is not the price. It is more that you won’t get drunk and keep drinking or go on a spending spree. In some cases, alcohol-free drinks cost more to make because of the process of removing the alcohol.
  • 3. Taste – Most people find that alcohol-free beer tastes just as good as regular beer and better than other non-alcoholic drinks such as alcohol-free wine or soft drinks like lemonades.
  • 4. Variety – You can now purchase alcohol-free beer in many brands and flavours, including Heineken, Guinness, and Peroni, among others.

Look at the ingredients, especially the ABV.

For alcohol-free beer, you are looking at 0.0 abv, which is alcohol by volume. And we are lucky that alcohol-free labelling in the UK is some of the best in the world.

Check out the industry-funded drinkaware website that explains it in more detail.

Non-alcoholic beers are the same as alcoholic beers except for the alcohol content. Several kinds of non-alcoholic beer can be found in tremendous organic shops and increasingly in your local superstore.

Not all have great options, though, so you might have to be the detective.


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You need to find the best option among them that fits your preferences and tastes.

First, check out the ingredients of non-alcoholic beer below. It will vary.

Non-alcoholic beers are made with malted barley because it gives beer its characteristic flavour. The other ingredients used are water, hops, yeast, and corn or rice.

Beer Without Alcohol

The last two elements are added to lessen the beer’s bitterness while keeping its colour and consistency.

Yeast is also added to ferment the mixture, which usually contains four times more water than malt. After fermentation, carbon dioxide gas is released, and this makes the beer bubbly. 

Some non-alcoholic beers may also contain artificial sweeteners like sucrose or high fructose corn syrup which compensate for the missing sweetness due to the lack of alcohol content. 

Some brands also add extra vitamins to their beer so you can get essential nutrients while enjoying a cold one.

Calorie checks the ingredients of Bud Zero. It is a great choice.

Critical Learning For Alcohol-Free Beer

Compare ingredients and flavours carefully; each alcohol-free beer has its own taste. So you have to choose something you like.

And check it is really is alcohol-free beer. Some people will offer you low alcohol beer or, in some cases, full strength as the labels may look similar.

Final Alcohol-Free Beer Takeaway

As you may have guessed, there are pretty extensive taste preferences between different kinds of alcohol-free beers. We think that these variations can largely be attributed to the fact that brewers attempt to replicate the flavour of their alcoholic counterparts rather than create a new experience altogether.

There is no way to know for sure which one is right for you until you try it.

You won’t feel guilty about choosing any of these beers since they’re relatively low in calories, low in carbohydrates, and low in err alcohol. For example, there might be a trace of 0.05%

But an orange juice may have more. Talk with your doctor if you’re concerned

Choosing the best alcohol-free beer comes down to a matter of personal taste.

However, for those concerned about alcohol content, choose one with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 0.0 per cent and as close as possible to your favourite non-alcoholic beer.

Beer without alcohol can be done. Zero beers can be done. But it has to be what you want, or you’re stuffed!

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