Bavaria Alcohol Free Beer is 00 abv

Bavaria Alcohol Free Beer is a real safety net for me and it tastes great.

The taste is great, you like the alternative to alcohol, it is looks the part but is it what they say it is? Checking the process of brewing along with the 0.0% abv credentials makes me feel a lot safer.

I know some of you are reading this because you like a choice which is fantastic and so do I but the choice for me is with high stakes.

I don’t want a kind of life roulette wheel so having confidence in what we eat, drink and consume is increasingly more important and maybe brewers pushing the alcohol free agenda could do more to educate further both retail and in their marketing.

Its also interesting people are looking for these options in more than just drinks including toiletries, even sun cream and finding that was tough let me tell you!

Get curious as a way of living

I love being curious about everything so people, food, habits, and now of course I was forced into being obsessed by what’s in alcoholic free options from soda to beer. It is interesting how many people say all non-alcoholic beers are the same.

The message seems uniform as in take just all the alcohol out of them after they have been brewed, well that’s not entirely true. Are you are really fascinated like I am regarding what’s in your alcohol free options then start to become curious.

For ages, I was following a low fat diet and became obsessed with what was in my food. I was looking at the low fat options and discovered that to substitute the fat they had pumped it with sugar.

Not great I remember thinking after the gym wanting healthy eating was an option between low fat and full fat. In the end I’d go for full fat as there was much less sugar in the product.

The same happened when I became wheat free for a while. As you go around a food store and check what is in the food wheat is in a hell of a lot of food!. It really opened my mind and the same is true of non alcohol drinks and not just beers or wine either! Even daily products have alcohol, but that a different post.

Bavaria alcohol free beer – brew time

There is an affilaite link below but you pay the same.

Bavaria Alcoholic Free Beer or 0.0 as it is also known has a rather different brewing process which I am fascinated in and I am hoping to get an overview of the brewery process for lots of beers ( I know you care really ) and publish them here.

What happens generally in brewing is the “alcohol” so the thing we are avoiding is filtered out of beer at the last stage of process which is why you get some traces in certain products.

This brewer does stuff differently it appears.

They change the process of the brewing system so that no alcohol is created at any stage so effectively a beer tasting soft drink and actually I really like it although better if very cold and 10 minutes in your freezer serves it well.

Taste wise it is hop-like, malty and fruity.

The aftertaste is a smooth malty sweetness and with an OK bitterness.

They also say it is from a local spring which sound comforting and very fresh ! Overall it is certainly easy to purchase online more than it is bars but the distributor seem to have their amazon link well and truly sorted.

Bavaria 0.0%

Europe and non-alcoholic beer – Presentation is everything

The beers are geting smart at shouting about their credentials. Just as Bavaria Non Alcohol Beer had begun to use the 0.0% name on the front of their cans and bottles so have other brands.

It is a way of the consumer realizing that’s what they can get and are getting and to be fair its transfers from language to language and country to country.

Heineken have done it with 0.0 and so have San Miguel again 0.0 which we have talked about on the blog.

However, some brands have not chosen not to go down that route and thought up a different brand like Becks Blue or Libera from Peroni. Which is right?

I have no idea after all the brand apple did not mean anything at some point and now it is a household name!

How will the alternative gin brand develop, rum, wine and I guess it is so early there will be winners or losers.

The potential is massive from profits to consumer choice. Although what do they say you have to be first or best?

apple logo

Affiliate link below but you pay the same, just click for more.

My parcel of Bavaria alcohol free beer arrives

One of my sure fired bets in terms of a purchase. My overview :

  • Taste is good
  • It arrives on time and I can reorder
  • Good value in terms of volume for 24 cans
  • Fits in the top of the fridge.
  • They have just changed their packaging so it is plastic free and comes in cardboard so I can recycle.

So you get what happening here, a good product that is easy to order with a new improved look plus I really do know it is 0.0% alcohol free. The latter really matters and so it should !

So overall a great taste and good to know that beers can be made with absolutely no alcohol and this is something the many brewers will need to think about in term of their responsibility in alcohol consumption, bigger choice for their customers.

They will need to think about a growing market that includes both the younger demographic and the people who not drink alcohol for other reasons because they can’t, won’t don’t or chose not to !

At the last call this market is growing by 25 per cent but many pubs or bars just have not clocked it yet and neither have the eateries. It will only be time I’m hoping and one of the many reasons for creating this site.

Always know your alcohol limits through drink aware

Got an opinion – leave it below as I would love to hear and see what you think!

I always respond and I would love to know what you think of Bavaria Alcohol Free Beer.

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